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OFFICIAL FORUM MEMBER REVIEW - Sentio Sierra 101 Putters


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Official Forum Member Review

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Sentio Sierra 101 Putters


What's the easiest thing to practice when it feels like half the county is "north of the wall"?  Putting of course.  Another group of forum members are ready to join the test panel, so let's find out if Sentio's Floating Face Construction can help you sink more putts!  Let's meet the testers.


Bigtazzgolf:                    Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3


Joey East Coast:           Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3

fivesome:                       Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3


Chershey:                      Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3


Djahubes:                      Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3


Xstiffshafts:                   Stage 1          Stage 2          Stage 3


Have fun guys!  As always please feel free to ask our testers any questions you'd like answered and jump in to the conversation!

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3w: :taylormade-small:'16 M2 hl w/ Diamana D+ 82

5w: :cleveland-small: Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Hybrid: :cleveland-small: 22 deg. Launcher HB w/ HZRDUS Black

Irons: :cleveland-small: 5i - gap Launcher CBX w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Wedges: :cleveland-small: 54 CBX & 58 Zipcore w/ Nippon Modus 3 125

Putter: :odyssey-small: Red 7s

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Congrats gentlemen. I like the look of these putters.

I myself am a mallet putter guy with an Odyssey 2 ball but, like probably most of us on this site, fiddle with putters and want the one putter that sinks 90% of the putts. Looking forward to your reviews and how accurate they are. Just hope the weather where you are allows you to do tons of testing.



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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3 & 7 Wood - TaylorMade M2

6i -Gap - TaylorMade M4- Stiff flex

Wedges - TaylorMade ATV 55* & 60*

Putter - Odyssey 2 Ball

Ball - Titleist Pro V1

Bushnell Tour V3 rangefinder

Right Handed Neutral lie on all clubs

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Sentio Sierra 101 Putter – Official MGS Forum Review by BigtazzGOLF


I'm reviewing the Sentio Sierra 101 Putter

This product is something I looked forward to trying as soon as I saw the posting. I love anything that can help my putting game as at times it is the weakest club in the bag. 


Player Biography & Interview

The Questions
● Handicap/average score? 13
● Strengths of your game? Length
● Weakness of your game? Putting
● Typical ball flight? High
● Typical miss? Right
● Current comparable equipment? Odyssey Metal X putter #1
● Swing tempo? Smooth
● Driver swing speed? 110
● What makes you love the game? The competition and friendships I've developed over the years
● How long have you been golfing? 20 yrs
● What kind of golfer are you? Competitive, but fun

● What is in your bag?

Ø  Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 8° with Grafalloy ProLite 35

Ø  Taylormade Jetspeed 3 wood 15*

Ø  Taylormade Speedblades 4-PW

Ø  Cleveland  CG16 Satin 52*

Ø  Cleveland  588 RTX 2.0 56*

Ø  Odyssey  Metal X putter #1


● How did you choose them? Cost, feel, and looks
● What region do you play out of?  South

● Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type?  Set and forget, once I have things how I like them, I'll never touch it.

● What's your story?

My story is similar to most.

Boy meets golf, boy falls in love with golf, golf treats him badly.

Boy keeps coming back for more lol

I'm 43 years old and I wish I'd have caught the golf bug at a younger age instead of waiting till my later years. My 2016 was a rough year. In the spring I had high hopes of achieving my golf goals, but in late May I became ill (some may remember from my pulled muscle thread) and this sidelined me for almost 4 months. I'm still dealing with some mild issues, but only time will help it I believe. This is my second club review for MGS and the below is from my previous as far as info about me. It hasn't changed thankfully and just easy to copy/paste it and be able to move onto the meat and potatoes of my putter review =)

Because that's what we want, right?

  I'm married with 3 kids (no longer kids except my baby girl, she's 16 and will always be daddy's girl) My wife of almost 22 years has put up with my golf game since I caught the bug 2 years after we wed. She doesn't play, but I'm still holding hope she will someday. My oldest son, who is in the Navy, has caught the bug and tries to play when he can and when he comes home on leave. His new wife doesn't play, but does like to drive the cart I believe, so that's a plus. Still waiting on my middle son to catch the bug, but being a freshman at the University of Tenn. doesn't allow much free time. My first set of clubs I bought from Service Merchandise and having never played except for some range time at Putt-Putt I thought I was ready. I went to the local muni and was paired up with three old guys. I shook their hands and apologized as I told them this was my first time on the course to actually play and I'd try not to slow them down. That day I learned that you “drive for show and putt for dough” I could crush a ball back then and still do, but I learned from those old guys who I out drove by a 100 yds every time, but I was spraying it all over and they stayed right down the middle and making boring pars as I hacked my way to doubles and triple bogies. After 18 holes I was tired, demoralized and beat down by this game lol. I carded a 110 and one of the old guys tried to cheer me up by telling me that wasn't too bad for my first time. A few years later I advanced to my first real set of clubs, the Callaway X series driver and woods and the x-18 irons (my son now has these minus the woods) I started playing better and even won my flight in the city publink. I then found my current league The GolfNuts. Playing competitive rounds every week with those guys has helped me to lower my score to mid to low 80's on a regular basis. Keep in mind I've never had a lesson and the 45 min Group-on lesson I received, I don't count. If I could change that in my golf life, I'd have gotten some lessons before I got set in my ways. Who knows, there still may be time =)



After being selected to review the Sentio putter I went to their site to go thru the "Feel Selector" to find the right putter for me.

After answering the simple questions I was paired up with the Sierra 101-M Medium (red polymer)

When you hold the club head up to the light it looks like nose of the car from the tv show Knight Rider. So I'm thinking of naming my putter Kitt.

Doesn't everyone do this?

Below are a few pictures I snapped as I opened it up.

I tried to get a better shot of the polymer core that separates the face and back of the putter, but wasn't able with my phone.

Looking forward to reviewing this club and telling you all about the breaking edge technology that Sentio is bringing to the table.

I hope you enjoy my review and enjoy the ride with me as I learn more and more about Jim and Sentio Golf.





Letter from Jim


View of bottom
Really love the packaging of the putter
Back view
Putter cover side
Putter cover top
Putter cover inside velcro closure 





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:cleveland-small: CG16 Satin 52*

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0 56* and 60*

Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


Proud tester of the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons 


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Sentio Sierra 101 Putter – Official MGS Forum Review by BigtazzGOLF

This product is something I looked forward to trying as soon as I saw the posting. I love anything that can help my putting game as at times it is the weakest club in the bag. The new technology also intrigued me.

I'll be reviewing the Sentio Sierra 101 M (red) VS the Odyssey Metal-X #1

Ball in play will be the Kirkland Signature

With the rainy conditions I haven't had a ton of testing time outside, but I did get 2 regular rounds in and practice time on the greens. I hope you enjoy and find my review useful if you are in the market for a putter.

Thank you MGS and Sentio Golf for this experience.



Performance at the Range (aka living room)

● Accuracy – Are you able to consistently hit your target?

What I noticed was how accurate I was on putts from 3 feet to 20 feet.

Setting up a competition with myself to see how many 5, 10 and 15 foot putts I could make in a row on the freshly vacuumed carpet lol

  5 feet I went 8 for 10

10 feet I went 7 for 10

15 feet I went 4 for 10

Of my misses they all would be considered lips outs (I was putting into a red solo cup)

To answer how accurate I am with the Sentio putter, I'd say pretty good.


● Distance – How does the club compare to other products strictly from a distance perspective?

Distance control for both was pretty close with a slight edge to the Odyssey.

This is probably due to my comfort level with the putter. It's been in my bag for 3 years


● Feel Characteristics – How does the putter feel when putting

The 2 faces are different so you'd expect a different feel. The Metal X has an aluminum face backed with a layer of urethane to assist in a softer feel. The Sentio has a steel face and a dampening polymer core that comes in 3 different versions for 3 different dampening levels.

In comparing the 2 as far as feel, I like the Sentio and the polymer core.

This may not be a fair comparison since the Odyssey only has one feel and the Sentio has 3. I am testing the medium (red) level of the Sentio line and the Odyssey may compare better against one of the other Sentio putters..


● Forgiveness and Control – What happens when you mishit the ball? How much distance is lost? Are you able to make the ball do what you want it to?

When putting I like to control my distance and speed by where on the face of the putter I strike the ball. Center aka sweet spots are for full or uphill putts. Toe putts are for fast greens or downhill putts. This technique may not work for everyone, but it does for me. I'm not a hard putter; I like to putt so the ball falls in instead of ramming the back of the cup.

Both putters did well in this category of forgiveness.

For control, I was able to control putts both center and toe hits pretty well. Judging distance and speed with the Sentio was easy after getting used to it. I was able to really get a feel for it after a few days of use. Maybe 100-130 putts to break in and accustom myself to it.


Range Score: (17 of 20 points)



Performance on the Course (aka real greens)

● Accuracy – Are you able to consistently hit your target?

 My accuracy on real greens dropped off a bit, but that is my fault not the putter.

Putting now with breaks and different angles lowered my make percentage.

  5 feet I went 6 for 10

10 feet I went 4 for 10

15 feet I went 2 for 10


● Distance – How does the club compare to other products strictly from a distance perspective?

The Sentio vs my Odyssey Metal X, as in my living room. Both performed well and the more I use the Sentio the more I feel comfortable and giving a truer stroke when putting.


● Feel Characteristics – How does the putter feel when putting

The feel of the ball coming off the face is really smooth and no clicky sounds from center hits, but I did notice it on toe strikes. That was expected though so no drawback for it there.


● Forgiveness and Control – What happens when you mishit the ball? How much distance is lost? Are you able to make the ball do what you want it to?

Just as in my controlled area (living room) the forgiveness and control are great.


Course Score: (17 of 20 points)



Performance Notes

● How did it perform?

As a loyal Odyssey gamer, I was skeptical but quickly fell in love with the Sentio putter.

● Were you pleased with how the putter performed?


● Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing?

Compared to Odyssey Metal X #1

● What factors were you pleased with?

Looks and feel. The club had a clean traditional look. The polymer that connects the face and the back of the putter is pleasing to the eye in my opinion.

I was also VERY pleased with the shipping of the putter and how it was packaged. You can tell that Sentio values you as a customer and shows you deserve to be treated special.

● How did it compare to your current gamer?

Both putters are performing well and going into the demo process I wasn't sure how the Sentio technology was going to act and perform, but I am sold on it and a true believer for them now.

The distance control exceeded my thoughts on how well it would perform.

● Did you notice better production on the range or on the course more?

Better performance on my living room floor as expected.

● What factors did you find lacking?

I found nothing lacking with the Sentio putter in either playability or looks. With one exception,

that being the grip. The PURE grip is something I'm not a fan and if Sentio had better options in grips it would be a great addition.

● What improvements would you like to see? 

I'd like to see more grip options and choices in putter head styles and the addition of left handed putters.




● General shape

The Sentio Sierra 101-M has the traditional blade look that I love  

● Graphics

The graphics of the Sentio are clean and neat. The polymer that separates the face and the back of the butter, if you hold it up to a light it looks really cool. Mine is red, so it looks like Kitt from the tv show Knight Rider.

● How does it come together visually?

On setup this putter looks very nice. The red polymer appears black from above so it isn't a distraction as I was wondering about when reading about them on the Sentio website http://www.sentiogolf.com/

● How does it compare to other products in its category?

The Sentio compares well in the putter category with a couple of draw backs. The putter comes in right hand only and in a blade head (no mallet). It would compare better with other companies that have these options already in place. The putter is priced on the upper end of the scale but still comparable to other putters.


Looks Score: (18 of 20 points)



Sound and Feel

● The sound of the Sentio putter is similar to the Odyssey and it isn't clicky or distracting. You can feel when you strike the ball properly and it rolls off the putter and when you mishit it and it jumps or skids.


Sound and Feel Score: (17 of 20 points)



Likelihood of Purchase

● I'm on the fence as to my likelihood of purchase of the Sentio putter.

I base a lot of my club buying on price then on how much the club will help.

I've listened to the argument if you spend 300.00 for a driver and only use it on 8-10 shots, where you'll use the putter for 25-35 shots. So why not spend more on a club you'll use more that'll have more to do with your score than another. This argument will continue for ages. Right along with which came first, the chicken or the egg.

If I had a choice to buy a new driver or the Sentio putter, after this review I can safely say I'd come home with a new putter!



LOP Score: (17 of 20 points)


Subjective Notes

I was very excited to be chosen by MGS and Sentio to get the chance to demo the Sierra 101 putter. When I heard the news and I quickly Googled Sentio and began learning about Jim and the technology of Sentio. I like the easy putter selection tool, called the Feel Selector, http://www.sentiogolf.com/feel-selector it is an easy process to help you pick the correct putter and the great news is Sentio has a one-time swap option if you purchase it and find the version you selected doesn't work for you. You only have to do it within 30 days of purchase. To me that is really cool, Jim and his team going above and beyond to make sure the customer is happy.


Questions & Answers

To sum up my experience with the Sentio putter it looks and feels wonderful in your hands. It is balanced nicely and to me it breaks in quick and is easy to get accustomed to in a short period of time. This club has found its home in my bag and it will stay. I'll have to text Odyssey that it is me not them and it is best for us to move on. Breaking up by text is ok right? Isn't that what the kids do these days?

I look forward to watching this company grow and make its mark on the golf world. And I'll be there to support them and cheer them on.


Total Score:

(17+17+18+17+17)  86/100

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Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


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Stage Three - The Follow Up & Value Question


1.Will this product go in your bag? 

Yes, it has moved in and signed a long term contract
2.To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? 
I'd recommend this club to everyone that loves a traditional blade putter or anyone that 
might have trouble with distance control. You really can dial in your putts with what Sentio 
offers in their line of putters.
3.How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Sentio Golf?
This product opened my eyes to an up and coming company that proves the old way of making clubs can still be improved upon and that the little guy can compete with the big OEM's.
4.What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?
As this putter and company evolve, I'd like to see the addition to different style putter heads and shaft lengths. Also the ability to upgrade to a different grips instead of the stock.
5.What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?
The polymer separating the club is unique and impressive. If the putter could be evolved or changed it would be to be able to have the ability to adjust the club head with a wrench to go between the 3 different versions. Similar to how you can adjust the loft on a driver. That may be fantasy land thinking, but you never know.
I really like the face of the putter and how it gives me true rolls. The technology built within the putter is innovative and I hope Jim and his team will expand upon it as they grow their putter selection and company.
These guys are here to stay!
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Chicks dig the LONG ball

In my :callaway-small: staff bag

:cobra-small: King F7+ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro White 60 - Graphite Tour X-Stiff

:755178188_TourEdge:  CBX 13.5 3 Wood

:1332069271_TommyArmour:  Atomic Irons 4-AW (reviewing)

:cleveland-small: CG16 Satin 52*

:cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0 56* and 60*

Sentio Sierra 101-M Putter


Proud tester of the Tommy Armour ATOMIC Irons 


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For my second foray into the realm of club reviews, My Golf Spy and Sentio Putters were kind enough to allow me to test out the Sierra 101 S model, "S" being for the soft variety as decided using Sentio's very own Feel Selector option on their web site. If you would like to hear about a more complete overview of my golf game, you can look through my review of the Cobra F6 irons early this year. That aside, I would like to focus more on the art and concept of putting for this first installment. Prior to receiving the new flat-stick, I did a bit of homework on the company, which I've tucked away in the Putter Forum for those that are interested or wanting a bit of background on Jim and his company.




I had received an email from Jim Varney, Sentio President, letting me know that my putter was in the final stages of construction. A nice personal touch, in my opinion, and I was provided tracking info as soon as the package entered the postal system. The packaging was high quality with custom cut foam, plastic wrapped grip, and a letter from Jim himself. The level of investment on his part is evident in both the effort and the quality of the product.




The first thing that really caught my attention out of the box was the weight and balance of the putter. You know when you first pick a putter off the rack and it has a certain vibe to it before you set it to address? These were good vibes fresh out of the wrapping, like a finely made sword that feels different from those you've wielded previously. At a head weight of 350g, I didn't expect such a noticeable difference from my current gamer, an Odyssey Metal-X #5CS weighing in at 343g with a mid-mallet design. The address and practice swing felt effortless. Again, good vibes out of the box, which is inspiring. 




Going from a mid-mallet to a blade isn't a big transition for me as I previously used a YES! Tracey III Plus for about two years. Following a three-day golf trip earlier in the spring, which produced some atrocious putting results on my behalf, I switched my grip to the left-hand-low method and started using the ol' #5CS in the process. Having become comfortable with the new grip, the switch back to a blade-style putter was inevitable. The Sierra felt as if I had used it before, which again inspires a sort of confidence you usually have to build up with a new putter.




The Dynamic Response technology, Sentio's patented construction where the face is completely isolated from the rest of the putter by a dampening polymer core, is every bit as responsive as you would want from the face. The sound off the face is very clean and the ball comes off smooth. I also like that if you're using a brightly colored ball, you can see it through the colored polymer when holding the club over the ball during address. That's a beneficial feature for me as my pre-shot routine includes a practice swing over the top of ball in an effort to align the face to my selected putting line. 




Another beneficial feature is the space that houses the sight-line is roughly the width of the ball, which I like to use as an alignment aid.




As you can see, the MIM & CNC milled 304 stainless steel face and orged & CNC milled 303 stainless steel body blend nicely as a whole. The Satin Silver PVD finish doesn't seem to be terribly reflective either, which was a problem I had with my previous YES! brand blade. 




The head features 2 degrees face loft, a full offset plumber hosel, a 72 degrees lie angle, and 4:00 toe hang which is very comfortable even though my stroke is predominately straight-back-straight-through.




The stock grip is a PURE mid-size grip, which is a bit larger than the Golf Pride Players Wrap I've been using. I like the feel though, and the custom Sentio marking really stands out as they match the grip color to the firmness level. Its the little things, after all.




The included headcover is embroidered and features a soft interior with what feels like a waterproof exterior. If I had to pick out one complaint, it would be the velcro enclosure. I was hoping for magnetic, simply to ensure longevity. 




I haven't had a chance to take this beauty outside yet, what with the weather and the holidays, but rest assured it will be covered in the next couple stages. Thanks again to My Golf, Spy, Sentio Putters, and the forum community for this opportunity. Stay tuned for more and please ask any questions below. 

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At one time or another in my golfing life, I have tried most every shape and style of putter easily available to the general public. I have experimented with long putters, belly putters, arm-lock, face-on, and have tried the gamut of head shapes and grip types. Despite your preference or belief in your chosen flatstick, it really comes down to two things in my opinion; feel and confidence. The putter is such a personal and objective piece of equipment that it can difficult to accurately describe or recommend one to another golfer. Some of the best putters I know are guys who's gamer is one they found on a course, thrown into the woods or forgotten in the cart barn/pro shop lost and found. Having said all that, two things I can assure the Sentio Sierra putter can deliver is both feel and confidence.  


Performance at the Range


My testing on the putting green revolved around the use of “gate drills” more so than attempting to hole putts from various ranges. For those of you not familiar with these drills, the concept is based around various “gates” constructed from two tees placed a determined distance apart that you try to pass the ball and/or putter head through on your intended line.  Head-to-head against my Odyssey Metal-X #5CS, the Sentio Sierra surpassed the old gamer in 3 out of 4 distance categories of 36 puts per length.


 Accuracy Although it required an adjustment period, I found the Sierra to be just as accurate, if not more so in certain situations, than my previously used mid-mallet. Distance In my opinion, the term “distance control” is a bit of a misnomer with putters, but the feel and feedback of the Dynamic Response polymer core are legit. This, in turn, allows for a more controlled touch on the ball as well as a smoother follow-through after impact, which can correspond to better lag and an improvement in overall accuracy.  Forgiveness The elongated head, as blade putters are concerned, really shines in the forgiveness department largely in thanks to the grooves that run the length of the putter face as well as the variable dampening channels in the back of the face that help correct for off-center hits. When I did strike the ball off-center, I could immediately tell that I had done so; however the distance rolled remained largely the same as those struck in the sweet spot. Control This really summarizes the initial appeal of the Sentio Sierra. With this particular club in hand, I have a certain feeling of control that I was missing while on the greens. Where I previously planned to just lag the ball close and take an easy two-putt, I have confidence that it could very well go down with the right stroke. Just like you have comfort clubs from the tee into the green, it's nice to pull your putter out with optimism instead of doubt.


Range Score: 9/10


Performance on the Course


While the month of January is not the most ideal time of year for golf in certain regions of the States, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in about 36 holes amid the seasonal wind, rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures. Given that the greens this time of year are not ideal, the Sierra shined more so on course than on the carpet/putting mat/practice green. Again, I think this type of performance is bred from the confidence the feel and feedback inspire, but the results are there and that's the bottom line. Accuracy In my 36 holes of course testing, I only recorded one 3-putt. The alignment aids on the putter, as well as the top line created by the polymer core, greatly assisted in squaring up to the intended line properly and the head frames the ball in a fashion pleasing to the eye. Consistency Even on miss-hits, I was able to maintain some semblance of my intended line which led to a simple tap-in and sometimes I even managed to hole the putt. I never encountered a problem with running the ball too far past the hole, which was something I had struggled with at times when using my Odyssey mid-mallet. The putter doesn't do all the work for you, but it certainly makes your work much easier.  




Course Score:  39/40


Performance Notes


For overall performance, I was very pleased with the Sentio Sierra 101-S. One of the gentlemen I usually play with uses a Scotty Cameron Studio Select Laguna 2  and we both thought the Sierra exhibited very similar feel and performance, with only the looks and shape being the real difference. Compared to the Odyssey Metal-X #5CS I have been playing, the feel and feedback of the Sierra has to push it out of my bag right now. The Sentio blade offers significantly more control and touch where the Odyssey insert can be wild and inconsistent depending on how and where the ball is struck. I know some of the other testers were quick to remove the PURE mid-size grip that came stock on the Sentio, but I've really enjoyed it. It was a bit bigger than the Golf Pride Player's Wrap I've had on my previous putter, but it meshes well with the head and shaft for a really nice symbiotic relationship. I thought the club's production in both practice and playing situations warrants it's inclusion in my bag, and I don't have any real complaints with the putter as a whole. Full disclosure, I tried to convince myself on a few different occasions to stick with my old gamer and keep grinding it out, but each time I took the Sierra on the course it put those doubts to rest with the confidence it inspired in me due to the feedback and overall feel provided in the engineering of the club. I would be interested to see if Sentio could reproduce the technology in different head shapes, because I think they could really appeal to a lot of golfers who prefer something other than a blade and have not yet experienced the type of feel that the Sierra line offers. 






The shape is traditional for a blade, if a bit elongated. The offset is nice and the address is something I've experienced before with a plumber's neck hosel. The graphics are clean and provide no distraction from your focus at address and I like the unique detail of the floating face and polymer core between the body and face. It's kind of like “diet versa” for those who can't really do the black/white contrast in large doses. Visually, I think it comes together great in a way where someone would look at the putter and think “Hey, that's a quality bit of craftsmanship there.” Compared to other blades, it maintains a traditional look while offering some new technology in a discrete fashion.  




Looks Score: 14/15


The Sierra 101-S sound is subdued, but not in a bad way. It doesn't quite have that “ting” of a milled head/face but its more than the “thunk” of the standard insert at the same time. I would say the firmness of my selection, being soft, is very accurate. The feel is consistent across the face in that you know when you've connected with the sweet spot as opposed to the heel and toe, but the distance remains true regardless. Between my worst putter sound experience (YES Madison mallet) and my best sound experience (Adams A7 Series 64), I would place it towards the top, equal to my preferred feedback sound.   




Sound and Feel Score: 14/15


I will be the first to admit that I'm a bargain hunter and a cheap skate when it comes to buying golf equipment. I'm usually a couple of years behind in an effort to catch the desired product on sale, much like my recently purchased SLDR Mini Driver, just to give you a frame of reference. Having said that, if I were going to spend $300 or so on a new putter, I would legitimately consider the Sentio Sierra as a viable option in that price range. Putters are a very personal piece of equipment with very subjective attributes, but I think this one has some broad appeal to each type of player.   


Likelihood of Purchase Score: 19/20


I generally come into these reviews as an admitted skeptic. I lean more towards the “tough love” side of things because I know that some golfers out there have limited time and money to enjoy the sport they love. That's also what initially drew me to My Golf Spy and the forum community. With that being said, I have to be honest in saying that the Sentio Sierra 101 is a quality putter that delivers on its claims. If you did indeed decide to spend the full retail price to acquire such a club, I would encourage you to be confident in your purchase because it is just as good as those in the same price bracket. If I had to pick any negative at all, it would be the Velcro enclosure on the head cover, but again, I'm reaching for that.


Total Score: 95/100

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ogio_logo1.jpg?w=690Shredder Stand Bag /  :taylormade-small: TP SLDR S Mini 16* /  adams-golf-logo.jpg?w=690Pro DHy 18* /  :cobra-small: Baffler 7w 20* /   :cobra-small: King F6 irons 5i-GW /                                     bsglogo1.jpg?w=690 J15 54* /  putt.jpg?w=690 Sierra 101-Soft /  :srixon-small: Z-star balls / all shafts regular flex / Lamkin Crossline Ace 3GEN oversize grips 

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1.Will this product go in your bag?


This putter will absolutely go into my bag. Unquestionably the most responsive putter I have ever used and the traditional look is very comfortable at address. 

2.To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? 
​My first recommendation would go to anyone who is looking for a traditional blade-style putter that values performance over name brand. While still in its infancy, I think Sentio will be among the bigger names in putters as they have opportunities to grow, but a lot folks may pass them over simply not having that brand recognition just yet. However, if you're out there legitimately testing putters for performance, you owe it to yourself to try Sentio in your preferred level of firmness. Personally, I think it performs on the same level as the other boutique brands and outperforms most all the OEMs. 
3.How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Sentio Golf?
New ideas and concepts in golf equipment are pitched every day, and most go down in flames. My initial impression of Sentio was another company that would have a descent idea, but subsequently price itself out of contention. Putter makers are notorious for this. Right out of the box, however, I knew this club was special simply by the weighting and balance I experienced from holding and addressing it on a couple practice strokes. I know that sounds cliche, but I honestly used this putter for about a week and said "Man, this thing would be worth the $300 retail". So long story short, the Sierra 101S changed my opinion on the value of a putter based solely on results and craftsmanship. Everyone who asks me about it says "Oh, I've never even heard of Sentio. Are they new?" followed by "Hey, this thing is pretty legit. What do they sell for?".
4.What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?
I'm selecting a minor detail here, and I've touched on it already in the previous stages, but the only change I would make in future generations of this model, or any in the Sentio line, would be replacing the velcro closure on the head cover. For those of us who plan on using a putter long-term, a magnetic closure is such a difference maker and saves wear and tear on the headcover as a whole. When a velcro cover dies, I'm probably gonna replace it with one that says something other than Sentio, which is a loss of presence to the eyes of other curious golfers. 
5.What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?
The best feature of the Sierra 101 for me was the feel/feedback. I have to believe that this is a result of the "Dynamic Response" technology that isolates the entire face with a dampening polymer core. This would be Sentio's signature feature in the long-run, and I would LOVE to see the concept continued in different head shapes in the future. I know there's a mallet in the works, and I would jump at the chance to have an 8802 style head with the floating face technology, but I think if Sentio can produce a variety of head shapes in their three degrees of firmness people will start to notice. 
Also, on a side note, the Sentio Sierra comes stock with midsize PURE grip. Some of the other testers were quick to replace it, but I really liked it in conjunction with the feel and set-up of the putter. I honestly prefer it over any putter grips I've used previously. 
Thanks again to the forum community, My Golf Spy, and Jim over at Sentio for the opportunity to review this club. Feel free to DM me or post in this thread if you have any questions about anything I haven't touched on. 


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ogio_logo1.jpg?w=690Shredder Stand Bag /  :taylormade-small: TP SLDR S Mini 16* /  adams-golf-logo.jpg?w=690Pro DHy 18* /  :cobra-small: Baffler 7w 20* /   :cobra-small: King F6 irons 5i-GW /                                     bsglogo1.jpg?w=690 J15 54* /  putt.jpg?w=690 Sierra 101-Soft /  :srixon-small: Z-star balls / all shafts regular flex / Lamkin Crossline Ace 3GEN oversize grips 

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Sentio Sierra 101 F Unboxing



Huge thanks to MGS and Sentio Putters for this opportunity. 


First a little background about my game.  I have been playing regularly for about 20 years.  I remember very little about my first set of clubs, but I currently game Taylor Made 300 forged.  Looking to replace those very soon but that is another thread entirely.  My current handicap is right around 11 and I have pretty much played between an 11 and 14 for the past 4 years.  My lowest was a 7, but after we had triplets in 2010 I took 2 years off and have been struggling to get in single digits since then.  My weakness is my short game (between 10 yards and the fringe) and putting.

I have kept fairly accurate stats for the past 3 years and average 34.6 putts a round (stats provided by The Grint)  That number includes too many 3 putts (3.2 a round) and way too many misses inside 10 feet.

My biggest issue with putting is consistent ball strikes.  My hope is that the Sentio putter will keep miss hits online better than my 3 previous putters – Odyssey Versa #2, Odyssey White3 Hot #5, and TM Rossa Spider.  



I will cover more of my concerns and hopes in Stage 2


.  Let's get to the good stuff.





The packaging is what you would expect for a high-end putter, or any putter for that matter.  The Box is sturdy and the custom foam inserts keep the putter from moving around during shipping. 



Inside the box is a headcover, a letter from the owner and of course, the putter.



The grip on the putter corresponds to the firmness of the putter which also corresponds to the color of the polymer connecting the 2 parts of the putter.  Blue for firm, red for medium, and green for soft.




The light shining through the polymer is damn cool. 


Now that the unboxing is done, time to see what this thing is all about.......

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Sentio Sierra 101F Putter Stage 2 Review

This is my first ever club review of any kind so bare with me.

The putter the Sentio will be compared with is an Odyssey Versa #2.  For those that aren't familiar with the Versa, it is a blade style putter and has been in my bag for about 6 months.

After some snow and about a week's worth of rain I was finally able to get outside and get some real time to test things out.




Putting Green performance

The first thing I noticed when l was getting ready to putt with the Sentio is how easy the alignment aids make it to center the ball.  This made the Sentio pretty accurate as far as hitting the ball where I wanted.  With the Versa my aim could be off a bit because of the way it lined up with my eyes.

For a distance test I hit putts at distances of  3, 6, 10 and 15 feet (5 putts with each putter at each distance).  I used the Odyssey putter one day and hit the Sentio on another day – same distances and same amount of putts.  My marks on the putting green were still on the green the following day so all putts were from the same locations. From 3 feet and 6 feet there were no outstanding differences between the putters, making 9 of 10 with the Sentio and 9 of 10 with the Versa. The distance control with the Sentio became evident at 10 and 15 feet.  On misses the Sentio stayed easily within tap-in range (1ft) on all of the 10ft putts and only 1 of the 15ft putts slid by the hole more than 2ft. With the Versa I have a tendency to leave putts short and did so during this test. 

3foot putts:

Sentio – 5 of 5

Versa -  5 of 5

6 foot putts:

Sentio 4 of 5 – 1 lipped out

Versa – 4 of 5 – 1 left 6” short

10 foot putts

Sentio – 3 of 5 – both misses ran by the hole no more than 1 ft

Versa – 2 of 5 – 1 miss was lipped out and the other 2 were both short

15 foot putts:

Sentio – 2 of 5 – 2 misses were easy tap-ins and 1 was 16” past the hole

Versa – 1 of 5 – 2 misses were between 1-2 ft short and 1 was 1ft passed

Forgiveness and Control of the Sentio is better than any putter I have ever owned.  You can feel when you have an off center hit, but it wasn't as bad a result as I get from off center hits with the Versa.  A well struck off center hit from the Sentio could still get to the hole which is a huge confidence boost to a guy that has more of those than he cares to admit.  With the Versa, a hit on the toe had no chance of getting to the hole.

Putting Green Score – 9/10




Performance on the Course

Finding a time to get a couple rounds in with the weather and Holidays proved to be a bigger challenge than I thought. I finally managed to get in 2 rounds over the past week and I am glad I did. 

I use TheGrint for my stat keeping so I have some hard numbers from the Versa and as they say, numbers don't lie.  I average 34.1 putts a round with 2.8 3 putts.  The 2 rounds with the Sentio I had 31 and 32 putts with a total of 1 3 putt. 





Accuracy: The Sentio lines up behind the ball so easy it gave me more confidence I would hit the ball where I wanted.  With the Versa anything outside of 10 feet I would just plan on 2 putting. 

Feel:  The Sentio is the first putter I have used that doesn't have an insert.  The feel and sound of the ball coming off the putter is just different than the Versa.  Not good or bad, just different.  I am not sure if it is this polymer filling or the grooves on the face, but even miss hits felt like they were still good contact.

Course Score 48/50




Performance Notes

When choosing the Sentio putter, I chose the Sierra 101-F (firm) because of my tendency to leave putts short.  I expected the Sentio to be a decent putter and maybe knock a stroke or 2 off my putting, but that was about it.  The performance of the putter has easily knocked the Versa out of my bag and has made putting less of a chore and more of an aspect of my game that I am gaining confidence in.  The distance control alone should keep it in my bag for a long time. 




My putter shape of choice has always been a mallet. That being said, I like the design of this putter enough to get past that one drawback.  The polymer fill between the putter is a nice touch and is not distracting at all when putting, but looks nice when the sun shines on it.  The matching grip adds a bit of style and overall the putter is nice to look at, but looks don't lower scores for some of us.

 Looks Score : 9/10




Sound and Feel

I got the firm putter and the ball has a nice solid sound coming off the putter.  Even off center hits have a solid sound and feel to them.  I know a few people have replaced the grip, but the stock grip feels comfortable and I don't plan on replacing it.

Sound and Feel Score: 9/10



Likelihood of Purchase

I feel likelihood of purchase is the most subjective part of the review.  Would I spend $300 on ANY club without ever hitting it, probably not.  But if I had the money to spend and a new putter was on my list, the Sentio Sierra would be that putter.

Likelihood of Purchase Score 18/20


In Conclusion:

I was one of those people that thought all putters were basically the same.  I would read a putter review and think can a putter really make that much difference?   Well, actually it can.  The confidence the Sentio has given me on the green has changed my mind about putters.  If you are looking for a new putter you should put the Sentio right up there with the best putters you know.  The Sentio will stay in my bag for at least the early spring and if the numbers continue to stay the same, it will be there for a long time.


Total Score: 93/100


Here is a link to a youtube video so you can hear the ball coming off the putter  https://youtu.be/GKTf6Mhz164

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Stage Three -


1.Will this product go in your bag? 

It will, as long as I can keep it out of my son's.  Looks like a purchase is coming soon.
2.To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? 

If you have an issue with lag putts and distance control, this putter is for you.  Sentio has a great product for anyone looking for a blade style putter.  If you can get past the fact that it is not a household (yet) putter name, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not at least trying it out.


3.How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Sentio Golf?
I knew nothing about Sentio before this opportunity with MGS.  What it has done is opened my eyes to a new small putter company that is more than able to compete with the big boys.  I am looking forward to see where they go from here.
4.What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?
My only complaint about the putter is the headcover.  I would take away the velcro and add a magnetic closure.  Options on grips would also be nice.  I get that the grip color defines the feel of the putter, but giving people more options allows them a small amount of customization from the company.
5.What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?
I love the look of the polymer between the putter face and body.  In the sunlight it is a very cool feature, but when set down behind the ball it is not distracting.  The feel and look of the putter face are top notch.  Sentio is a great up and coming putter company that I will be watching very closely.
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Sentio Sierra 101 M Putter Review Stage 2


As I mentioned in Stage 1, the putter is one of those clubs that is always in danger of getting kicked out of my bag. With a new stick in town providing a little competition, my other putters got understandably a bit nervous. The Sentio Sierra has some very cool and interesting technology that could be a game changer for me if it can live up to the companies billing. Let's see how it performed.




Practice Green Performance


For this category, I decided it was time for a prizefight between my current two gamers that rotate in and out of the bag, the Ping Vault Voss and the Odyssey RSX Milled 001, and the Sentio Sierra. These are both very high end putters that have had streaks of great performance for me, so this will be a tough battle for the Sentio.



For this battle, I decided to keep the test fairly simple. I hit putts, using Titleist ProV1X balls, from different locations and approximated their distance using my feet as a measuring stick (very accurate obviously) and then attempted 20 putts with each putter from that location, rotating in a new putter every 5 putts. This was my putting location from approximately 30 Feet.



For the close putt, I used the around the world method you can see below and was really trying to get as many one putts as possible.



I finished with what I can only describe as the really long putt (It has a lot of break both ways and was tough). You can see the location below. I only took 10 putts from this location as it took longer to finish the putts from this location.



The results are below:


30 Feet:

Sentio- 40

Odyssey- 43

Ping- 42


20 Feet:

Sentio- 39

Odyssey- 42

Ping- 42


10 Feet:

Sentio- 30

Odyssey- 32

Ping- 33


Close Putt:

Sentio- 24

Odyssey- 25

Ping- 27


Really Long Putt:

Sentio- 22

Odyssey- 25

Ping- 24


Total Putts:

Sentio- 155 (The Sentio killed the competition!)

Odyssey- 167

Ping- 168


Now keep in mind this putting green was very smooth and very fast. So I did another test on a putting green near my work with very slow shaggy greens. I didn't do as thorough a test here but overall the Sentio was once again victorious.



How did the Sentio perform so much better than the other two putters? Well, it really comes down to the categories below.


Accuracy: This stick is ridiculously easy for me to line up. I feel like the combination of the black line with the face insert frames the ball really well and helps me to figure out where I'm aimed. This is a huge part of why it performed so well on the close putts. Usually when I missed a close one it was lipped and had a good chance of going in.

Distance Control: This is another category this putter really shined in. I think distance control comes down to feel and forgiveness on off center hits for me and it performed awesomely in both of these categories. As a matter of fact, the other two putters in the contest started to feel much less satisfactory after I finished testing. Putter feel is a bit of a fetish for me and I'm addicted to the feel from the Sentio putter. I could practice with this thing all day long and be happy happy happy.


One other thing I found was that this putter doesn't hop of the face. I took a slow motion video test of my stroke and it just instantly rolled smoothly to the hole with I think helps a lot as well. I believe this is due to the 2 degrees of loft.


I have a small practice green at home as well and I've made 10 putts in a row on several occasions with this putter without any issues. Here's a pic after I made a putt and into 3 different holes that I usually struggle to get on the first try. I did it easily with the Sentio.



Practice Green Score: 10/10


Course Performance


I was able to take the Sentio out for 45 holes of golf and felt instantly comfortable. I felt like I had the capability to make putts from anywhere. My putts per round dropped considerably on my GameGolf and I can't believe how many long putts I lipped and should have brought my numbers down even more. I get the feeling with this putter that I'm going to get more and more comfortable with this flatstick and the scores will continue to drop because of that (Can you tell I like it yet?). As I've already stated, the putter is very accurate and has some of the best distance control I've ever experienced. It's also very forgiving as I often miss the middle of the putter face. I think everyone does.


Course Score: 40/40


 Performance Notes


I let several other people try this putter and they all came away impressed. When I find something that performs this well, I want everyone to know about it and try it. It's a putter brand very few people have heard of and I want to shout their name from the mountaintops so everyone knows there's a new competitor in town and it's serious. All of this being said, this is a blade putter and the style might not be for everyone. I've read that they are hoping to come out with a mallet styles using the same face technology in the future. I hope they get to that point, because I think people will love it. The only thing I found lacking with the putter was the standard Pure grip. It just felt too slick to me and didn't seem right in my hands. I put a Golf Pride SNSR grip on it and it turned in to the ultimate putter for me.




I have no complaints here. It just looks right behind the ball with nice clean lines. I love the red insert (you really can't tell it's red when it's behind the ball). It just looks like a high end, high performance putter and I would put its looks up there with any high end putter I've tried. It looks a heck of a lot better than the PXG putters with their ridiculous pricing.




Looks Score: 19/20 (one point taken off for the Pure grip)


Sound and Feel


This is one of the nicest feeling putters I've ever laid my hands on. I just want to hit putts all day with this baby. It beat the feel of my other two putters by a mile and its amazing sound of the face is a huge part of that.




Likelihood of Purchase


This one is really tough for me, because it would have been really hard for me to spend $300 on this putter without knowing how well it performed for me. Now that I know what a great putter it is, I would have no issues spending that money, but I normally need to see tons of positive reviews from all over to convince me to buy something like this. Evnroll is a prime example of what I'm talking about. I wouldn't have spent that much money on a putter like that before it blew up the golf forums and review websites with so much buzz but now I would have no issues buying it. I hope Sentio can build up their name the same way because this really is a great putter, but the company needs to keep doing what they are doing and get their product out there.


All of this being said, I'm posting a pic below that gives you an idea of what putter is going to stay in the bag. In case you are wondering, this is Odyssey and Ping putters boxed up after being sold on eBay.



LOP Score: 19/20


Subjective Notes


As I've said, this putter may not be for everyone. Some people want a mallet and some people might think the looks are distracting, but for me it's the best putter I've had in the bag and I'm hoping it will stay there for a while. Just take a look at how great it looks there.



If anyone has any questions about this putter I'll be happy to answer because I want everyone to know that this putter is for real.


Total Score: 98/100


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Titleist TS3 15* w/Fujikura Ventus 7X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 20* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 23* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Titleist 718 CB 5 iron w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist 718 MB 6-PW w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist SM7 Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Bettinardi Queen B 10 34.5"
Titleist Pro V1 or Snell MTB-X

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Sentio Sierra 101 M Putter Review Stage 3


Now that I've had plenty of rounds in on this product, I think I have enough input to answer all the Stage 3 questions and finish this review off with a bang.


1.Will this product go in your bag? 

Without a doubt yes! It's my favorite putter I've ever had in the bag officially taking the title away from the beat up, but awesome, Zebra putter I had as a kid.


2.To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? 

I'd recommend this putter for anyone looking for better distance control and incredible feel off a putter face. I think once they introduce mallets to the market they may appeal more to the masses, but I tell everyone I can that they should try this putter out. After watching some of the ridiculous putts I was making with this putter yesterday, while he was 3 putting all over the place, I think one of my friends is taking a serious look at this putter, as he remembers the days when putting was easily the worst part of my game.


3.How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Sentio Golf?

This product changed not only my impression of Sentio, but also of all other start up golf companies. They seem really interested in their consumer base and will work with you on anything. They answer questions quickly and are very friendly. Jim Varney, the president, is a very genuine guy that I hope can make this company successful.


4.What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

The two things I would change would be more grip options available and the introduction of mallet heads as I mentioned above.


5.What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

I love the color of the inserts and how the insert looks behind the ball. I like the shape of the blade. The feel is amazing and the distance control is even better. The putter also feels extremely well balanced. It rolls the balls smoothly. There's very little I don't like about this putter. I hope they stick with their design but I do not see a great deal, if any, improvement needed.


As I've said several times in this forum, this putter was a game changer for me. It gets better and better for me the more I use it. I think the one thing this company needs is more press so they can get their product into the hands of more retailers and let people test it out. Once people give it a chance, I think they will be very, very impressed.


Good luck to Jim and his Sentio putter line and once again thank you to MGS for allowing me to test this tremendous putter!

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Titleist TS3 15* w/Fujikura Ventus 7X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 20* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 23* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Titleist 718 CB 5 iron w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist 718 MB 6-PW w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist SM7 Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Bettinardi Queen B 10 34.5"
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Greetings all, my name is Dave, and I currently live in the D.C. metro area.  Before getting started, I would like to thank Sentio, the Forum, and its members for the opportunity to test this piece of equipment.  I look forward to your questions and feedback.  Please let me know of any specifics that you would like me to answer.  My intent is to work some data into the review.  My club fitter, Matt from Golf Doctor D.C. is willing to help me out to get some real data behind the test.  Testing out putters seems very subjective.  Even though it is arguably the most important piece of equipment in the bag, rarely do I hear of anyone getting fitted for one. Also, it seems that us equipment nerds have no problem spending upwards of $500 for a stock fitted driver, but get squeamish over spending a premium on a putter that can legitimately lower our scores.  Hopefully it turns out to be useful info for the stage 2 review. 


So, a little about my game and me.  I have been playing golf on and off for as long as I can remember.  My father is an avid golfer, and my earliest memories of the game were waiting for him to finish his round on the weekend and take me out to knock it around for a while.  I focused more time and energy to other sporting activities through high school and college, but still was a serviceable golfer.  By serviceable, I could shoot in the low 90s high 80s and have fun doing it.  I have always enjoyed the time spent playing with my father, which is probably why I love the game so much.  My two favorite memories in golf were winning the father and son tournament at our club in Buffalo, and taking him out to Pebble Beach for father's day (he birded 4, 5, 6). 


After college I was commissioned in the Navy.  My career has taken me all over the world.  The majority of the time I was not playing much golf, but when I did, I was still in that 15-17 handicap range, and did not take it too seriously.  I could bomb it off the tee, win a long drive in a scramble here and there, and have fun on the course.


My relationship with the game changed when I was granted the opportunity to get a postgraduate education in Monterey, CA.  The program was 27 months, I was single, and I had a lot of time to dedicate to something.  Golf was a natural fit, and I spent a lot of time playing, practicing, taking lessons, etc.  I was able to get down to a 4 handicap in that timeframe, but started to not have fun playing.  My pursuit of perfection on the course made me get frustrated by poor shots, rounds, etc., and took away from the enjoyment that the game should bring.  Thankfully, I was deployed directly from Monterey, so an 8-month break from playing brought some much-needed perspective back.


Fast-forward a bit and that brings me to my current game.  I am currently carrying a 10.2 index, up a bit from my low this season of 8.1.  Consistency off the tee is my number one Achilles heel.   When I get off the tee, I shoot mid to high 70s, when I don't, I can throw some solid upper 90s in the mix.  They are rare, but they happen.  My iron play is probably the strongest part of my game.  I hit a high draw with irons, hybrids, and woods, and usually a straight driver.  My big miss is a horrible slice with the driver which s a killer!!!  I have a very quick tempo and a slight cast that I have been fighting to get under control for a long time.  My current setup is as follows:


Irons: 714 AP2 W-5i KBS tour
Custom Vokey 56.10 V grind
Apex 4 Hybrid stock kuro kage stiff

Titleist H2 3 hybrid Oban devotion  
917 D3 Diamana Blue Stiff
917F Diamana Blue Stiff








I consider myself an above average putter and am confident that I will make everything from 10 feet and in.  Not saying that I do, but confidence over the ball helps me hole a lot of putts.  I am currently in the D.C. metro area, and play ANCC as a home course.  We have 2 separate facilities, with 27 holes at each.  The greens very between the locations but are generally in good condition, quick, and well sloped.  I recently purchased the ER5 based on the reviews from MGS and honestly could not be happier with it.  Prior to that, I played a Scotty Monterey up until about a year ago when I was converted to a counterbalanced spider mallet 2.0. 


When selected as testers, we were directed to Sentio website to input our specs into their “feel selector” tool.  This reminded me of the online Bridgestone ball fitting tool.  What is nice, is that Sentio gives you the option to exchange the putter for a different feel through their swap program, one time, no cost within 30 days.  I received the Sentio sierra 101 (medium) the week after Christmas, which was nice having another gift to open after the holiday.






First impressions are that it as very high quality piece of equipment.  You can tell that the construction is top notch from the moment you pick it up.  It also struck me that it has a large footprint, meaning that the blade length appears longer than I am used to.  I want to save the majority of the details for Stage 2.










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Hey folks, looking forward to giving my feedback on this piece of equipment. To frame the review, I wanted to give a short description of my putting stroke and current gamer. I learned so much about putting during the review process, that I honestly feel it will benefit my game long term.


The first thing that I did when I was selected to test the Sierra was research the company and the product. If you haven't had the opportunity, I recommend visiting their website at: http://www.sentiogolf.com. Up front, the company has some bold claims:


“Sentio[emoji769] Golf develops the most innovative and technologically advanced putters on the market. Our patented "Dynamic Response" technology isolates the entire face with a dampening polymer core, providing intuitive distance control and exceptional feel.”

The goal of the review is to put these assertions to the test, and make an objective opinion if these claims are an accurate representation of the equipment.


Currently, I am gaming an EVNROLL ER5. I purchased this putter late season 2016 based on the MGS reviews and recommendations. I can unequivocally say that I am in love with this putter. I made quite a few modifications to it, but now that it is fitted, I just love everything about it. In order to be as objective as possible, I contacted my club fitter, Matt from Golf Doctor D.C. to help me out and spec the Sentio to my particular putting stroke. (Shameless plug for Matt, I have been working with him for 4 years and highly recommend. If you are in the D.C. area, he's definitely worth looking up and made the golf digest top 100 fitters!!)


Sorry, back to the review…… Prior to the ER5, I was playing a Spider Mallet 2.0 counterbalanced putter. I have become quite used to the mallet/counterbalanced putters over the past couple seasons, but gamed a Scotty Monterey Blade for many years prior so I do have experience in the blade setup.


I am going to deviate a bit from the standard Stage 2 review template and begin with looks. Since that is the first impression of any club, seems like a logical place to start:


LOOKS (15 points max)

I was initially skeptical of the top line view of the Sierra 101, with the polymer core running the length of the putter from heel to toe. I had a preconceived notion from my initial research that the polymer insert would be too “busy” and distracting. I was pleasantly surprised that I found this feature to be quite appealing and actually useful in lining up putts. The perpendicular topline focused my eye to target and is definitely one of the best attributes of the putter.


Another noticeable factor in the design is the large footprint, i.e. blade length. The length is significantly larger than what I am used to. Initially, I did not like this attribute. I am a “aim small, miss small” kind of guy and have always favored the smaller driver heads, top lines, etc. when purchasing equipment. The larger surface area on the blade is not something that I would gravitate towards. This is more of a personal preference, and after a while, however, I became used to it. I do assume that it would appeal to a lot of golfers.






Another nice attribute is the milling across the entire face. Should help with strikes off center and help get the ball rolling. Small detail, but definitely a plus.






One final note of aesthetics, was the stock grip choice. The grip itself looks great and I initially wanted to keep the putter as original as possible, but could not get over the feel of the grip. I think that it would appeal to guys who like the more “traditional” grip in terms of size/feel, but the PURE midsized grip was not for me and I changed out to a WINN 1.18. This was more in line with what I currently use, and would allow me to make a more consistent stroke with the Sierra.










As stated in the Stage 1 review, the Sentio exudes quality right away. You can tell that a lot of care and thought went into the design and fabrication of the putter. Based on the review template, this portion will be broken up into two sections, Putting green performance and on course performance.


Putting Green/Lab Performance: (10 points max)


As stated earlier, I went to a fitter to have the putter spec'd to my particular tendencies. I felt that this would afford the most accurate input for the review. At the end I will post the result from the Quintic software analysis to give a sense of what a putter fitting is all about. I have gone through many driver/iron fittings, but this was the first experience with a true putter fitting. With the amount of money that putters cost, and the usage of the flat stick on the course, I am convinced that this is one area that many golfers can improve their scoring without making swing adjustments/lessons.


Back to the Sentio……now that I felt that I could use it to its full potential, I took it to the putting green and put it through the initial ropes.


I can honestly say that the putter performed as you would expect from a premium offering. I felt confident looking over the ball, and was able to get the ball rolling on its intended line without much effort. I did struggle a bit with distance control but this is probably due to my use of a counterbalanced mallet type setup for the past couple years.




On-Course Performance: (40 points max)

Due to testing in late December/Early January, the greens at my home club are not exactly “tournament ready”. That being said, they are far from chewed up, just a little slower than normal. I opted for the Medium insert because the green conditions that I normally play vary significantly between the courses that I play and I did not want to be locked into either extreme of the softest and firmest models. It has also been difficult to find optimal windows of opportunities to actually play with the variations in weather conditions, but I have managed to get a solid 4 rounds under my belt with the putter since its arrival after Christmas.

I have to say, the Sierra has one of the best alignment aids I have ever used. I love the way the polymer core frames the target and the ability to get the ball moving on its intended target line was awesome. As stated earlier did have difficulty with distance control. Again, this may be due to many factors, slower than normal greens etc. but most likely that I am used to a mallet/counterbalance, and the blade/toe hang setup is not optimal for my Straight back and straight through stroke. Overall, the putter performs and golfers who prefer blades should definitely check this lineup out. I did not see any dramatic results from the Sentio, but I putted well each round and minimized 3 putts. I struggled a bit on long putts outside of 30 feet or so, but again, that is more me than the putter. Over time and with more reps with it, I am sure I would be able to better dial in distance.

SCORE: 35 out of 40


Performance Notes:

Bottom line, this putter is solid and performs well. I was confident that I could line up the putt and hit my intended line. The ball felt like it got rolling early, which helps it maintain its line to target. Did I make a bunch of bombs, no, but I was able to limit three putts and roll the ball on a target line, yes? It is hard to compare this the Sierra to my ER5. It's like comparing apples to oranges. I prefer mallet type putters. That is completely a personal preference. The ER5 suits me and my putting stroke. People who prefer blades will like this putter a lot.


Sound and Feel: (15 points max)

Overall, the putter sounds and feels great. I am not sure that the polymer core is doing what is advertised mainly b/c we are using just one of the three possible variations, but you get good feedback on center strikes and off center hits are penalized accordingly. As I mentioned earlier, the core really helped me align the putts, so either way it is beneficial.

I didn't notice any particular sound off the putter face which is exactly what I want. My main issue with the ER5 is the high ping sound off the putter. You do not get that with the Sierra.

SCORE: 15 out of 15


Likelihood of Purchase: (20 points max)

This is a very difficult portion of this review for me. In my opinion, golfers that prefer a blade type putter with a bit of toe hang will benefit from this technology and should give the Sentio Sierra line of putters a try. For me, I am a mallet/face balance kind of player. I hope as the company grows, that they will expand their offerings. If they bring a mallet into the mix, I would 100% recommend checking it out. I like a lot of what's going on here and I believe that they will only get better. I am scoring this based on the potential for expansion and highly recommend looking into Sentio.




For those counting, I am giving the Sentio Sierra 101 an 84 out of 100 rating. The Sierra is a solid putter and has a lot going for it. As the company grows, the offerings and technology will continue to expand and improve. Putting is one of the most important pieces of the game, and any putter that will help you get the ball rolling quickly on intended target is worth checking out. I believe that the Sierra 101 has real innovation built into the design and will inspire confidence for all who give it a shot. True mallet loving golfers may not gravitate towards this particular model, but if/when they expand their offerings, they are worth looking into.

Again, I want to thank the MGS community for the opportunity to test out the Sierra 101. I am by no means a professional equipment reviewer, but have tried to present the thought process and overall impression as objectively as possible. As a member of the MGS community, I felt an obligation to put forth the best possible effort forth in reviewing this piece of equipment. It's funny, that when I first started getting involved in the forums, I was just throwing my name in the hat to test out cool stuff and receive freebees which is not what this place is about! I will say, that once I was selected, I had to step back and say, oh sh$t, now I have to come through with some good stuff.


Misc Thoughts:

As I stated earlier, I went through a putter fitting in preparation for the review. I really wanted to understand how different putting strokes affected the ball. I found a pretty good article related to putting strokes and putters at the website below:


I also am providing the output from my putting analysis. Lots of numbers and data, but basically blue/green means good, red/orange not so good. This is not provided as an indication of the Sierra's performance, b/c this is solely based on my putting stroke. Just want to demonstrate some aspects of a proper putter fitting and how certain this affect how the ball rolls off the putter. I can say that putter fitting never crossed my mind, but it was well worth the effort.

Standing by for questions.






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Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not?


Short answer, no, it is not going in the bag. It is a Fantastic putter, but I just cannot get used to the blade setup. I have an ER5 that suits my eye and stroke better than anything I have played before. I will say, that I tested this against my Scotty Monterey, and I would chose the sierra all day over another blade.



To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why?


If you like blade putters you would be doing yourself a disservice by not checking these out.



How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of [brand]?


First impression of the brand, and all positive



What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?


May make the blade length a bit shorter, or offer multiple options. Looks like a mallet is coming so will be on the lookout. More grip options, customization would be nice.



What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?


The polymer setup is awesome!!

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