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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: (2) Testers Wanted: Cobra F7/F7+ Drivers

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  • Oregon
  • 110 / 260 (need spin reduction! help!)
  • F7+


Love cobra clubs, especially drivers. Currently playing fly z+ with xstiff xcaliber shaft & zstar golf balls. Phone is android (nexus 6p) if that matters for Arccos.

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Looking forward to this opportunity.


My info

  • Handicap 6
  • California (Bay Area)
  • 116-120 MPH 285-290
  • F7

Thank you for a chance to be part of this!

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Your Handicap 13.7

Your State/Province California

Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 100-110 255

Your Preference (F7+)

Thank you for your consideration. Keep up the great work!!

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Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Have played cobra in the past and am contemplating a new driver especially in light of all the buzz about the Epic. Would love to see how F7 stacks up to both the Epic and my current driver, the M2.


Handicap: 7

State: Pennsylvania

Swing Speed: 105

Average Carry: 270

Preference: F7+


Ryan B.



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  • Your Handicap - 7

  • Your State/Province - FL
  • Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 105, 250
  • Your Preference (F7 or F7+) - F7+

Little background/context.  I owned an F6+ and wanted to love it, but I could not hit it straight to save my life, so I traded it in for a Srixon Z545.  I also own Game Golf, but find it a bit annoying to have to tap it every shot.  So... I think I'd be a great testing candidate as I can see if there is a noticeable difference from the F6+, and I can comment on ease of use of the Cobra Connect system built into the driver vs Game Golf.


Driver: Callaway Optiforce 440 9.5* with Diamama Blue S+ 62g Stiff shaft

3 and 5 wood: Callaway Big Bertha with Fubuki Z65 Stiff

Hybrid: Wilson FG Tour 4 hybrid

Irons: 5 iron: Cleveland Altitude Stiff; 6 -PW Callaway Apex Pro, KBS Tour-V Stff

Wedges: 51*, 55* and 58* SCORE with Genius Stiff

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