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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Rangefinders

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Clayton Anderson

Shreveport, LA


I use the Tour V3 when I play with my Dad (It's his...😒)

Otherwise, I use Golfshot GPS on my phone when needed. Hate keeping it on me though.

This would be awesome! Would love to know how the new Bushnell performs.

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Southern California.


Original Bushnell! haha  Over 10 years old. Still plugging along, but would love to have something newer and easier to see through.

Callaway Epic Flash Subzero, CK Pro Tensei Orange 
Tour Edge Exotics Tour EX9, 15*
Mizuno CLK 19*
Mizuno JPX919 Tour, KBS C Taper, 4-PW
Fourteen Golf RM22 52*, 58*
Odyssey Stroke Lab Arm Lock V-Line
Titleist ProV1
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Darren Tan


Currently sharing a V3 non slope with my son. Would love to test and then if this is a big improvement, I'll pass the V4 to him and I will use the older V3 since he's playing in quite a number of junior tournaments.

Irons: Miura PP9003 KBS Tour 90 R 5-P

Wedges: Miura New Wedge Series 51 Deg, Cobra Tour Trusty 56 Deg

Driver: Bridgestone JGR 10.5 with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

3 Wood: Bridgestone JGR 3W with Tour AD J16-11W Stiff Reg stock JDM

Hybrid: Bridgestone JGR 4H with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

Putter: Ping Sigma G Kinloch C 

Right handed, lives in Singapore

Playing in the mid 90s and trying my best to break 90 consistently.



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