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If You Got Signed to a Staff Deal

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Let's pretend for a moment you're the kind of golfer that every manufacturer in the biz is dying to sign to an endorsement deal. Money being equal, and with the stated condition that 13 of your 14 clubs must be from the company you sign with...


Which manufacturer's "staff" would you choose, and why?

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Great question!





I might say PING. Love there woods and irons...not the biggest fan of their wedges, but I could get use to them! :)



Oh. But I'd need a clause that would allow me to use a different putter... Scotty all the way!

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Ditto on the "Great Question"


Hmmmm...my first thought would be to go with Adams.

I've always liked their drivers when I've demo'd them -

They always seem to be pushing the envelope with iron design and ,as noted in another thread, they make a pretty good line of wedges (Puglielli).


Think I could get them to have Bob Bettinardi mill me up a putter - lol



I Can't Help It If I'm Lucky...

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Without a doubt, Mizuno, because they are the upcoming company. the Irons are getting to the top, their drivers are getting better and the most advanced technologicaly. all the other brands are on top and can only go down. Ping, Taylor Made, callaway, nike and so on...

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Why can they only go down?...


Simply because they cant get any higher. they might be a great position now and may bloom a little but will not increase like mizuno or adams can... Tiger brought golf rating sooooo high that not only nike profited from it but all the companies, Mizuno and adams is not at the same level as the major brand but close. Thats why i think Mizuno his the upcoming company because of their technological Advancement.

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It's a toss-up for me among Titleist, Taylormade and Adams. Adams probably gets the nudge for me because of their hybrids.


Then again - in this fantasy setting - if I signed with Acushnet, do I get the flexibility to pick among both Cobra and Titleist products? If so, I'd go with Acushnet.


Putter would have to be of my own choosing.

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I'd love to keep playing Mizuno irons, but I'm not sure about their woods. I think I'm 50/50 between Titleist and TM. I love TM drivers and their irons and wedges are good enough for me. I'm not a huge fan of Titleist drivers, but I like Vokey wedges, and I think their irons are really nice looking.

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I'd probably go with Scratch if I could, mainly so I can get my own custom grinds. If not, probably somebody like Bridgestone which can create a custom grind, call it a prototype and just put their stamp behind it. If not, then Cleveland. I like their entire product line.







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Before pay for play Mizuno was the #1 iron in golf for something like ten years straight. I'd venture to say that if the pros didn't get paid to play irons, a significant portion of them would go Mizzy.


So Mizzy irons, wedges, and hybrids with a Callaway driver. I'd have to have someone cut some grooves in the putter face though. I hate seeing the ball skid like it does off of Tour Scotty's for me on Bermuda. On bent or poa they're good, but on anything with serious grain, they're terrible for me. Your experience might vary though. B)

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Callaway. I really think they have the best lineup this year.


Driver would be the FT Tour or FT-9 TA

3 wood--a diablo

Hybrid - FT

4-PW X-Proto

51 - 55- 59 X-Forged wedges

Putter - My Beloved TP MILLS Softtail Shortneck

Ball Tour Iz

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