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Hometown / State: Idstein, Hesse, Germany
Strengths: Getting out of Sand around the Green, Weaknesses sometimes Choke on Easy Chips

Set 50 SS, 54SS, 58ES

AWT 2.0 Wedge Shaft +1"
Color Code Maroon ++
Grip Dyla Wedge Gold

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Name: Chris

Hometown: Boston, MA

Strengths: tight chips/flops around the green

Weaknesses: 3/4-full wedge shot distance control


Set 50/SS, 56/SS, 60/TS (left hand)

Project X 5.5  (+0.25")

Color Code: Green

Grip Color Code: White

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Your first name



   Fishers IN

Strength & weakness of your short game

  Honestly...not much. Short game is my main strength (+3 handicap) if anything id say @ 90-100rds. Do I play the 58 or the 54?

The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game

     58 TS (ill grind and bend to 56)-DG X100

     54 ES (ill grind)- DG X100

     50 SS- DG X100


Driver: 917D3 with Whiteboard 70x & Epic SZ (shaft testing)---Need help
Fairway Wood: 917F3 with 80X Whiteboard, Testing Epic SZ 3w as well (shaft testing)---Need help

Hybrid: Titleist H2 19* w/ Whiteboard 90x

Irons: Miura/Steel Fiber 110

Wedges: Titleist SM5 56, SM6 52

Putter: Bettinardi Queen Bee #6

Ball: ProV1x/Callaway Chrome

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Name: Greg


Hometown: Wilkesboro, NC


Strengths:  Wedge Play.  Over 50% of practice time is spent on wedge play and controlling distance from 35 to 100 yards.  Presently, was fitted and use the Ping Glide ES 56 degree Sand Wedge, Green Dot, Nippon Stiff shafts that match the Ping I irons that I was fitted for. 


54 ES Green Dot- Nippon Stiff Shaft 

56 ES Green Dot- Nippon Stiff Shaft

60 ES Green Dot- Nippon Stiff Shaft

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Having a rough time in the wet weather with some fat shots right now and would love something with some better turf interaction, hopefully the GLIDE lives up to it's name! I am pretty good around the green chipping with my 54, solid out of the bunker with my 58

I'd like 50, 54, 58, black dot, midsize NDMC, probably S300? Curious what shaft would be best, playing s55's now with ZZ65 and i like em but not sure if they would work with the wedges

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Chandler, AZ 85249


Strength full wedge shots

Weakness short chips, getting the ball to stop

WS 52, SS 60, SS 56

DG S300


TM 2017 M1 440 w/ Aldila Rogue Silver X

TM 2016 M1 15* 3 Wood w/ Aldila Rogue Silver X

TM 2016 M2 4 Rescue Hybrid w/ Aldila Rogue Black S

TM PSi Tours P - 3i (One too many clubs :D ) w/ DG Tour Issue X100

Titleist SM6 60,56,52 w/ DG Tour Issue Black Onyx S400

TM Spider Tour Red

Titleist 14 way bag  :)  :)

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strengths: consistent contact and trajectory control around 25 and in.

Weakness: variable spin numbers, 40-70 yard range control issues, and the occasional steep shot





dynamic Gold X100

Ping 5L cord

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First Name: David

Hometown/State: Brighton, MI

Strengths: Ball flight control, distance control

Weakness: Spin control on green side pitches


As a guy who has been a "traditionalist" with equipment, I've always stuck with something until it truly got worn out.  And anyone who sees my bag knows I am not one to just fill it with the same brand, I really test things to find what I like.  These new Ping wedges have really piqued my interest because of the new groove concept and the sole grinds look awesome.  I would be thrilled to give these things a real "test drive" as play multiple different courses every year and a few tourneys.  I'm extremely detail oriented on all my clubs and the opportunity to dial in all the specs on these wedges would really allow me to provide top notch feedback.  I would take very tedious notes, photos, and even some videos of the performance of these wedges.  I would take them to all different lies, turf conditions, and shot flight options.  I'm the exact kind of tester you guys are looking for.


Ping Wedge Preferred Specs

50*, SS, 1* flat, DG S-300, Ping Cord Grip +1 wrap on bottom hand, D4 SW, std length

54*, SS, 1* flat, DG S-300, Ping Cord Grip +1 wrap on bottom hand, D4 SW, std length

58*, TS, 1* flat, DG S-300, Ping Cord Grip +1 wrap on bottom hand, D4 SW, std length


Thanks so much for considering me for this guys, as a new member this is a pretty sweet offering.  I'm looking forward to everything this site has to offer.



- Burk

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Adam Lucas

Bay Shore, NY 11706

Strength: Chipping, Greenside, full wedge shots

Weakness: 40-65 yd shots


Preferred specs


50* SS - KBS 130x standard LLL

54* SS - KBS 130x standard LLL

58* TS - KBS 130x standard LLL


Midsize lamkin crossline





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Mike Webster

Las Vegas Nevada

Been trying to find a place to hit these other than an indoor mat Would like to get back to Ping Wedges. Wore out my old MB's and try to go Vokey,  Never been able to find consistent feel and distance control.  Added Ping tour gorge 58 and it has been wonderful. No handicap but average score 82-84. Strength bunker and 90 - 100 yards, Weak inconsistent 75-80 yards Obviously need new.

50ss, 54ss, 58ws  Yellow dot Orange grip 12 inch long

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Saratoga Springs, NY


Strengths: Chipping and pitching within 20 yards and bunker shots


Weakness: 50-100 yards


Ping Specs:


Model: Glide 2.0


Color Code: Green


Shaft; XP 95  S300


Length: Standard


Grip: Dyla Wedge


Grip Color Code: Aqua

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DAVID DISON                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ELKMONT, ALABAMA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 weakness- putting fast greens and checking short chip shots                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 i would love to try this wedges . i love ping clubs. i am getting older now need all help i can get.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 50ss-52ss-54ss---kbs tour metal standard specs                  

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Chicago, IL

Biggest Issue:  Consistent flighting and spin on delicate shots

3-wedge set:  50/SS; 56/SS; 60/TS

Driver:     :taylormade-small: M1 430 9.5*, Project X Hzrdus Black 6.5

Hybrids:   titelist-small.jpg  913Hd, 18*; Diamana D+ 92x

Irons:    :taylormade-small: RSi TP 4-PW; TTDG Tour Issue S400

Wedges:  titelist-small.jpg Vokey SM6, 50*, 55*, 60*; TTDG Tour Issue Onyx S400

Putter:   :cameron-small:  Futura X5; 34"

Ball:   :taylormade-small:  TPX; TP5X


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Rockville, MD

Strength: Flop shots

Weakness: 110-75 yard shots/Sand




Color Code



XP 95







Grip Color Code


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Bryan pool


Strengths is ability to put get it in the air and put spin on it to stop it from 50-110


Weakness would be shots that I need to keep low or chip shot and release to the hole right around the green.


52ss 56ss 60ss, +1 inch, true temper r300, grip +1/16 inch, currently a green dot with my ping irons




Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Bryan Pool

Ping G20 Driver

Bombtech hybrids

Ping G20 green dot irons/wedges

Cleveland Huntington beach 6 putter 

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