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TESTING: Independent Ball For MyGolfSpy Testing


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Please excuse me if I'm misunderstood here... however, surely it makes little to no difference at all what brand the test ball is? Surely the important thing is to have a known value (the same comparative) with each test that is done? Therefore you have comparable data, so if all the ball tests have been done with the Bridgestone then it would make sense to continue with that, otherwise you'd have to choose another ball and retest everything against that.

Is this just manufacturers marketing stirring things up?



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simply put, no matter what you test, there are conflicts of interest just ask your wife! no matter how your treat the test, there are flaws. just ask your wife! no matter what results you post, there are

naysayers, just ask your wife


if you want to know what is the ball--what do you do ? you got it-- JUST ASK YOUR WIFE- "nough said"

so post your test- we trust your opinions- just ask your wife!

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I totally understand and agree. Some people no matter who you are or how much you try to say it will NOT believe there isn't some type of bias. Some may even go as far as to suggest that the Bridgstone results are better/higher/skewed due to the balls being "matched to the equipment". A tour pro my be able to notice the subtle nuisances (if any) that keeping the consistency with ball to equipment provides, but not the average player. That being said.... I 100% agree to going to a ball that isn't affiliated with anyone but MGS. Well thought out, and well done team!!


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Just choose Vice or Snell, they don't make clubs, both balls have been proven performers, and they are readily available to anyone with the internet or a phone. If you flip a coin to choose between the two then fate will be the decider and you can direct detractors to speak with fate if they have any issues.

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I get Bridgestone being a little "butt hurt", but I would think they would still be happy to have their ball chosen for testing because it validates that ball as the best " all around ball" for most players.



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So with Bridgestone agreeing to another year (2017) of supplying balls for testing, where does this MGS ball stand? Is this something still in the works or did the Bridgestone bridge remain intact?



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Ball testing is just so subjective. No one will ever be truly happy. Honestly we all want to play a cheaper ball and will be happy if it's anywhere close to the high-end ball.


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I would stick with the Bridgestone ball. If you aren't getting paid to use them then who cares what Bridgestone thinks or is mad about. The b330-rx is a solid all around ball that you can get way cheaper than a pro-v1 so MGS will be able to put more money into testing other things.


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Sounds like a Titleist commercial...


The hardest part of any scientific test is eliminating variables. If I test one club with a Snell, one with a kirkland and one with an MG and all the results are different how can you attribute what difference was the club vs what was the ball? You can't, so you need to eliminate that variable by using the same ball for all testing.


It doesn't really matter which ball is being used, I'll agree to that part. Like X said though with Bridgestone clubs being tested now you have a potential for reader to perceive a conflict of interest in that test. There isn't one, but some won't believe that no matter how many times it's said.


Going to a ball that is made specifically for MGS leaves them beholden to no one in the industry for supplying balls for testing. It also won't put them in a bind when they perform a test that someone in the industry doesn't like and decides to take their balls and go home.


Personally I like it and can't see a down side other than MGS now have to buy their own golf balls.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I agree with Plaid. I don't think he meant using different balls for the same test, but selecting 3 or 4 balls that you guys like. And rotating them from test to test.


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That is awesome, I would love to see a full independent ball testing of all the little guys vs the big guys. I moved to vice balls a few years ago and I absolutely love them. Not to mention the money savings is a nice perk as well.


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Hey, if MG Golf can get the C4 ball produced and marketed, why couldn't NGS get a ball made, as in the pics posted by Adam at the beginning of this thread?


That would eliminate all current brands from any collusion.



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I'd like to put all the talk about ball testing aside for a moment and ask where can I get some MGS logo golf balls. I collect them, but normally don't play them. In this case, I'd be honored and proud to play those all day long.


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I was thinking the same thing.  I need one for the ball cabinet collection! 

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WITB:  Do I like Titleist or what? 


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