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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Shot Scope Performance Tracking System

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I worked on a system much like this for Golfsmith about ten years ago but it never came to fruition. Interesting concept. I would love to test this one.


10 handicap

Play about 60 time a year.

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Shot Scope sounds interesting and I am willing to test it out.

If it works as described that pretty impressive, lets see how it works on lefthanders also.. looking forward to objectively testing this new product

9 hndcp steve

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Per, living in Stockholm, Sweden

11.8 hcp

Original GameGolf from Indiegogo. 


The tagging is kind of PITA, so this would be a welcome change. Would love to try it out. 

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Being able to keep my phone in my car sounds great.  How does it do it.


Scott Eichelberger


7.8 hcp

Do not use one.  Tapping every time seems like a hassle. 

As you walk down the fairway of life, take time to smell the flowers as you only get one round.

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