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PING Glide 2.0 Wedges

Can PING's new wedges change your short game?

For most golfers, the search for a new short game begins and ends with Vokey, Cleveland or Callaway – the Holy Trinity of Wedges.

PING feels its new Glide 2.0 wedges should be part of that conversation, thanks to new sole grinds, improved groove technology and spin-preserving hydrophobicity (look it up). Add a host of no-upcharge shaft options and PING's legendary color-coded customization and you have a wedge the company feels belongs on the main stage.



Testers Wanted!

As you know, MyGolfSpy never takes an OEM's word for anything. We believe in #datacratic testing, and #PowerToThePlayer isn't just a hashtag, it's a mission statement. We want to see if the new PING Glide 2.0's can indeed turn the Big Three into the Fab Four, and we need your help to find out.

MyGolfSpy is looking for 4 avid golfers with a passion for their short game to test (and keep) a customized 3-wedge set of the new Glide 2.0 wedge, and then share their findings with the MyGolfSpy Community.



How To Apply:

We take our product testing very seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so if you'd like to test and review the new PING Glide 2.0 wedges, please read and follow these instructions carefully:

First, if you haven't already, you must register for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to sign up)

Next, tell us:

Your first name


Strength & weakness of your short game

The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game (visit PING's website here)


It's that simple! We'll announce the testers in this thread next week. Good luck!!

Brad F.

Edmond, OK

Strength -flight control with shots 50 yards and in


Weaknesses-110 yard shots. Gap wedges.


I would love to try the 52 SS, 56 ES, and 60ES bent to 62. Standard black color code and green dot. All with xp95 stiff shafts standard length.


Thank you for the opportunity to try these out and give a review.




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I've already got Glides, my short review is: I love them ;)

What's In the Bag

Driver - :callaway-small: GBB 

Hybrids  :cleveland-small: Halo XL Halo 18* & :cobra-small: T-Rail 20*

Irons  :cobra-small: T-Rail 2.0

Wedges :ping-small: 60* TS / SCOR 48* 53* 58*

Putter     :scotty-small:

Ball :callaway-logo-1:

Bag Datrek DG Lite  

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Cedar Rapids, IA

Strength of short game: longer pitch shots, 40-50 yards out

Weakness of short game: short chips from off the green


50°/SS, black dot lie, plus 1/4" length, TT DG S300 shaft, dyla wedge gold grips

56°/ES, black dot lie, plus 1/4" length, TT DG S300 shaft, dyla wedge gold grips

60°/TS, black dot lie, plus 1/4" length, TT DG S300 shaft, dyla wedge gold grips

Driver: :callaway-small: Big Bertha Alpha udesign
Woods: :callaway-small: XR 3w, 7w
Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX EZ Forged 2016 4-G
Wedge: :ping-small: Eye 2 Gorge S
Putter: Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang

Ball: :callaway-small: Supersoft 2017

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Nick Caporale

Concord, NC

Strength: bump and run 

Weakness: sand shots


1 inch long

Color code - Silver

Shaft - AWT 2.0 wedge

Grip - Dyla wedge (personal preference plus 1 wrap)

Lofts - 52/SS, 56/SS, 60/SS

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Jake Knott

Ankeny, IA 50021

Strengths: controlling flight from 50-100 yards. Most shots nearby the green.

Weakness: Occassionaly add too much spin. Being overly aggressive at pin locations. High, soft sand shots.

Set: 48 SS-54 TS-60 SS with KBS 610 Wedge 120 g shafts.

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Claremont, CA 91711


Strenghts: 100-40 yard pitches

Weakness: 15 and closer finness shots


50, 56, 60 SS, upright 1 degree and 1/2 inch long TT S300 shafts, Left handed if you've got 'em.

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Little inconsistent with impact, decent wedge player but can hit a little fat/thin. Played vokey for years but S55 irons.


50/SS 54/SS 58/ES Right hand 1" over silver dot stiff




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Commack, NY

Chipping and controlled wedge shot from 80-100 is a strength.  Bunkers and pitching from 40 yards is a weakness (right now).

Would love to test:

50 SS (I play off a 45 PW)

54 ES

58 ES


All +1* Up | +1/4" | with MCC Plus 4's

Thanks for a great opportunity!

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Thanks for the opportunity!


Chris Jarmon

Opelika, AL

My short game with my current Glide 1.0 set is pretty strong.  My wedges save me many shots around the greens and I would consider myself a pretty decent player from 100 yards in, chipping around the greens and bunker play.  My greatest short game weakness that has nothing to do with wedges,  is putting.  That is why it is important that I chip or land it close!



50* SS, 54* TS, 58 ES

Black dot, standard length PX 6.0, Standard MCC plus 4 orange one wrap


G LS Tec 10.5 Kuro Kage TiNi 60x
G Stretch Kuro Kage TiNi 70x
07' Burner TP Tour Issue 18* Ozik 8M2
Anser 20* Attas 80Hy Prototype
iBlade 4-PW PX 6.0
Glide 50* SS and 58* ES zz65
Cameron Newport Select 35 inch "murdered out"
Ping 4 Series White

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Winnipeg, MB

Strengths - long iron play

Weaknesses - consistency in short game; playing in between yardages

Specs - 50/54/58 all SS


Driver:  image.jpeg.1ac8d6318791d8e07e8ed70648df9b1c.jpeg  Cobra 10.5* LTDx LS, Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue 60, 6.0

3-wood:  image.jpeg.55bbf997e9eddc8bc7e1c7388e0ece2d.jpeg Ping G410  14.5* 

3 hybrid: image.jpeg.24dac406b605c22f8a89e4c49d688bf4.jpeg Titleist Tsi3 20*  

Irons:  image.jpeg.0291444b0b12afd414f5e67f21d979d0.jpeg 2019 Taylormade P790 3-PW, Dynamic Gold 105 s300 VSS Pro

Wedges: image.jpeg.185b225f40a27466b5fe9d2ea4b84840.jpeg Titleist 200 Series 50/08* SM8 54/10* and 58/14*

Putter:  image.jpeg.ae1693065a718cb7bc0f8a2c99bbb733.jpeg  Ping Cadence TR Ketch

Ball:  image.jpeg.2d1653993315ee7bd7ff1ba338bdb72f.jpeg Pro-V 1x 


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Bloomington Illinois

Glide 2.0


N.S. Pro Modus3 105



Grip 5L



My strengths are being able to control my wedges particularly the ball flight. I tend to get steep so big divots and I sometimes have difficulty getting the ball up high and stopping fast.

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  • Joel

  • Monticello/MN/US
  • Short/wedge game usually very good (practice a lot).  Around the green I am solid, if any weakness it would be the 1/2 shots and shots under 50 yards.
  • 52/SS, 56/SS, 60/SS  Color Code: Purple

    Shaft: N.S. Pro Modus3 105 [X-Stiff]

    Length: Standard

    Grip: Dyla-wedge

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Lansing, MI

Strength: distance control, chipping

Weakness: flop shots

Black spot standard length right handed midsize grips

50SS 54SS 60 ES


Currently use original glide 50SS 54SS 58SS with standard ping wedge shaft. Have used them since introduction.

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Your first name: Charles

Hometown/State/province: Fort Mill, SC

Strength & weakness of your short game: Strength, pitch shots from 100-75yds. Weakness, greenside bunkers, and 50yds and in.

The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game: 50 SS, 54 SS, 58 ES with AWT 2.0 wedge flex and MCC +4 Midsize grips

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Would love to try these... I have a whole Ping bag, glide wedges and g30 irons. Played the Eye2 wedges in the past as well, and am a big fan of the eye grind..



Eau Claire, WI

Short game is solid. Generally use my 56 with a high bounce for chipping. 40-50 yard pitches usually the 60 degree comes out, and enjoy using a little higher bounce wedge even in the 60.. 50 degree for the bump and runs and a lot of 3/4 and full shots.. my bump and run game needs a bit of help, and would appreciate a little more spin on the check up chips and pitches..


Hope I get the chance, to help with these..



What's in the Bag?

- PING G400 SFTec driver, Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue Stiff, @ 9*

- PING G series 3w, Alta CB Stiff shaft @ 16*

- PING G400 19* & 22* Hybrid, Alta CB Stiff

- PING i200 Irons, Modus 105 stiff, soft stepped, purple dot 5-AW

- PING Glide 56, 60 wedges, Modus 105 wedge shafts

- Ping Sigma 2 Kushin C @ 32.75 inches


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Stephen Koehler

Cincinnati, OH

Short game strength: short/greenside chips where ball can be popped up and sit when lands, uphill lies

Short game weakness: 30-50 yard shots, downhill lies



50* SS

56* SS

60* ES


KBS Tour Stiff, all standard length, green dot, midsize grips

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