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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Rangefinders

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Scott H.


Annapolis/Baltimore Maryland


I use a 12+ year old bushnell that has on/off slope ability.  It is a large size (compared to the new ones these days) so I've been looking to get a new more compact size that could fit in a pocket.  I've not been able to part with the old one because the view finder is clearer and larger than the newer models.  Therefore, it would be great to compare old vs new.  Thanks for the chance :)

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Not sure where to sign up to be considered as a tester for the new bushnell range finder.  My name is Mark Brenner.  I live in Paradise Valley Arizona.  I currently use a bushnell v2 that I have had for years and still works well.  Thanks for considering.  

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Good luck everyone!

Driver- Tmag 2017 M2 tour issue 8.5* actual loft 7.8* w/ HZRDS Green PVD 70TX"
Fairway Metal- Taylormade SLDR Mini Driver 12* w/ Fujikura Rombax TP95-X"

Utility- Mizuno MPH5 1 iron w/ Aldila RIP 85X (depending on course/ conditions)

Irons- Mizuno MP- FLI HI 2i w/ Aldila Proto ByYou 100X
          Mizuno MP59 4i-6I w/ PX 6.5

          Mizuno MP69 7i-PW w/ PX 6.5

Wedges- Scratch 8620 Driver/Slider set.  50*, 54* bent to 55* and 60*

Putter- Taylormade Spider Tour w/ flow neck
Ball- Bridgestone Tour B X

Bag- Sun Mountain C130 Supercharged

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Good luck to all who sign up for the testing.  I am going to sit this one out, I bought a Bushnell Tour X about 5 months ago and I love it.  


Thank you Bushnell and MGS for this awesome testing opportunity. 

Driver -  :callaway-small:  Epic Speed
Woods - :callaway-small:   Mavrik 3 Wood & Epic Flash  Heavenwood
Hybrid - :callaway-small:   Epic Flash 4H
Irons - :callaway-small:   Rogue X   5 - AW
Wedges -  :cleveland-small:  CBX2   54* & 58*  

Putter -   :EVNROLL: ER2
Rangefinder - :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX9 Slope
Ball -  Vice Pro Soft Drip

Bag - :755178188_TourEdge: Xtreme Cart 7.0 Bag Heather/Red/White







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New Orleans, LA


I play 2-3 times per week most of the year.


Currently using Sky Caddie SG3.  I have recently become concerned about yardage inaccuracies as some of my playing partners have newer yardage finders that differ as much as 4 yards from 150 out.  I'm a 19 index but take the game seriously.


I have never personally used Bushnell and would love to test it against my Sky Caddie.


Clay Miller

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Darren Ganob from Oahu, Hawaii


currently using a Tectectec vpro500 and a bushnell neo ion watch, previously used Golfshot for android. 


would love to try this one out, the tectec is fine but sometimes takes a while to lock on, i use both during a round within 120 i use the rangefinder for accurate wedge play. and i also use the range finder sometimes to see where the other players are in the fairway approx.

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(5) Testers Wanted!


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4-bnr.jpg


Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Laser Rangefinders


“How far” isn't a particularly profound question. But when it comes to your approach shot, it's easy to take the technology you use to figure it out for granted.


Bushnell bills itself as the “undisputed #1 laser rangefinder in golf,” and if you judge by counting the number of Bushnell's you see hanging from bags at any golf course, it's kind of hard to dispute.


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 slope.jpg

Testers Wanted!

But are they really the best? We want your help to find out if Bushnell's new Tour V4 is a worthy soldier in the Bushnell lineup.


MyGolfSpy is looking for 5 avid and in-season golfers to test out (and keep) the new V4.   Three of you will test and review the standard Tour V4 model, and two will do the same with the Tour V4 Slope model. Put these things through your most demanding tests and let's see if they perform.


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 - 3.jpg


How To Apply:

As you know, we take our product testing pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read – and follow - these instructions carefully.


First â€“ if you haven't already, you must register for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to sign up).


Second â€“ please provide us with your name, home state/province and what, if any, yardage measuring device you use currently.


Good luck!


attachicon.gifBushnell Tour V4 -1 .jpg


And for more info on the Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder and other Bushnell products, visit the Bushnell Golf website.


Michael from Perth, Western Australia.     6.5 Handicap and i currently use a Phone App.    Would love to test the Bushnell device.      I am also the President of our Golf Club.    Pro's get a caddy, we also need help.

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