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GolfSpy Barbajo

TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Bushnell Tour V4/Tour V4 Slope Rangefinders

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Chris from Southern California (our golf season year-round)


In the past I've used SkyCaddie GPS, and currently I use a Callaway Laser Rangefinder (made by Nikon) which is approximately 6 years old.


Would love to test out some new tech!

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Ryan Beebe




I currently use an older model skycaddie but it would be nice to try a range finder so I could get an accurate yardage to the pin and hopefully get my approach shots closer and ultimately lower my handicap even farther. I also travel and play a lot of different courses some of which have significant elevation changes so it would be nice to try out the slope model to help take some of the guess work out of up and down hill approach shots. thanks and good luck to everyone.

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Ted from Minnesota


5 handi


I had a bushnell until my boss dropped it, kicked it, and broke it. The sob never replaced it. Great products would love to test either device. Traveling to Florida over the winter.



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I peg it in the rolling hills of Kentucky.


Current GPS: Skycaddie


I would love to compare the direct laser accuracy of Bushnell to my current GPS unit.

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John McKiernan from Calgary, Alberta currently using my trusty Bushnell Tour V2 :D would love the V4 as an upgrade

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Nathan Hess


I use the Bushnell Tour V6 and I wonder how I ever played without it. It's so great to have a precise yardage to the pin or to a bunker or to a tree... Well worth the money. I'd love the chance to try the V6, especially with the slope function, as mine doesn't have that.

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Tom, CA, Busnell Yardage Pro Compact 600


(Its far from compact, but at the time it was made giant binocular range finders like the 600 were probably considered compact. I'd be interested to see how large a mom-compact of the time was).

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Brad H.

Atlanta, GA

I am currently using a Leupold GX-3i rangefinder and don't like how difficult it is to hit intermediate targets. I play a lot of competitive golf and like to use the rangefinder to learn cover distances.  I would love to try out the new Bushnell V4 to replace my current option.


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      Did a search and couldn't find anything on this topic, so excuse me if this has been brought up before.
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      Admit it Rangefinder users - when you're on the course and realize you've left your rangefinder at home, or the batteries are dead, don't you feel kind of...adrift?  It's sorta like leaving home without your cell phone. It's a disconnected, unsettling untethered feeling...
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