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NEW! Ping Eye 2 Wedges


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I have a noted an "error" or "misconception" in some of these postings regarding Cast, forged and stainless steel.

All steel whether it be stainless or not is CAST first. Stainless is just an alloy containing certain metals that impart a corrosion resistant , not free, quality

Stainless does not mean forged.

Then it is pressed, rolled, beaten by a forging process.

Cast club heads are metal poured into a mould and then processed by heat treating, finishing etc etc, this is the easier manufacturing method.

Forged heads are cast metal that is then pressed etc to change the grain structure and make it harder and more durable.

The only way to tell if a head is cast or forged is to do a hardness test, even then there can be some quite hard cast alloys.

Or take a club head and break it, if the grain structure is "coarse" then it is cast, if the grain structure is "fine" it is forged.

The forging process refines the grain structure to remove slip plains.

I defy anybody to really tell the difference between the two. Finish will not tell you.

A cast head can be bead blasted to give it a hard surface finish, it can be heat treated to do the same, or chemically coated by various methods.

Cast heads are not as adjustable unless made "soft" (a relative term), forged hards can be but there is a limit depending on the "hardness" and alloy type.

A forged head can be inferior to a cast head, all depends on the alloy used.

Well, that should contribute to the debate, and I stand to be corrected.

Post theft of my clubs and gear, I have all new:In the bags:

ClicGear cart bag; Mizuno Carry Bag.

Clic Gear 2.0 cart.

Lamkin mid size grips on all.

KZG VC-420 Driver 10.5 deg with 38 lb flex black NovaTech 6000 shaft.

KZG Q 3 Wood 15 deg with 37 lb Fierce Full Force shaft silver

KZG Q 5 Wood, 19 deg with 37 lb Fierce Full Force shaft silver

KZG H370 Tour hybrid 22 deg with Silver NovaTech shaft 38 lbs

KZG forged cavity back CBIII wedges AW -5 iron, bent 3 deg up, with silver 38lb graphite NovaTech shafts

KZG 60 degree forged wedge NS shaft.

Callaway X Jaw 64 degree wedge

Odyssey Putter.

Vision Golf Balls Test Pilot, Titleist ProV1x

Open for sponsorship

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Here's a listing of the Rockwell Hardness Scale as it pertains to clubhead material (softest to hardest):


Aluminum: B50-60

Carbon Steel: B60-B70

304 Stainless: B75

Beryllium Copper: B70-80

431 Stainless: C18-25

100% Titanium: C24-28

6-4 Ti: C32-36

14-4 Stainless: C34-38

450 ("super" or "carpenter" steel): C36-40

15-5 Stainless: C36-44

Beta Ti: C40+

Maraging steel: C45-55


(From "Total Clubfitting in the 21st Century", p. 29)


I've said this before, but tests (most notably done by Ralph Maltby) have shown that a great majority of the golfing population cannot tell the difference between forged or cast, stainless or carbon steel clubs. It's an old perception that's been handed down through generations.

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Jesus. I can't believe Ping finally did it. The Ping faithful have been begging them to resurrect the Eye2 for years. Mark my word - Ping will make a mint on these.



it's true. they're opening extra bank accounts as we speak. hell, i'll buy one just for sentimental value. after all, it IS a ping wedge

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The power of suggestion is a wonderful thing. It's similarly remarkable how 9/10 golfers can tell me after 2 swings that the (fill in name brand OEM) club feels WAAAYY better than the (fill in name of "lesser" brand) club, even if both shots were shanks. I wish I had great hands like that.


I think your foray into the world of golf retail has turned you into a skeptic my friend. B)

Callaway FT-9 Driver 10.5* Grafalloy Prolaunch Axis Blue

Callaway FT-9 Driver 9.0* Grafalloy Prolaunch Platinum

Cobra Baffler Rail F Fairway 15.5* Fujikura Motore

Wilson FYbrid 19* UST Proforce AXIV Core

Cobra Baffler Rail H Hybrid 22* Fujikura Motore

Ping I15 Irons 5-UW AWT

Ping Tour-W 56*,60* DG Spinner

Ping Redwood ZB Putter, WRX Starshot, 35"

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Here's a listing of the Rockwell Hardness Scale as it pertains to clubhead material (softest to hardest):



So that is what happened to Rockwell...

Volvo Intorqueo

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