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ole gray

Pet Pictures

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Oh boy... here we go, you may regret giving me a forum to post cat pics lol


Sunday morning coffee run




That is too fricking cool!  I love your cats expression :D 

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Presently, I am pet-less but here is my late boy, Max. But, I will be getting a boy English Golden Retriever puppy this summer and am very excited as it is the right time in my life. Here is another picture of me and a friend of mines English Golden Retrievers from the same breeder as my puppy is coming from. BTW: I am excited for his arrival :)

Max dining room table.jpg

my friends.jpg

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A  pic of Roxie taken this past July




We took her to the beach this year.  It was the first time she had seen the ocean and the look on her face was priceless. A boat came by (which was also new to her) and she stared at it for the longest time.   Like WTF is that critter doing? :blink:




Keep those pics coming folks as us pet lovers enjoy seeing your family!

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