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Golf Science Lab - The Swing.

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One of my favorite podcasts is the Golf Science Lab. Hosted by Cordie Walker, he does a great job of simplifying and walking us through each subject, while simultaneously providing enough level of detail to truly understand the subject he's referencing in any particular episode.


What I thought would be a fun exercise is to post the links to the show and corresponding article for each episode of the season and to discuss the topic of the show further in this thread.


The topic of discussion this season is Biomechanics. 


Check out the first episode of the new season and let's talk about it guys!


4.1 Getting Started with Biomechanics


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I'm a little behind on the sequence of the show, there are four episodes out from this season. Here are the remaining links for everyone to check out. Excited to see what you guys think/have to say!


4.2 Kinematic Sequence



4.3 X Factor



4.4 Kinetics in the Golf Swing


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