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Hello Everyone!   After a long labor of love all day today, myself and the members of the MGS Forum staff have selected our four testers! Congratulations to the following!   StrokerAce   MGoBlue

(4) TESTERS WANTED   PING Glide 2.0 Wedges     Can PING's new wedges change your short game?   For most golfers, the search for a new short game begins and ends with Vokey, Cleveland or Callaw

Wow what a great crew of testers!  Congrats and looking forward to reading your reviews...   StrokerAce   MGoBlue100   Aliens8mycow   MmmmmmBuddy     ​​Just goes to show that being acti

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Travis Mark

Lloydminster, SK, Canada

Strength: short game

Weakness: long irons

Set:50 with 12 bounce/54 with 10 bounce/58 with 08 bounce all 0.5 degree upright with x stiff shafts 105 Nippon preferred.


Thanks for the chance to test these wedges.


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Milwaukee, WI

Strengths: Bunker play

Weaknesses: Mid to full swing consistency


Wedges (right handed)

1) 50* SS (D3 swingweight if possible)

2) 54* SS

3) 60* TS


All with Project X 6.0 shafts, standard length, blue dot lie, gold grip color code


Thanks for the chance!


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Huntsville, OH

Strength: around the green/bunkers  Weakness:  full swing consistency

50ss, 54ss, 58ts.  Awt 2.0 Blue dot.

:ping-small: S57 DG S300 stiff


:taylormade-small:  M1 430 8.5 Matrix Black Tie 


:ping-small:  Tour Wedges stiff


:taylormade-small:  SLDR 16* mini driver Fuji Speeder stiff


:taylormade-small: SLDR 21* hybrid Fuji Speeder stiff


:cameron-small: Futura  Superstroke mid slim 2.0


:taylormade-small:  project (a) #7's



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Barrie Ontario


Str-short shots around the green

Weak-60 to 100 yards distance n accurracy


49 deg +1 inch

54 deg +1 inch

59 deg +1 inch

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I'm currently using 4 SCOR wedges as they've been the best wedges I've used for approach shots.

Green-side chips and pitches, as well as sand shots have been a struggle at best.  The closer I get, the worse I get.


Recommendation I got:

Length +.25"
Flex S300

Shaft XP95

Color code Orange
Lofts 50 56 62

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Easley, SC


Short game strengths:  Chipping / Shots from 80 yds +

Short game weakness:  20-40 yds / Greenside sand


Test Set:

50/SS  (12 bounce)  Green Dot  KBS Tour X Shaft  Ping 5L Round Blue Grip

54/WS  (14 bounce)  Green Dot  KBS Tour X Shaft  Ping 5L Round Blue Grip

58/WS  (14 bounce)  Green dot  KBS Tour X Shaft  Ping 5L Round Blue Grip


Play a lot of soft turf around here; really want to try a set with more bounce.  Stoked for this test opportunity!

"Where'd it go?"  "Right in the Lumberyard..."
:bridgestone-small:  JGR 9.5*  Driver Graphite Design AD DI-6x 
:bridgestone-small:  Tour B JGR 15*   Fairway UST ProForce V2 7F5 76g X-Flex
:bridgestone-small:  Tour B JGR 19* & 22* Hybrid UST ProForce V2 90g X-Flex
:bridgestone-small:  Tour B JGR HF-2 irons (5i - AW)  KBS Tour 130x

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 Wedges (54, 58)
MATI Mamo Putter 33"  Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0
:bridgestone-small: Tour B-RX

:918457628_PrecisionPro: Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder

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Your first name: Ryan


Hometown/State/province: Los Altos / CA


Strength & weakness of your short game:

Strength - chipping, pitching

Weskness - bunker and distance wedges(80+ yds)


The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game

50 SS / 56 ES / 60 WS

NS Pro Modus 3 105 stiff purple dot


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Michael Dupree 6.2 HDC

Sicklerville, New Jersey


Strengths - all around the green even thick rough, greenside sand, 30yds and closer.

Weaknesses - 40-60yd half shots, long bunker shots


Right handed - 52 SS, 56 SS, 60 ES

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Your first name: Javier


Hometown/State/province: Anchorage AK
My strengths and weaknesses in the short game have a tendency to be an inconsistent strike when chipping, that being said I still have good distance control on most short shots

Glide 2.0 pw, 54,60

color code: gold

shaft N.S Pro Modus 3 105

Flex: Stiff

Length: -.5"

Grip: Dyla Wedge

Grip color code: Aqua 

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Camp Walker, South Korea (US Army post that has US Post Office)

Strength:  trajectory control, and distance control

Weakness:  spin control (too much spin on occasion), digging into the turf.  


The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game






All Shafted with DG X100.  Gripped with Ping 5L in gold color code

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Name: Patrick


Hometown: Germantown, MD


Strengths:  Ability to grip down to alter shot length, good swing plane

Weaknesses: Trouble hitting low on shots/low bounce, tendency to flip at shots and not involve lower body enough, backswing gets too far behind body


Set:  50* SS, 54* ES, 58* ES (all Left Hand)


Color code: blue

Shaft: XP95

Flex: R300

Length: standard

Grip: Dyla-wedge

Grip color code: Aqua


Thanks so much for the opportunity!  This is going to help someone out big-time!

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Thanks to MGS!!!


This is going to be FUN!

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What I lug around the golf course in my MacKenzie Walker.

Driver -   Ping G410 Plus 9° Tour 65 S
Fairway -  :srixon-small: Z785 13.5° Tensei CK Pro Orange 70 S

2 Iron - :srixon-small: ZU65 18° AeroTech SteelFiber 110icw S

Irons -  :srixon-small: Z785  TTDG IT S400 3,5-Pw 1° flat
Wedges - :cleveland-small: RTX4 Raw 50° 54° 58°  TTGDTI S400 1° flat

Putters -   Odyssey Toulon Stroke Lab Austin/Nike  Method Converge B1-01 UST Frequency Filter/Odyssey 2 Ball DFX/ TaylorMade Spider
Tour Black / Ping Anser F/ Scotty Cameron TeI3 Sole Stamp Newport 2. All with different grips, weights, and lengths.

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Congrats, looking forward to the reviews.

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:cobra-small: Driver F9    
:cobra-small: 3 wood                

:cobra-small: 5 wood 18 TS2 

:mizuno-small:  Irons 6i / 9i MP-20 HMB   
:mizuno-small: wedge T20 46* 50* 54* 56*                                                     

:taylormade-small: FCG #7 Chalk

:taylormade-small: TP5 



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