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Is 25 too late to start playing?

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No, I started @ 30, 36 years ago!  One note -- take lessons from a good professional.  Otherwise you will get into all manner of bad habits which can ingrain themselves quickly.  It takes 20,000 perfect swings to get rid of bad muscle memory.

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"There is not such thing as a bad day on the golf course!"

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if you want to turn pro, probably....if you want to enjoy the game and get better as you go, not at all

Actually, not too late for the s

Seniors tour!



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Nope.  But wow those young kids are AMAZING.  When I first started, me and a couple of guys were basicly looking for a new way to drink beer.  We dressed up like the Three Stooges and played a round a Miami Shores Golf Club.  I nearly took out the driver of a Mercedes SL.  Three holes later, one of my playing partners succeeded in taking me out; nailed a drive into the back of my left hand.  I couldn't grip a club for the rest of the day.  Didn't matter - still had a blast.  I was hooked.  That was 19 years ago.  Man, I wish I had started playing at a younger age!  I've always been athletic but have never taken golf lessons (dumb, I know).  Ben Hogan's Five Lessons plus self-taught.  I practice a lot, but maybe not the right things.  If anyone out there lives by the Broward/Palm Beach boarder in Florida, I'd love to get a round in.  Will travel.  Nothing beats playing for the first time at a new course!
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I first picked up a club when I was 16 but never took lessons or really took the game seriously until I was around 30.  25 is definitely not too late to pick up the game.

Never to early or to late for sure.

One thing I would add is when beating balls becomes an obsession (as it usually does) early on, see a pro if one hasnt done so already and get the kinks and especailly those possible non golf habits worked out.

A guy could save himself years of grief and 1000s of range balls if his golf swing is free of some of the habits engrained from other sports. Baseball habits can be good if used for golf in the right way and many can and do go on to shoot good scores with some of these types of things.... for example. 

But breaking eighty and staying in the 70s can be a chore later on when a swing is grooved on habits that werent golf specific form the start. The later day fix of 'old habits' is what keeps pros busy, and golfers flailing away when that fix you need becomes a mountain to climb instead of the mole hill it could have been early on.

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Never too late, I just hooked my 50 year old neighbor up with a set of starter clubs and we are getting ready to hit the range to start teaching him. Hopefully he is a quick learner so we can hit the links sooner than later.

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Any time is better than never! I started at 16, then completely quit at 24 when my first son was born.


Started back up 4 years ago at age 42 when the kids got pretty well self sufficient.


It was like starting over, but coming around... I have gotten a couple of buddies from work to start, and they are over 50. It's never too late!



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I started at about 25 with a few others in the military. Young enough to learn quickly, but too broke to play often enough. But I was so hooked, when I got out of the military I went to the local pro for advice on how to be a teaching pro. He brought me in and showed me all the great Amway products he could sell me. That was my first and last shot at golf for a living.

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Thanks for all your replies.  Seems unanimous: 25 is not too late and EVERYONE wishes they started earlier.  


Greatest. Game. Ever.

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