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Follow along as our forum members give their feedback on the Bushnell V4 and V4 Slope series of laser rangefinders.  Without further ado, lets meet our testers.


Sluggo42                         Stage 1               Stage 2


Chris O.                           Stage 1               Stage 2


JudgeSmails                    Stage 1               Stage 2


ThatGinger96                  Stage 1                Stage 2


Ole Gray                          Stage 1                Stage 2

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Greetings fellow golfers, and the associated press. My name is Doug Hanson, I'm 61 years old and I live in sunny Southern California. Although for the next few days it's not going to be very sunny, as we have quite the storm sets rolling in, thank goodness! We need this rain badly down here as we are STILL in a drought .


I play once or twice a week, weather permitting of course. I typically shoot somewhere between 75-80. I haven't had an official cap for a while now, but I don't play any tourneys so it doesn't matter much to me..


I'm pretty solid off the tee, and I putt pretty well, and my short irons are decent. I think my biggest weakness is the real short chips the the pros always nail for a solid up and down. I just can't seem to master that. Perhaps an area to work on?

In Southern California, most of the canyon courses have a significant elevation range, so I like the "slope" feature mainly.



I currently use a Bushnell V3 with slope, so I'm very well versed with them.

To get my yardage for every shot, I like to view the entire hole as I roll up for a shot. I'm looking at the green, the trees, and the yardage stakes, or markers. So I have a reasonable idea of approximate distance. Then I pull the laser and shoot it real quick to get exact yardage and slope.


What makes me love the game? Well, I'm just about to turn 61. First time I golfed I was 8 I think. My father took me, and I used my moms clubs since she didn't really play. When the turn came after nine, dad bought us each a hot dog, and an orange soda! That was the best lunch ever. Then somewhere on the back nine I hit a shot that actually hit the pin from 50 yds or so. I still remember parts of that day, 53 years later.

So I guess that means I've been a golfer for about 53 years now.


I'm a pretty competitive guy, and have always been that way, so I really try to play well, no matter the situation. I take my game seriously, and constantly look for "the swing". Although, I would guess that the average guy wouldn't notice if I was doing something drastically different in my mind anyways. I hate to hit a bad shot, and always think I could have played better. Even if I shoot scratch that day, I will be thinking about the birds putts I missed


I'm just a normal retired guy. I was blessed with good coordination and have always been good at most sports. I've become too old for most other sports and so golf is great because you can play til the day you drop dead.

I also am an avid bass fisherman, and believe it or not, I play drums in a rock and roll band!



In my Hybrid Ogio bag I carry:

Callaway 816 Alpha DBD driver

". " 816 Alpha 14° 3-wood

". " 815 Alpha Hybrid

Mizuno MP64 4-paw

Vokey wedges

Nike Method blade putter.


I've hit mizuno irons for a real long time, they just feel good when you hit the ball. Once you flush a ball with an MP iron, it's hard to give them up.

The Callaway woods were actually the last club I ever thought I would own, cuz I always thought the were too expensive. But after numerous visits to GolfSmith (RIP) I just found that they were the only clubs that I hit further than the rest. So I finally pulled the trigger and bout a slightly used one for less than half the price of a new one. Then after two rounds, I decided to go for the 3-wood, and then the Hybrid. Haven't looked back since. Is there any other wedge besides a Vokey?

And I discovered the Nike putters after a high ranking from our friends at my golf spy. The method putter instantly made me a decent putter.



I play in Southern California, where I'm able to play year round. It's never winter here. Well except when it rains, then it's winter for a few days. But it does get cold here, just the other day it got down to like 48° brrrrrr! But today was 80°, so go figure eh?

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Playing a good round of golf is all about course management. Knowing how far away from the pin, how far away trouble is, how far it is to a safe landing area, that also puts you at a good yardage coming in. It all becomes second nature once you become adept at using these things, and you find yourself thinking a bit deeper about where you are, and where you want to be. These are the little finer points of the game that become more critical as your scores get lower.


Does the rangefinder help with club selection?

Does a frog have a water tight rear end? The answer is yes. You quickly learn how far you actually do hit your clubs. Then you actually learn just how much wind and elevation affect your ball flight and distance. It's all a very sobering, yet enlightening learning experience. You begin to "read the book" for every shot, and knowing the exact distance is one of the baseline tidbits of information that you need, along with all the rest, to make the really correct club choice. And let me tell you, the wind can really make a huge difference. It's a piece of the puzzle that is, every shot.






I think I would have to say without question, the V4 will lower your score, as long as you start to use it in a comprehensive way. It's a tool of the game that has really taken a lot of the guesswork out, and instead, provided a concrete piece of the equation to use in estimating the final distance you need to hit. Like hitting a 5 iron in from 150 yds out, when there is a 3- club wind howling into your grill.

My first rangefinder was the Bushnell V3. I would love to, but I'm afraid I can't really say this unit does much more than the v3, except for reading longer distances like over 300 yards. I was able to get good reads up close to 400 yards, but I only shot those distances from tee boxes just to see if I could. Maybe if you consistently hit 340 yard drives that would be helpful. But that doesn't happen in my world.






Course Score: (Out of 60 points)

53 out of 60


So how this all comes about was,the doorbell rings a few weeks ago. The dogs go crazy as usual and I grab my shotgun to see who's at the door. (Not really, c'mon!...)


So I open the door and "bam!", there it is...











The feeling one gets when chosen by MyGolfSpy.com, to actually receive, then use, and finally create a comprehensive review is amazing. The fact that this site does this on a very regular basis is outstanding. It's a thrill actually, and I'm honored to be a participant. thank you MyGolfSpy.com! You rock!





One simply removes the unit from the box, removes the plastic that keeps the battery from making contact, and then it is ready to use.







This unit locates the pin very quickly and locks on quick. It then gives a little "jolt", that is the description they describe it with, to let you know that it has found the flagstick. It then gives you a reading of the yardage, along with the adjusted yardage according to the slope, weather it is positive or negative. My friends all have different types of laser rangefinders that they use, but every time there is a questionable shot or distance, they asked me what the Bushnell slope reading is. It is the final word amongst the rest.

I don't know if pleased is the correct description for how one feels when using this unit. It's almost more like, you are assured that you are getting the proper and correct information in order to make the best judgment on which club you use for your next shot. I suppose most pleasing part is when you drop your shot onto the green next to the pin because you knew the exact distance and hit the shot accordingly.



One thing that I didn't like was how difficult the focus ring is to move. Very hard actually. Perhaps that is to keep it from moving and getting out of focus when randomly handling it? I don't know...






For me, using the V4 was very natural because I previously have been using the V3. I was never really sold on the slope feature, I think it helped in some situations but I don't think it ever was really correct on a higher degree of an elevation change. One of the main reasons that I really wanted to compare the two list to see if the slope feature had improved any. Unfortunately it was almost the same reading every time between the units. The V4 is slightly smaller and most regards, yet still a little bit taller than the V3, which made it where it didn't want to fit into the coffee cup holder inside this golf cart I was writing in. So I had to turn it around and put the back of the unit in first. Then it would stay in the cup holder. But it didn't go all the way in. I thought that someone would check that to make sure it fit, just like the V3 does. Believe it or not, it's kind of a buzzkill








The V4 does fit in your hand nicely though. It's seem to lock on to the pin a little bit quicker than the V3 so I was happy with that. Additionally, it seemed like it could lock on to targets much further away, up to 400 yards, with relative accuracy. The V3 didn't seem to like the longer reads. But it reads everything that I could possibly shoot at for sure. It's got the same super high quality carrying case, which in itself is a fantastic piece. I mean super rugged nylon, zipper to close, AND a little bungee cord loop to double lock, or I'm guessing for fast access during the round if you don't keep it in the cart like us old fat guys do. And if you do carry it, it's got a metal spring snap to attach to your bag. Very solid.






The Bushnell V4 is an extremely good looking laser. Its white and red mostly, with some black trim, so it stands out. It doesn't get lost in the cart. The carry case is actually quite smart looking. I was at a loss for the best word to describe the case, because luxurious seemed too snobby, and sturdy seemed too blue collar. It's more of a blend of the two, so I guess I should say that the carry case is..."luxsturdious'. Ha!

The V4 is a good looking piece with the white body, and the bright red front end piece that houses the lenses is cool. Can you tell I like red accents? Yes, I do, and this fits the bill. It looks as good as it works, and it works very well.






Only time will tell about the durability of these units, but I can say that being water resistant can only help. But one thing that I can say without any doubt, is that my old V3 is now two years old, and still performs as new. I've also only used one battery so far! And this is with weekly use, at least. So I would rate the durability factor very high. Zero problems ever.

How long would this unit last?

This is a tough question, (start talking in your Jacques Cousteau voice now) as I would imagine that there are so many variables one could only speculate the lifespan of this mysterious creature... haha

Anyways, who knows? If you take care of it and return it into its protective case after each use, it could last forever. If you drop it on the cart path, and run over it with your cart, maybe not too long. Like I mentioned earlier, my V3 is two years old, so that means it's been on about 100 rounds of golf so far, and it's still performing flawlessly. It's a rugged unit no doubt.

Unfortunately, I've only used other rangefinders maybe a single time or two, and they got the job done at a basic level. This thing however, is the Lexus of what I've ever seen. I would imagine that the others in this price range offer similar results though, but I haven't heard of any of the others offering the "jolt" function. Which is cool by the way.


Looks Score: (Out of 25 points)

22 out of 25






Likelihood of Purchase


If I was in the market for a rangefinder I would have no problem purchasing this unit, as it is for the most part, perfect.

I can't imagine a better unit for what they do, as a tool for the serious golfer. And if you play in an area with major elevation changes like I have here in Southern California, the slope feature is indispensable.


LOP Score: (Out of 15 points)

13 out of 15


The Bushnell V4 is a sweet unit. It's a good looking and easy-to-use tool, that will instantly provide exact information for the user. It's a sturdy tool, and being water resistant now, makes it idiot-proof for the most part. It's case is also very sturdy. It's made with heavy nylon and has a metal snap hook to attach it to your bag, and will protect the V4 from most every adverse situation.


Summary and conclusion.

It's always a great day when a new tool joins your golfing arsenal. When the V4 arrived and went through my inspection, I instantly went out into the front yard and started scoping all the neighbors vent stacks. Cool. I was instantly impressed with the clarity of the view and the graphics. One major problem I found right away was how hard it was to move the focus ring. I mean it is really, really tight. Eventually I got it set for my eye, but it sure seemed difficult to get it there. Conversely, I haven't had to adjust it since, as it seems pretty good. If it was easier to use, I might try to fine tune more often.

Since I was already somewhat versed in using the Bushnell units, I found it very easy to use. It's basically a point and shoot unit. As with all laser rangefinders, having a solid base while using is critical. Shorter shots are relatively easy while standing up, but I've found that leaning against something is very helpful for a more stable shot. Especially once you start going past 170-180.

One of the features that isn't as "decisive" as I had hoped for is the "slope" feature. I do think it's a step in the right direction, and it certainly lets you know whether your shot is going uphill or downhill. But I've found that uphill shots based on "sloped" distance will come up short sometimes. But maybe everyone has a different trajectory or something that affects how their ball reacts to the "new" yardage. So for me anyways, it's not always real accurate as far as adding yardage goes. But, knowing that, with seeing the slope numbers, helps me to come up with a better club selection. And after all, that's what this unit is for. It's a tool that helps you make a better assessment of your situation. Another piece of data to use, along with temperature, wind direction and velocity, lie, type and depth of grass, green receptivity, fairway hardness, and so on. All of the mental tidbits that one assesses on every shot we make. These are the mental processes that go into a lowering of ones handicap that the serious player must take into account. How often do you hit a shot, and then say, " darn it, I should have realized that was going to happen"? It happened because you failed to incorporate all the data that was right in front of you.


Final analysis. This is an excellent piece of equipment that every serious golfer should have in his bag. Winner.


Total Score: (Add up all 3 categories and present a total score)

88 out of 100.




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Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Edition – Official MGS Forum Review by Chris O.


Quick intro to myself; I am 27 years old, married with two kids, and currently working as a Medical Assistant as I finish up some school. Then come May, I'll be starting nursing school. They tell me I'll finish school one day but right now that seems hard to believe.





I have pretty much played golf for as long as I can remember. I didn't really start taking it seriously until college, which I wish I would have gotten into it more in high school. I thought I could get baseball or football to pay for college, unfortunately I didn't have the correct genes to go anywhere with those sports. During college, I was lucky enough to get a job at the golf shop in my hometown. Some awesome guys worked there and taught me a ton of stuff about the game and about clubs. I took just about any fitting course or class I could, whether it was from a manufacturer or our company putting on the class. The club tech guy at our shop was a phenomenal fitter and club builder. I tried to learn as much about clubs and club building as I could. That is my favorite part about the game of golf; I get to order parts, build my clubs, and then go try them. If it didn't work, then I go back to the drawing board and start over. Luckily, working at a shop I had access to a lot of stuff and have pretty much fine-tuned everything in my bag.

A little bit about my game; Six years ago I befriend some good dudes through work (at a pizza joint at the time) that were in the golf industry. One of them was an assistant pro at a country club in my home town. I didn't even have to ask for him to help me with my swing, he just started doing it while we played together more often, which I am very grateful for. From there, he got me into the industry and got me some good opportunities. When I started working with him I was about a 15 handicap, I really don't know because I didn't care that much at the time. I just liked swinging hard and hitting the ball far, which is all I could do. After I had been working with him for about two years, I got my handicap down to as low as 2.3 and kept it consistently under 3. The game was really fun to play at that time, and I was playing a lot of golf, probably 4 times a week on average and some weeks every day. I went for a dirt bike ride one weekend and about ten minutes into the ride I had partially torn my ACL and medial meniscus. Since I was young I hoped it would heal itself with taking it easy and physical therapy. I got back to what I thought was close to 100%. About a year after the accident, I was playing a rec. league basketball game and completely tore my ACL and re-tore my meniscus. I grudgingly had surgery, my handicap rose to 7.4 and now two years later, I have it back down to 4.0. I don't know if I'll ever get back to where I was, especially since I'm only playing about once a week. Unfortunately, I have other priorities in life right now (which I really do enjoy my other priorities). The strengths of my game are off the tee and ball striking with my irons. Not often do I put myself in trouble off the tee, but 130 yards and in I really struggle. Around the green I'm atrocious with pitching and chipping. My putter is getting a lot better and not nearly the weak spot it used to be. It was better when I was playing and practicing multiple time a week, but now I'm just lucky enough to get out my once a week to play. Luckily with this review my playing time has increased to get in a good review.

As for the review, my current range finding methods consist of an app on my phone called Golfshot Pro, GPS on the cart if I ride, and yardage markers on the course. I play pretty much the same courses all the time, so I'm pretty comfortable with yardages, or so I thought. More so, I pretty much knew what club I needed depending on what part of the hole I'm on. On any given hole, if the pin is up, I'd knock it down. Pin in the middle, full smooth swing. Pin is back, full hard swing or knock down a longer club depending on conditions. For the most part that would work out for me. Let me tell you though, the V4 with slope was very eye opening.




Performance on the Course

Out of the box, the V4 was very easy to use. Open the box, pull the plastic tab out of the battery compartment, and it's ready to go. There is only one button on the rangefinder, so no mode button to mess around with or any menus to scroll through, which I personally enjoy. The redesigned shape of the v4 is head and shoulders above the previous model v3. That was my biggest hold up with the v3 and I like the boxier shape. Also the textured thumb groove on the bottom allows for a comfortable non-slip feature.

When I was selected for the review, I was hoping to get the non-slope edition for tournament purposes, but I am thrilled I ended up with the slope version. Here is why; I play pretty much the same course every single week. It's a 9-hole links course at Sand Hollow Golf Club. The championship course is one of the highest ranked courses in Utah, and for good reason. It's flat out phenomenal. I just wish the links course would get some more love, because it is just as awesome, and NOBODY plays it. (Side note, if you ever make it to St. George, UT, which has some awesome golf, and play Sand Hollow, make time to play all 27 holes there.) Anyway, I know the links course like the back of my hand. I rarely use any range finder there because I just know the course. That's what I thought at least. I would hit what I thought were just slight miss-hits or all around misses, and that's why I would come up short. Other holes I found myself always clubbing down to avoid being long. Once I got out there with a slope range finder, all my questions were answered. There were holes that play 5 to 10 yards differently than the yardage number I had always played. Examples: Hole #2 I usually have 135ish yards into the hole, little more or less depending on pin placement. I am always coming up short no matter where the pin is. For the most part I know my yardages with my irons, I'm pretty comfortable with that aspect of the game. So when I come up short on decent swings, I get frustrated. Really I just need to swallow my ego and club up more often, but that's beside the point. Well come to find out, this hole plays sneakily up hill, 5 yards up hill! BINGO!! Looking at it I would have never guessed. Maybe I'm just denser than I like to admit but that was awesome to find out. Next hole, #3, is a great ego boosting hole. It's a par 5 and almost always plays downwind. A good drive will put you on a nice launching pad for the second shot. The pin in on the front of the green 90% of the time when I play and on the very back of the green every other time. The green is 50 yards' front to back. Front pin plays at about 235 to the front and 285 to the back. I usually don't have a problem getting there in two, usually not on the green but usually greenside. I thought it was because I'm an awesome golfer…not really. I knew it played downhill, but after shooting it with the v4, it plays 15 yards downhill! Add that with the wind and I guess I'm not as long as I thought I was. I'll spare you what I found out on the other holes and sum it up. I thought this was a pretty flat course and that I didn't have to account for elevation change, and I couldn't have been more incorrect. Every single hole played at a different yardage than I thought. On top of that, the GPS range finders I was relying on were consistently 3-4 yards off. I compared yardages with the cart and my phone every hole, and the Bushnell showed that the GPS systems were off almost every single shot. That to me is huge. Remember back at the beginning when I said I was terrible from 130 and in? This is why! I previously thought, oh what difference does three or four yards' matter? Who cares if it's 126 or 121? Why does it matter if it's playing 3 yards uphill? Well let me tell you, it is the difference of a 25-foot birdie putt and a 12-foot birdie putt. My eyes have been opened to the beauty of a rangefinder with slope. I have had so many more decent looks and birdie, just because I have the knowledge of knowing exactly how far the pin is. No more guess work. There is only one down fall that I have seen with the v4, it struggles when there are trees directly behind the pin. I didn't notice it as much when I was closer to the pin, like 175 and in. but on a few par 5's when I'm 230 plus out and trying to get an idea of yardage and trees are behind the pin, it took some very precise shooting. Even then it would more often than not, pick up the trees. Again, it was only from long distances. Closer yardages it could pick up the pin with ease.


Course Score: 55

I give it a 55 just because of the difficulty of picking up the pin. Now keep in mind, I play on desert courses with very few trees on the course, so I didn't run into that problem very often. I can't speak for others who play in wooded areas and how it performs, this is just what I found.





Looks and Durability

I'll be honest with you guys, the v4 looks awesome. Just looking at it, I see a quality product. Not just the actual rangefinder, but the hard case that it comes in. Feels very durable and protective. I like that the case zips up and has a quick release bungie. The bungie allows for quick access if I want to keep it in the case during the round without having to zip/unzip every time I need it. The case also has a clip to allows to clip/unclip from my bag with ease. When comparing the looks to previous models, this one definitely outshines the v3. Not only the v3, but I think the v4 actually looks better than the Leuopold units, which I previously thought were the best looking rangefinders available. As for the optics, they are top notch. I do wish the sights would have been red, not black.


Looks Score: 21

I'm really reaching here to knock points off, but it's the color white on the unit. I have a hard time with white on almost anything that I will be using outside. It's hard though, because when things are new, the white looks awesome. White trucks look good, white trim on houses really make it pop. White just looks really good, it just looks clean. However, I know within a few months, white isn't white anymore. For the time being my v4 is still white and looking good, but give it time. I hope I am proven wrong this time, but history is pretty strong with this one. I don't know why black sights are still used. Not often do I find myself saying “man this black sight shows up way more than a red sight would”. I really wish they would have used a red sight.





Likelihood of Purchase

This is a tough one for me to score, for the fact that this was literally what “Santa” was going to bring me for Christmas. I was going to go with the non-slope version but it's all the same. Working at the golf shop, I had messed around with every single rangefinder. I had spoken with all the reps and picked their brains. So this was the one rangefinder I was already going to buy, and I can say that I feel it would have been the right decision. For the price point that it sits at, it is the best.


LOP Score: 15

Might be a biased opinion, but I honestly feel this is THE rangefinder to go with. If you're on the edge of going with a slope version, do it. You won't regret it. The accuracy is awesome and it is one less doubt you have in your head. You know your exact yardage.





Conclusion and Final Score

Overall, I was very impressed with the overall performance of the V4. Not just how well it performed but how much it helped me play better. For anyone who doesn't see the need of a laser range finder, it's worth it. The thought “oh my game isn't good enough to worry a few yards here or there”, it does make a difference. A few yards makes all difference on the putting surface. I was one to think that going with a slope version wasn't worth it, well I was wrong on that point as well. It was very eye opening. Time will tell on how annoying the tree issue will be. I haven't had it be too big of an issue yet, but interested to see how it turns out.

Thank you to Golf Spy and Bushnell for this awesome opportunity. I have absolutely enjoyed this whole process.


Final Score: 91

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I was honored to be chosen by MyGolfSpy to review the Bushnell Tour V4 RangeFinder.

I tested the non-slope, Patriot Pack version. 

Let's begin

Player Intro - The Questions

  • What's your story? 41 year old certified golf nut, father of 3 daughters, living in the great Hoosier state.   I work in the IT field, as a Network/Telecom administrator for a good sized credit union.

  • How long have you been golfing?  Off and on for 20 years (41 now), but in the last 4-5 have found myself getting much more serious.  I wish I had picked the game up in my teens and played in HS or even college.

  • What kind of golfer are you?  I'm pretty serious about the game when I'm on the course, but certainly doesn't mean I don't have fun with my golf buddies (quoting Caddyshack/TinCup/Happy Gilmore)....Josmi15 and I are golf partners and can often be seen giving the “Shooter McGavin” when sinking a birdie putt.

  • What is in your bag? See my Signature….I won a ton of WilsonStaff equip from MGS last spring, and it has mostly taken over my bag :)

  • How did you choose them? See above, the non WS equip I have purchased...my putter “Little Scotty” is the first ever high end putter I bought, and I love it.  It will have to be pried from my cold, dead hands.

  • What region do you play out of?  NE Indiana

  • Handicap? Just recalculated and was a 10 for 2016

  • Strengths/weaknesses of your game? My strength would definitely be my short iron/wedge game….I'm pretty decent from 130 in.   Weakness is just consistency, off the Tee and with longer irons specifically.

  • What do you look for in a rangefinder?  Ease of use and picking up the yardage quickly and accurately.   In my opinion, the less bells and whistles, maybe the better.  Just want to point and shoot.

  • Current Rangefinder/GPS? Garmin G5 GPS and LaserLink XL1000 Rangefinder

  • What is your method (If you have one) for acquiring a yardage currently? I had used my Garmin G5 for several years, great little device.  Yardages to back/middle/front/hazards….easy to use and good simple graphics of the hole layout.  Sometime last year I started thinking about rangefinders, and perhaps it might be for me.  So I picked up a used, kind of off-brand, LaserLink XL 1000 to give it a whirl.  I was very impressed, it was nice knowing the exact yardages, to the flag, especially when under 100 yards.  I also find myself shooting a lot of trees at end of fairways and things of that nature.  It works pretty well for what I paid, but it is a little slow and takes a while to lock on a flag sometimes, but again, for what I paid, it was a great way to figure out if it was for me.   So for most of last year, I carried both.  I found myself relying on the range finder more often than not.  The gps is a great tool on a course you aren't all that familiar with, or to a blind green.  

  • What makes you love the game?  I love EVERYTHING about this game and I am a complete addict.   The comradery with your golf buddies, the feeling of hitting that perfect shot or draining a long putt.  The game is SO difficult, but if it was easy, it wouldn't be any fun.   I'm addicted to playing, watching and just generally thinking about the game.  I'm also an equipment nut, and love trying out new products.

  • Preconceived notions on rangefinders? Don't have many, but perhaps they are all the same.  Do you really need to spend a lot of money on one, they all do the same thing right?  We shall see…...

  • 2.jpg




  • For testing, I took the Bushnell V4 and LaserLink to the outdoor range.  I would compare yardages given by each device to flags/trees/markers.  


First off, it feels very good in the hands, especially with the protective sleeve.  It's very comfortable to hold and never felt I was in danger of dropping it.  I also really like the storage case, it seems a very  high quality and looks nice.  Has a carabiner so you can clip it to your bag.  You also have the option of zipping it or just using the loop for quicker access.  Uses the CR2 battery, which most rangefinders do (including my LaserLink).  One is included with the unit.


First test, was a marker stated to be 225 by the range.  See the video below of me locking in with both devices.  I immediately noticed how much quicker the Bushnell locked in on the target and ‘jolted' almost immediately after pressing the button.   The Laserlink took a second or 2 longer to lock in, and it does not have the jolt function, but does display a little ‘flag' in the viewfinder, as does the Bushnell.


 VIDEO --->      https://youtu.be/_5zLMJ-7VIg


Next test, was my gofling partner in crime and I, standing side by side, shooting distances.  He would have my LaserLink, and I had the Bushnell.   We shot distances to several markers, flags, trees and the tree line at the end of the range.  You can see the results in the chart below:



This is all well and good, but which rangefinder is correct?  You can see that they were reading some different distances, but what was the actual distance of those makers?  There was no way of knowing at the range, precisely what they were.   So for my next test, I went to visit my parents, get out the industrial measuring tape and see just how accurate the Bushnell V4 is.   We used a 100ft measuring tape, to mark off 2 exact distances.  Precisely 30 yards between us, and we used it to mark off exactly 90 yards to a sign.  (I am hoping to get ahold of a measuring wheel in the near future, to try some further distances, I will update this or put in my follow up when I do)

The results of the accuracy are below, certainly within the 1yd +- as promised:



At first, I didn't think I would care about the Jolt feature, but quickly came to like it.   I don't know how they do it exactly, but when you shoot a flag, it jolts, when you shoot a tree, it doesn't.  It's really nice, because when you lock on a flag, you know immediately, and I found that this feature worked 100% of the time.

Another positive the Bushnell has over my previous rangefinder, is a battery indicator on the viewfinder.  With my other, I had no idea how much battery life was left.  Since the batteries last a really long time in rangefinders, I'm not sure I can give an accurate account of battery life right now, and will reserve that for my follow up.


I really love this little device….POINT - SHOOT - PUT IT BACK ….Quick and easy is the theme here


Course/Range Score: 60/60 Points  (I can't think of any reason to deduct points here)


Performance Notes

  • How did it perform? Were you pleased?  Quick Easy Accurate

  • Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently using.  Locks on a target quicker and easier

  • What factors were you pleased with?  Jolt is a nice surprise and the battery indicator

Looks & Durability

Describe the following:

  • Apprearance/graphics/packaging.  Great looking little device, really like the rubber sleeve

  • Short term/long term durability - will it hold up?  Certainly see no reason to believe it won't last a long time, solidly built product.  Sleeve will help if you were to drop it.

  • How long would you expect it to last?  Tough to say with electronics, 3-4 years?

  • How does it compare to other rangefinders you've tried?  Quicker and Easier...the only thing I will knock it for here, it is NOT waterproof.  I do believe it is water resistant, so I hope a little misty rain won't be an issue, but you may have to take some precaution in rainy conditions.


Looks Score: 23/25


Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory, Why or why not??  I think I would have been very likely to purchase this model.  I'm not really interested in the slope version, for me it wouldn't be worth the extra $$, the courses here are mostly flat.  This device does everything I would want in a rangefinder.  I will only knock it a point or 2 here, because of the price point, this model is roughly $300, and I wonder if you could get the same performance out of a lesser known brand, at a lower price point.  But in the world of rangefinders, it's hard to beat the Bushnell name.


LOP Score: 14/15

Conclusion & Final Score

If you're looking for a range finder, this may be the one for you.   I found it extremely easy to use, and it locked onto targets in a nanosecond.   The Jolt feature is something I didn't think much about before testing, but really like it now.  The size and shape fit nicely in the hands, and the rubber sleeve adds some protection.  I've noticed other rangefinders that have tenths of yards in their readings, this one does not.  But I like that, since they are accurate to +-1yd, to me, the tenth of a yard is a wasted feature.  And do you really care if the flag is 152.3 or 152.4?  Overall, I absolutely love my Bushnell V4 and look forward to using it for many years to come.   


Total Score: 97/100


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The Follow Up:


I have now had a chance to have several range sessions and 1 full round w/ my Bushnell V4


I absolutely love this device!   My only experience with a rangefinder, was the previous one you see in my full review, but this Bushnell is FAR superior.   It is LIGHTNING fast at picking up and buzzing on the pin.  I would say on average, about 1 second or less, every single time.  The same goes for picking up trees/sandtraps/creeks/etc....

Very quick and appears to be very accurate.


It's comfortable in the hand and easy to use, point and shoot, and that's all I want to have to do.  


Battery life so far, seems good.  I haven't lost a bar, I understand a single battery could last most of a season.


I look forward to using this great little helper on the course for MANY rounds to come.....






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Bushnell Tour V4– Official MGS Forum Review by ThatGinger96

Stage One

Before I start I want to thank MyGolfSpy and Bushnell for this opportunity to test the Tour V4

The Questions

 Handicap/average score?

My current handicap right now hovers around a 18, but I can feel like a 40 handicap somedays.


Strengths of your game?

 My biggest strength is literally that, my strength. I can, if I choose to do so, my driver 300+ and hit 200 yard 6 irons, but I have decided to give up on distance and go for control. I still keep this area of my game in my back pocket just in case the situation calls for it.


   Weakness of your game?

Oh where do I start on this, if I had to pick just one I would say my mental game. A few bad swings and a bad chip can really mess with me and it takes a good deal of motivational talking from myself to get back into it.


What do you look for in a rangefinder?

I want a rangefinder to be fast and accurate, I don't want to have to constantly keep reshooting the flag to make sure it's the right distance


Current Rangefinder/GPS?

I am currently using the Cart's built in visage GPS system, it is quite accurate as I have found in my testing


 What makes you love the game?

I am very competitive in everything that I do so I love to get out there and challenge myself to better my score. I also love to get out there with the guys from my work and just goof off and have a good time.


 How long have you been golfing?

I played when I was younger for about two years and stopped and I started playing again 3 years ago when the opportunity presented itself.


What's your story?

I started playing back when I was around 7 if I recall correctly. I was in a First Tee program back in Ohio and I was playing as a lefty back then. I had a natural swing back then due to being tall. This made up for a lack of talent and it also helped me win my age division's tournament at Cook's Creek. I took a break after two years of golfing to focus on my basketball skills and my soccer abilities. I picked the game back up after I started working at a golf course 3 years ago and I have been playing since then.  I happen to live in the neighborhood where the course is at which I work so that worked out well. I am working on my third year of college at Florida Gulf Coast University nearing my bachelor's in Computer Information Systems. I try and fit golf around school and work. It happens to work out well that my work and golf go together.


What kind of golfer are you?

I try and take each round seriously, but a bad hole or two can ruin that. So I just try and get out there and have fun.


What is in your bag?


Driver: Ping G30 LS Tech in 9 degrees turned down to 8

Aldila Rogue I/O 60 gram X-stiff flex



3 Wood: Callaway X2 Hot 15 degrees in just the stock stiff flex shaft



Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 20 degrees

You can see my review for this club here, spoilers…its good




Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro 4-PW in XP 95 stiff flex

These are probably on their way out for me since I am falling out of love with their shape and color. It was a nice honeymoon period, but I think it's coming to a close.



Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM5 50.12 F ,54.10 M,58.08 M

These are getting a bit worn out so I might replace these soon, but I cant argue about their feel or performance


Putter: Scotty Cameron 2015 GoLo 5 34”

Again, this is open to changer, but it's what I am rolling with for now



How did you choose them?

These were chosen for their cost and the performance that they offered at that price. I mainly choose on performance, then look, then feel, then cost becomes a factor


What region do you play out of?

Southwestern Florida where its sunny 360 days of the year


Stage Two


Performance on the Course


Ease of use: Was it easy to use out of the box?

So easy to pick up and use, no lengthy instructions to follow. You just pick it up, aim, and fire. So simple a kid could figure it out.


Feel: What are your thoughts on the feel in your hand? Do you like the size?

It feels like it was made just for my hand, it's so small, yet it doesn't feel too small. My hand just molds to the shape of it and I don't want to let it go.



How does the rangefinder affect your routine?

It doesn't really effect it that much, I usually just have it in the cart's cup holder so I grab it and shoot the flag and make the club selection based on its yardage. If anything it makes me feel more “professional” since I feel like I'm  a tour pro or a PGA player when I shoot the flag with it.


Does the rangefinder help you improve course management?

Not as much as I had thought that it would, I found I only really used it to figure out the flag's distance and not the distance to any other hazards. Overall I found this to be a nonfactor.


Does the rangefinder help with club selection?

Not as much as I had thought, it was really only important for me on par 3's since the GPS on my cart is so accurate I found I didn't really need to use it in other situations.


Is the rangefinder helping you lower your average score?

Too be perfectly honest, not one bit. It rarely really changed my game and I found that my scores were not affected by the exact distance on the par 3's. it might save me a stroke or two over the span of a year, but that is a very very small improvement.


How does it compare to what you were using before?

I don't think that reviewing this opened my eyes to how good the Bushnell was, but rather showed me how precise the GPS was on the carts. I found that It was always nearly the exact same as the Bushnell. Only once did I get a different yardage that was more than one yard different from the cart which completely surprised me.


Any other performance notes

Here is the real problem I had with this rangefinder, it took forever to lock onto the flag and even then it was so inconsistent with the distance. For example, there is a Par 3 on my home track that is 175 yards, I went up to the tee box to shoot the flag and find out the exact yardage that I had to hit, It took the Bushnell 5 different “flag locks” to get me the right yardage. The other 4 ranged from 115-215 yards, with none of them even being close to the right distance. And this wasn't limited to that one hole, it happened at least 13 of the 18 holes that I played that day.

Course Score: (Out of 60 points)

40 out of 60


Performance Notes


How did it perform? Were you pleased?

It greatly underwhelmed me, I felt it was hurting me more than it was helping me at times. The issue of it not giving the right distance on a flag lock made me doubt the distance it was giving me at times. It never hurt me in that I was short or long of the green, but the doubt is there in my mind as to how accurate the Bushnell is.


Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently using.

As previously touched on, the current GPS on my cart is just as accurate as the Bushnell and its already there on the cart. I felt that if you told me I could only take one of them onto the course for finding the distance, I would take my cart's GPS any day of the week. The real value to me is when I walk in the summer. This is where I will use it the most, I would absolutely use this because of how easy to use and light it is.


What factors were you pleased with?

Good lord is this thing fast! It might not always be right, but wow does this thing get the distance fast. It usually gave me the yardage in under a second. So impressed by its speed, now only if it could be accurate in its distance that it gave too.



Looks & Durability






Very clean and basic packaging, not too flashy yet still tasteful. I do like the flag on the box playing off the “Patriot Pack” name. Anything with an America Flag on it sells well.


Short term/long term durability - will it hold up?

I actually did have it fall off the cart while I was driving over some rough terrain and it came out unscathed so I was very impressed by this. Extremely well built and durable. Can't complain about how tough it is. It does surprise me by how tough it is given its small stature.


How long would you expect it to last?

I expect this thing to last until I'm dead…all kidding aside this should last me many years given I don't lose it first with how small it is.


Other unique details.

Oh my goodness do I love this carrying case it comes with! It is so perfect with its easy open and close strap it has on it. Plus it has Buckeye colors on it so that's even better. It also has a sturdy metal clip on it for you bag which I just love. I think I love this pouch more than the rangefinder.


 I also want to mention the worst part of this whole package, this absolutely useless rubber cover that it comes with. This thing feels so cheap and poorly made that I don't know why they included it in the package. It is a pain to get on and off and look just plain ugly. Kind of reminds me of the old rubber skins I would get for my iPod touch off of eBay for a buck.



How does it compare to other rangefinders you've tried?

I used to use an app on my phone called Hole19 that had a GPS unit in it, aside from that I had a cheap one that a member gave me. I honestly have no idea what happened to because I haven't seen it in months. I only used it once and that was at work to get the driving range yardages set for the morning. It was a bit tricky to use and not very reliable, I guess that's why the member was getting rid of it.

Looks Score: (Out of 25 points)

23 out of 25

Points are only docked for that useless blue piece of junk.




Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?


Why or why not?

And now time for the moment of truth. If I had not been given the chance to test this, odds are I would have bought one myself given how much I have wanted a rangefinder for in the summer time. But that is not the case since I was given the chance to test this. Now that I have had my hands on this for a bit, I will say that I would not be buying this or recommending anyone else to buy this unless it is greatly discounted. I will be using it, but I can't help but think that there are better and more reliable options out there. That said it is still very well built and feels very good in the hand plus it is super-fast.

LOP Score: (Out of 15 points)

9 out of 15 points


Subjective Notes

It might just be me, but I like the classy black and white color scheme that they are going on with this rangefinder. I know that the slope version has some red involved in the front which also looks really smart. I do want to touch on one really important thing here. When I first used the rangefinder I thought that mine was flawed due to these issues that I had with it. I think that this speaks volumes about my experience with it. It all felt raw or like it was in a beta stage of development. I still stand by my statement that its not for everyone, I only recommend this when its on sale or if no better options are around.


Conclusion & Final Score

As this review winds down I feel like with as much bashing I have done on this I need to bring up one important fact. This Bushnell is in my bag, I find that benefits that it offers me as a golfer is the flexibility to go out and walk with the confidence that I will not guessing on the yardage. Even though it takes a few tries to lock in on the flag, the fact I have something that can give me a yardage number in a few seconds is important to me. Is this perfect?  Absolutely not, but it does offer a unique tool for golfers to use. While I can't give this my full recommendation, you should look at the fact that I am putting this in my bag as a good thing. It works. It's not perfect, but it does what I need it to and I think that's the most important thing to take away from this review.



Total Score:

72 out of 100 points


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Stage One - Introduction

Hi folks my forum name is Ole Gray

First of all I would like to thank MyGolfSpy and Bushnell for the opportunity to test the Bushnell Tour V4.

Now a little bit about my self.  I live in Georgia  and being retired, I have plenty of days to test my new Bushnell V4 rangefinder.  My current handicap is 14 and it has stayed around that number for quite some time. This can be contributed to two things which are driving the ball and putting . These two things are definitely weak links in my golf game.  The best part of my game would be my irons. I generally strike my irons solid and the ball flight is generally a high soft draw.  Being that irons are my strength having a rangefinder will definitely be an asset as this is where I would use it the most.

I started playing golf 43 years ago when I married into a golfing family. My father & brother in law both played so I decided to join in on the fun.  I played sports in high school so playing with any kind of ball was already in my blood.

Golf is a sport you where can get hooked like a bass on a June bug. Man I swallowed the hole hook, line, and sinker.  I was fried like a good mess of catfish on a Friday night cook out.  Well since getting hooked, I have hacked my way up and down the handicap scale over the years. My lowest was a nine and my highest was up there with Buzz Armstrong. I was a serious equipment ho through the years and figured if I wasn't born with skills, I would try to buy em. I've been around long enough to have played persimmon woods, First Flight irons, a Bulls Eye putter and tons of other stuff.
I've never had a range finder and only within the last couple of years used any sort of distance calculating device.  For years I would just look at the 150/100 yard markers and hope I was somewhere close to the actual distance.  I played at an old county golf course in middle Ga. and none of my buddies in those days used any sort of fancy device to sort out distances.  It was guessing at best and more often than not coming away with that WTF just happened look. 

When I moved to my current location, just about every senior golfer I played with had a GPS watch. I decided to purchase the Bushnell Neo GPS watch and my golf game thanked me. I'm looking forward to having both the watch and now the rangefinder in my arsenal. Some of you folks would like a comparison between them and I'm going to give you my thoughts later in the review.

A few of my golfing career highlights include:

⦁ Two hole in ones with first coming at 60 years old
⦁ Winner of handicap division club championship @ Lake Jonesco
⦁ 73 for personal best which happened during my club championship

My equipment:
Driver - Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
Hybrids - Callaway Razr X 2H, 3H, & 4H
Irons - Callaway Razr XF 5 - SW
Cleveland S wedge 58 degree
Putter - Never Compromise Voo Doo Daddy
A product has to feel good to stay in my bag. It's a comfort thing and I look forward to seeing if the Bushnell V4 Tour range finder brings that warm and fuzzy feel. Hop over to stage 2 for the good stuff!
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Bushnell Tour V4 - Official MGS Review by Ole Gray - Stage 2


The V4 came in a cool box that shows where Bushnell is a supporter of the Folds of Honor Program. Being a vet myself I find this to be a highly commendable for Bushnell to hop on board with such a worth while project.  




My first time on the course with the Tour V4 was interesting and I'm thinking Bushnell wanted to see if this ole country boy was up to snuff.  It threw me a curve right out of the box as what I was shooting was off compared to what my playing partners were getting with their devices. I told them that their watches must be wrong because my new rangefinder was shooting a different number.   Well after about three holes I noticed a little "M" in the viewfinder and my brain lit up like a lighting bug on a hot Georgia night.  Duhhh I was shooting my distances in meters and not yards.  Now all I had to do was figure out how to get the unit to calculate in yards.  I decided after a few minutes of  messing with it I'd better google it on my smart phone as my instruction book was at home.  Sure enough I found the answer and it was as simple as holding down the fire button and it would scroll through the modes. Once I saw that little"Y" show up I knew I was cooking with Crisco! Ok so now my buddies didn't give me that evil eye for telling them their stuff was waaaay off.  We were friends again.  There's one more tip I would like to share with ya.  Before you hit the course, there is an eye piece on top of the unit where you can simply rotate the eyepiece until the reticle and object distanced to are both in focus to your eye. If ya don't focus that puppy it will make ya think you sucked down too many brews before teeing it up.

One of the things that I found interesting with the V4 is how small it is.




I have rather large hands and quite frankly I was concerned  whether the unit would be a good fit for me. Needless to say after using it for a few holes it felt comfortable and my reservations were removed. Actually it slides right under my golf cap bill and snuggles up close to my glasses for a crystal clear shot.




Using a range finder  does not change much in my normal pre shot routine.  I shoot the flag, cconsider the data and pull the club I use for a particular yardage.  I go thorough a similar scenerio with my Bushnell neo watch.   The difference being I'm shooting the flag with the rangefinder and not looking at the front, middle, & back yardages that I have showing on my watch.  In my opinion the simple shoot and select  a club is as fast as the watch while less confusing. Plus if I really want to know the yardage of the front or rear portion of the green, I can shoot the area that I need a yardage for.


If you've never used a device to help you figure out a certain yardage, you are in for a treat when you finally do purchase a rangefinder, watch or other GPS type unit. Like I mentioned earlier I would guess my yardages based on the markers on the course. It was situation where course management  was picking a club and hoping you came close to what the true yardage was.  With a unit like the Bushnell V4, you can plan for better approach angles and hitting shots to yardages that will eliminate crucial mistakes that cause the big numbers on the score card. Course management can now be done knowing  that the guess work is no longer a hindrance and good accurate info sets a golfer up for better scoring opportunities.


A rangefinder takes all the insecurities out of  club selection providing you know what your true yardages are. I think those who have never used a range finder will be surprised at what they think their yardages are as opposed to what the true yardage is.  Once you know your true yardages it makes picking the right club much easier.  Club selection becomes faster, accurate, and you swing with more confidence.


Since I began using a GPS unit my average scores have become much more consistent.  I started with a unit called the golf buddy.   My wife stole that from me so I bought a Bushnell neo watch and I have enjoyed that for over a year now.  Add the Bushnell V4 Tour Range Finder to my arsenal and my scoring average may get even better.  Especially when it comes to those shots from 200 yards out to around the 50 yard mark.  Anything over 200 I use my 2 hybrid so yardage is not necessary. I just whack the hell out of the ball and hope it arrives somewhere on or near the green.


Someone on here mentioned they would like one of the testers to compare the Bushnell V4 Tour to a GPS type watch.  Below is a picture of the Bushnell Neo XS watch that I use and have grown very fond of.




I was really surprised at how close the watch was in accuracy  compared to the V4 rangefinder!  The watch in fact was dead on with my V4 & DawgDaddy's Tour X the majority of the day.  Only a few holes where the watch was off and only two or three yards then.  As for my personal preference goes between the watch and rangefinder. I'm pretty sure I will continuing using my watch as I can't see enough difference in yards calculated to make me want to put my  Bushnell Neo XS  watch in retirement mode. Most seniors have a little shake going on with their hands and the watch does not care how much you shake. With that said, I'll still be using the range finder along side the watch for several months. It gives me a good 2nd opinion for confirmation.  Sometimes the watch shows some funky numbers and if you have a rangefinder in your bag, you can validate the distance.  The watch will be my go to however the rangefinder will be there for those times of doubt.


Performance Notes:


⦁ Sometimes when shooting the flag numerous times you might come up with a different yardage than the first time.  Maybe my hands were shaking or I picked up a different object.


⦁ I loved the way the unit sent a little buz when it locked down on the flag. I think that is the coolest thing and no doubt this is a good thing for all golfers and especially seniors.  We have to be woke up at times when we're trying to focus on something


⦁   It's quick!   It doesn't take long to locate what you're shooting at  and firing back a number.



Course Score:  50  (Out of 60 points)  It's that good because it's fast, lightweight, small, and very easy to use.  If this old country boy can use it right out of the box, anybody can. 
Looks & Durability

Great looking unit!   I love the white & black color scheme with a splash of red that gives this little sucker it's handsomeness.  It looks hawter than a country gal going on her senior prom all pretty and wrapped in a great package. Speaking of packaging the salute and support to the Folds of Honor is nothing less than outstanding. 

As for durability I'm looking for several years of service. It came with a blue "skin" cover to protect it from the normal wear you might expect.   I have mine on as my favorite color is blue and why not add a layer of protection. 
Looks Score:  22  (Out of 25 points)  I'd give it a 25 however I've never seen anything that's totally perfect in life. This unit looks good and  you will be proud to pull it out of your bag and watch your buddies drool like a hound dog on a Saturday night hunt.
Likelihood of Purchase

Would I be likely to purchase this or any other unit?  As a senior golfer whose hands you would not want doing ya brain surgery, I never had any desire for a range finder.  Even with the buzz feature on this unit, I'm not a total fan of the range finders over the GPS watches.  I LOVE my watch and it will be my primary yardage device.
LOP Score:  5 (Out of 15 points)

Conclusion & Final Score

The Bushnell V4 Tour range finder is something I would endorse for those of you who love this sort of thing.  It has all you could hope for with dependable, fast, and accurate information to help a golfer take his game to the next level.  It's small but at the same time powerful and the size makes it very convenient and easy to use.  With that said I'm thinking that there will be those who still prefer a GPS watch like the Bushnell neo XS.

Total Score:  77
If you're looking at the Bushnell V4 Tour Range Finder ask whatever questions you have and I will get you an answer. Thank you for reading this review and hopefully it will help in some way.  There will be more updates as I spend more time with the unit.

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Ole gray, did you test out the slope function? I may have missed it. Was curious about that feature on your model and if it correctly calculated the correct distances. We have a par 3 that measures 165 yds but is downhill and I take 20 yards off that as it plays to 145. I was wondering if this model would correctly adjust to that number.

Does this have a cap you put on to make it tournament legal and if so is it easy to take on and off?



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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Ole gray, did you test out the slope function? I may have missed it. Was curious about that feature on your model and if it correctly calculated the correct distances. We have a par 3 that measures 165 yds but is downhill and I take 20 yards off that as it plays to 145. I was wondering if this model would correctly adjust to that number.

Does this have a cap you put on to make it tournament legal and if so is it easy to take on and off?



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

I was not sent the slope version so I can't answer your question however I'm sure it will be addressed.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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I find it interesting that none of you talk about the total carry of your club in the selection of clubs. Yes any yardage measures the pin. It's carry of the club that matters. Know the yardage but ya better know the carry of the club to get it.....



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Ole gray, did you test out the slope function? I may have missed it. Was curious about that feature on your model and if it correctly calculated the correct distances. We have a par 3 that measures 165 yds but is downhill and I take 20 yards off that as it plays to 145. I was wondering if this model would correctly adjust to that number.

Does this have a cap you put on to make it tournament legal and if so is it easy to take on and off?



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy


So I was sent the slope version and it flashes the difference in yards (will say -3 or +3) and then say the total yardage of how far it plays (actual yardage 150, plays like 153). It's nice because it does that all after it's locked in and you don't have to hold the button down the whole time. The v4 does not have an interchangeable face plate. That comes with the Bushnell Tour X. 

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I find it interesting that none of you talk about the total carry of your club in the selection of clubs. Yes any yardage measures the pin. It's carry of the club that matters. Know the yardage but ya better know the carry of the club to get it.....



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy


I think because we are just testing the rangefinders themselves....accuracy, ease of use, etc.....   How far I hit my 8 iron should be irrelevant.

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So I was sent the slope version and it flashes the difference in yards (will say -3 or +3) and then say the total yardage of how far it plays (actual yardage 150, plays like 153). It's nice because it does that all after it's locked in and you don't have to hold the button down the whole time. The v4 does not have an interchangeable face plate. That comes with the Bushnell Tour X. 


I didn't realize the part I put in bold, it's an important point.  You would not be able to use that version in a tournament.

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I'm bumping this up for any questions from those who are interested? 



I used it yesterday along with my Bushnell neo xs watch and they were neck and neck with the same yardages.  Two or three yards difference on a few occasions however I think slope is contributing to this.

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