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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Rangefinders

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Ray from Santa Cruz California. I play 3-4 times a week and take a lesson a month. Started playing August of 2016 and am really enjoying the game. My mentor keeps encouraging me to get a range finder, but I've been too busy/broke buying other golfing necessities. I play at Spring Hills in Watsonville primarily which is really hilly. I have a tendency to use too much club and over-shoot my target, so this would be a good tool for me. Thank you for your consideration and for this great site! Ray

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Samuel Rodriguez

San Juan, PR


Currently using a NEO XS Bushnell GPS Watch & an older GolfBuddy.


Thanks for the opportunity!

:ping-small: G400 10.5 | :ping-small: 5-PW, Black Dot | :ping-small: G400 4h & G410 3h

:cleveland-small: 50, 54, 58 RTX 4  | :cameron-small: TERYLLIUM T22FASTBACK 1.5 | :titelist-small: PRO v1




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Bill S.




Bushnell neo xs watch


I love :wub:  my watch.   It's the best thing that ever happened to my golf game. Guessing distances is like guessing how good a piece of tater pie is. :blink: You just can't do it. 


Thanks to Bushnell and MGS for offering up this testing opportunity!  

Cleveland Launcher XL 10.5 Driver
Cleveland Launcher Xl Halo Hy-wood 18 Degree
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 7- wood
Cleveland Launcher XL Irons 5 - PW 
Cleveland CBX 2 50 & 54 Degree Wedge
Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge 58 degree
 Dual Force Rossie 1 Broom Stick  Putter 47 inch
Square Strike Wedge aka pocket picker 







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(5) Testers Wanted!


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4-bnr.jpg


Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Laser Rangefinders

“How far” isn't a particularly profound question. But when it comes to your approach shot, it's easy to take the technology you use to figure it out for granted.

Bushnell bills itself as the “undisputed #1 laser rangefinder in golf,” and if you judge by counting the number of Bushnell's you see hanging from bags at any golf course, it's kind of hard to dispute.


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 slope.jpg

Testers Wanted!

But are they really the best? We want your help to find out if Bushnell's new Tour V4 is a worthy soldier in the Bushnell lineup.

MyGolfSpy is looking for 5 avid and in-season golfers to test out (and keep) the new V4. Three of you will test and review the standard Tour V4 model, and two will do the same with the Tour V4 Slope model. Put these things through your most demanding tests and let's see if they perform.


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 - 3.jpg


How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read – and follow - these instructions carefully.

First – if you haven't already, you must register for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to sign up).

Second – please provide us with your name, home state/province and what, if any, yardage measuring device you use currently.

Good luck!


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 -1 .jpg

And for more info on the Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder and other Bushnell products, visit the Bushnell Golf website.

Mike D.

Irving, TX

10 Ghin

12 Club Handicap

Have a 2 yr old Bushnell


Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using MyGolfSpy mobile app

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Kevin Rea




I currently use the Bushnell Tour Z6.  Mines a few years old so would be good to compare them against each other.



Driver- Titleist 913 D2

3 Wood- RBZ Stage 2

Hybrid- Cobra Bio Cell

Irons- Wilson Staff Tour V6

Wedges- Titleist Vokey 54/58

Putter- Cleveland Huntington Beach #1

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My name is Chris and I live in West Virginia. I currently use a golf buddy VS4 and Precision pro Nexus.

My Bag:

Driver: Cobra AMP Cell

FW: Cobra Bio Cell 4 wood

Hybrid: Cobra S3 Max 3 Hybrid

Irons: Cobra Bio Cell 4-SW

Wedge: Cobra Tour Trusty 58 degree

Putter: Oddyssey D.A.R.T.

Ball: Snell My Tour


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