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Wilson Staff Triton Still Non-Conforming?

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Well ain't that a kick in the head...


The 9* model is good to go, but apparently there's an issue with the others.  Hmmmmm.....


More info to follow.




Wilson Triton drivers ruled nonconforming by USGA
55 mins ago


The U.S. Golf Association has ruled that Wilson Golf's new Triton driver, which has been on sale since Nov. 25, is nonconforming under the Rules of Golf.


“The Wilson Staff Triton DVD with the 9-degree loft is listed on the conforming list,” USGA spokeswoman Janeen Driscoll said Dec. 12. “All other submissions of the Triton clubs were determined to be nonconforming to the Rules of Golf.”


The USGA would not specify the reason the club was ruled nonconforming. A retail source said a Wilson employee indicated there was a problem with the Triton's soleplate.


The Triton was the winning product in the Golf Channel reality series “Driver vs. Driver.” The series finale aired Nov. 22, with winning designer Eric Sillies of Cincinnati collecting the $500,000 first prize.




On Dec. 5, the USGA placed one 9-degree Triton driver on its list of conforming clubs, apparently for use by one of its PGA Tour players. In a TV ad for the Triton, Wilson endorser Kevin Streelman says, “It's in my bag, and it should be in yours.” Streelman could not use the club in competition until it was placed on the USGA's list of conforming equipment.


The USGA's approval of that one driver did not extend to the thousands of Triton drivers currently available at retail for $450. Those clubs remain nonconforming, meaning they cannot be played in rounds used for handicap purposes or in tournaments governed by USGA rules.


Wilson hoped that the Triton would make a big splash during the holiday selling season and promoted the club with demo days that have run at dozens of shops and golf courses across the country. Retailers contacted by Golfweek in the days following the Triton's retail launch were unaware the driver was not on USGA's list of conforming clubs. Had retailers and consumers been aware that the Triton is nonconforming, it effectively would have killed sales.


Tim Clarke, president of Wilson Golf, said in a Nov. 26 interview with Golfweek that his company met with the USGA on Nov. 21 to discuss the Triton, but that a decision was weeks away. He said the tight timelines of “Driver vs. Driver” prevented the company from delivering Triton samples to the USGA in time to get a ruling prior to the holiday selling season. So Wilson gambled and went forward with the retail launch.


“When you're doing something that has not been done, you're taking calculated risks,” Clarke said. “Make no mistake, our intention was to have a ruling before the driver (hit retail).”


There was some indication the USGA wanted to expedite the review process because of concerns it would face criticism. The USGA sometimes has fought the perception that it is not receptive to equipment innovations.


Retailers contacted by Golfweek during the holiday weekend were unaware that the Triton is a nonconforming product. Products that are nonconforming are difficult to sell because they cannot be used in competition or for rounds used for handicap purposes.


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That's crazy! I tried the 9 degree a couple of weeks ago and the numbers weren't as good as my current driver. I should have asked for one of the other apparently illegal models. I bet I would have bombed those! :)

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Pretty crazy stuff here. I'm guessing if this doesn't get worked out soon Wilson will not be having a Merry Christmas.



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In Wilson's statement on this, they admit they didn't test the configuration that didn't conform. Yikes; they already gambled on holding off on USGA approval to maintain secrecy, then didn't test every adjustment?


I'm rooting for them and glad to see them thinking out of the box, but these issues don't look good

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perhaps they will just be able to ship conforming sole plates to those already purchased

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That's a kick in the butt for Wilson, just 1/8" can crash this.

Sure they will cover anyone that bought the ones without the DVD on the bottom.

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There are (2) issues with the Triton Driver that Wilson must address for the Driver to be conforming under the USGA rules:


1- The rear edge of the sole plate on the 10.5* and 12* models will need to be reduced by a few millimeters to conform to USGA rules.  Apparently on the 10.5* and 12* models, the rear edge extended a bit too far and violated the USGA's 'simple shape' rule.  Because the sole plate of the 9* is smaller, and shaped differently, its sole plate apparently does conform.


2- The 12-gram weight can no longer be part of the included Wilson Triton weight kit because with this weight installed, the Triton driver did not pass the CT (Characteristic Time) test.  There are no issues with the other Wilson weights however! 


Wilson plans to address both these issues immediately.  New (conforming) sole plates will be sent to all 'registered' Buyers of the 10.5* and 12* Triton Driver.  This will be done either by mail or via a Dealer exchange.


It is extremely important for Buyers to register the driver if they have not already done so.  My understanding is that the 9* Triton Drivers is conforming as long as the 12-gram weight is not used.

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Wow..this is not a good thing for the company.  They have already been fighting the Box Set lower quality club stigma.  To the average weekend type golfers who don't follow golf closely like those of us on MGS this will be another reason they will shy away from Wilson Staff.    


I truly hate to hear this as I and I know most know the WS products of the last several years have been very good.  

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I agree Carolina! I really hope they get this handled quickly. I was extremely happy to see them get so much publicity as I think they are one of the more honest club companies and more people need to try their products. This publicity is the opposite of what they need. They definitely make some of the best irons on the market. I've almost pulled the trigger on one of their sets several times.

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Should see a blog post shortly -- embarrassing, to be sure, but not fatal. The issues are fairly minor - stuff that would have been caught long beforehand if this had been a normal launch cycle.  The deadline of the TV show finale forced Wilson to gamble a bit and they got their nose bodied a little.  

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