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Ben Glaze

New York, NY

Strength: Short chips pitches around the green

Weakness: 50% wedge shots where I'm too steep and don't make great contact & tight landing spot bunker shots close to the green

Set: 50SS, 54SS, 58ES all right hand standard length


Would love to test these I've been very loyal to Cleveland historically, but open to change

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Mason Wills

Lititz PA


Strengths: Lob/Flop shots, bunker play

Weaknesses: Bump and Run/Low chip shots



Color Code:
XP 95




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Jim Rohnstock

Medfield, MA


Strengths:  Chipping and sand play are pretty good

Weaknesses:  Inconsistent with distance under 75 yds


50, 54 and 58 degrees wedges in SS with XP 95 shafts. R300. Gold (+1/32) grips


Really looking forward to trying these wedges. Currently playing Vokey SM5 and find they balloon too much and would like to see how these do especially in shots under 100 yards.

Driver: Ping G20, 9.5 degree, tour stiff shaft

Fairway(s): Ping G20 3 wood, stiff shaft; Cleveland Launcher FL 5 wood, stiff shaft

Hybrids: Ping G25 2H, 3H,4H, stiff shaft

Irons: Ping G, steel stiff shaft (4-PW)

Wedges: Cobra Gap wedge (49, stiff shaft), Vokey Spin Milled 5 52 and 56 degress wedges, stiff shaft

Balls: Snell MTB


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Saipan, MP, 96950

Lack consistency/accuracy in my wedges for full shots- short shots seems better but needs improvement also. Don't believe they are properly fit for me.

Model Glide 2.0â„¢      60/56/52

Color Code White

Shaft XP 95

Flex S300

Length +0.25"

Grip Dyla-wedge

Grip Color Code White

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Chris Herrbach

Flower Mound, TX


Strengths are chipping from inside 20 yards and shots from 60 to 65 yards. Weaknesses, all other shots with the wedges. I struggle with bunker shot consistency and distance control on 3/4 to fill wedge shots. Trajectory control on 1/2 wedges is also weak.


Ideal setup would be 50/SS, 54/SS, and 58/WS. All at purple color code, standard length, DG spinner shafts, and 703 gold grips.

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Torrance, CA

Strengths: high loft shots 30-50 yards from the green

Weakness: shots from 50-80 yards out from thick grass and bunker shots


52ss/54ss/58ws PING CFS Graphite R70 PING 5L Red

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PING Glide 2.0 Wedges

Can PING's new wedges change your short game?

For most golfers, the search for a new short game begins and ends with Vokey, Cleveland or Callaway – the Holy Trinity of Wedges.

PING feels its new Glide 2.0 wedges should be part of that conversation, thanks to new sole grinds, improved groove technology and spin-preserving hydrophobicity (look it up). Add a host of no-upcharge shaft options and PING's legendary color-coded customization and you have a wedge the company feels belongs on the main stage.



Testers Wanted!

As you know, MyGolfSpy never takes an OEM's word for anything. We believe in #datacratic testing, and #PowerToThePlayer isn't just a hashtag, it's a mission statement. We want to see if the new PING Glide 2.0's can indeed turn the Big Three into the Fab Four, and we need your help to find out.

MyGolfSpy is looking for 4 avid golfers with a passion for their short game to test (and keep) a customized 3-wedge set of the new Glide 2.0 wedge, and then share their findings with the MyGolfSpy Community.



How To Apply:

We take our product testing very seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so if you'd like to test and review the new PING Glide 2.0 wedges, please read and follow these instructions carefully:

First, if you haven't already, you must register for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to sign up)

Next, tell us:

Your first name


Strength & weakness of your short game

The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game (visit PING's website here)


It's that simple! We'll announce the testers in this thread next week. Good luck!!


Also, for new members - it'll behoove you to read up on "How Product Testers Will Be Chosen."(click here) A profile picture and Forum participation are essential!

Skyler Street

Lindon UT


Strengths- shots from the rough around the green, bunkers with soft sand


Weaknesses- full wedge shots 80 yards or more, hard firm bunkers, tight lies on the collar


46, 52, 58


Project X 5.0



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

  :srixon-small: Z765 (Project X HRZDUS Yellow 6.0 63g)

:srixon-small:  Z45 (Kuro Kage stiff flex 70g)

:srixon-small:  U65 20* (Miyazaki X-stiff)

:nike-small: VR Pro Combo 4-PW (Project X PXI 6.5)

:nike-small: Engage wedges 52* 58*

:wilson_staff_small: 8802

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Charlie Steele

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 

Strengths - Short Green side pitches, stoping the ball 50 yards and under, green side bunkers.

Weaknesses - 50-100 yard wedges shots, green side ships out of rough.



I currently use 52, 56, 58.. (all different wedges) and would love to try a combo wedge set of Glide 2.0.

I used a set of ping wedges when I was down south earlier this year and absolutely loved the feel of them. 



Fingers crossed for this one!



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Long Island, NY

Strenghts of Short Game: half to 3/4 shots 40 - 80 yards

Weakness of Short Game: chipping from bad lies (we have long soft grass where the ball sits down almost like its on hardpan with a combover.

Set: RH - 50/SS, 54ES (bent to 55 if possible), 60TS

All wedges AWT 2.0 wedge shafts 

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Erik Sanchez

Phoenix, AZ


My strengths of my short game are bump and run and flop shots 30yards and in. I struggle with fuller shots from 75 yards out.


RH 52SS, 56SS, 60ES Standard length project x 5.0 & 5L Blue


Phoenix, AZ



Callaway Epic SZ 10 Degree w/ UST Proforce V2 Tipped 1/2" Stiff



Nike Vapor Flex 3 Wood 15 w/Diamana Blue 70gram S



TM UDI 2i, 4,5 Nike VP 6-PW Nike VRII Pro 



Kyoei Forged 52, 56, 60



Kana Studio Proto Blade





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Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Strength - wedges from full to 1/2 swing range

Weakness - short grass, short range chips

PING Glide 2.0 specs for me:


50/SS, R/H, std length, white dot, AWT shaft

54/SS, R/H, std length, white dot, AWT shaft

58/SS, R/H, std length, white dot, AWT shaft


These wedges are stunning; it would be an honor to test them!  Semper fi!

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Steve S

Lansdale, Pa

6 handicap

green awt 2.0

wedge flex

+ 1/4 length

50, 54-12 degrees,58-10 degrees


weakness - bunker shots when sand is inconsistent, sometimes tight lies from short grass

strength - medium and full swing wedges shots, usually good with distance

Ping G 400

Tour Edge CBX 119 3 wood

Tour Edge CBX hybrids

Bridgestone J15 driving forged irons

Titleist Vokey SM7 wedges

TaylorMade Balboa putter

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Been playing Ping since early nineties. Currently playing G20 irons, i20 wedges, G 30 driver and 3 metal g30 hybrids. Fitted at ping factory for irons.. Love the short game as the long game has "shortened " . Summers in Canada, winter in US so get to play year round.

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What a great opportunity, thanks!



Allendale, MI

Strengths: Distance Control, Bump and Runs

Weakness: Executing short sided shots, flops.

Specs: 50SS, 54SS, 58TS


Would love to try and knock my Callaway Wedges out of the bag 😀

 :wilson_staff_small: :taylormade-small: :callaway-small:                    

PXG 0211 10.5*
Callaway Mavrik 21* 7W
Taylormade RSi1 5 Iron
Taylormade RSi2 6-PW
Taylormade PSI 50*
Callaway Jaws 54* C Grind
Wilson Staff Infinite Southside
Maxfli Tour


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Woodland Hills, CA

Strength - half shots and creativity around greens

​Weakness - full swing chunks

Specs - 50/SS; 56/ss; 60/TS; All blue dot, +1/2 inch, AWT 2.0 wedge

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Michael Bliss

Midway UT

Strength: Full wedge shots, decent bunker player

Weakness: 1/2 to 3/4 wedge shots. Always seem to dead pull these types of shots. Also have a tough time hitting a high, soft bunker shot 

Set: 50*AW, 56*SW, 60*LW   



Glide 2.0â„¢
Color Code
AWT 2.0 Wedge
Grip Color Code
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Long Island, NY


Strengths: Chipping and pitching around or near to the greens. Approach shots 100 and in. (Short game makes up for mistakes off the tee....)

Weaknesses: Bunkers (those dreaded bunkers ... since you land in one generally after a mis-placed or whiffed shot, so you're already not too happy; plus I don't get to practice bunker shots very much so I got  Pocket Bunker). Also, on an uphill lie above the green - do not have that high, soft lob shot down yet.



  • 50/SS
    • XP95/R300 ®
    • 5L/White
    • Len -1/2" short
    • Purple -1.5* flat
  • 54/SS
    • XP95/S300 (S)
    • Dyla-Wedge/Gold
    • Len -1/2" short
    • Orange -2.25* flat
  • 58/WS
    • XP95/S300 (S)
    • Dyla-Wedge/Gold
    • Len -1/2" short
    • Orange -2.25* flat


NY still wintry .. last storm froze the snow into PACKED ICE.... So, won't be able to play on-course for a while (only indoor practice). Thx!


WITB of an "aspiring"  😉 play-ah ...
..Callaway Epic Speed 4W and Epic Max 7W (both Project X Cypher)
..Callaway Big Bertha 4H and 5H (both Recoil ZTR)
..PXG 0211 6i-GW (Mitsubishi MMT) 
..Cleveland CBX-2 54 and CBX 60 (both Rotex graphite)
...Edel EAS 4.0 (stock shaft, zero offset hosel, round grip)
..all in a Datrek bag on an MGI Zip Navigator electric cart.

Forum Member tester for the ExPutt Putting Simulator (2020)

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Halifax, NS, Canada


Strength: bump and run from 10-15 yards off the green


Weaknesses: bunker shots, distance control on wedges from 50-80 yards


Wedges: 52ES12, 56WS14, 60WS14



Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

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