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Initial Range Thoughts - Day 1:


These are my “Out of the box, oh boy these are pretty, I'm SO HAPPY!, let's go to the range” initial thoughts. We'll see how accurate they were/are after a few weeks, rounds, thins, fats & F&@%$!!


•Seem incredibly accurate! Very easy to hit exactly at the target.

•Cuts through the turf very nicely, hit a couple thin shots, but that is not unusual for me.

•Experimented a little bit with the Dyla-Wedge Grip. I think it will be fairly easy after a little bit of practice to determine what my yardages would be when choking down to either of the two markings on the grip.

•Hit a few full shots with each, just to get the basic yardages down. Then experimented with hitting to different targets with different wedges, in order to see how easy or difficult it would be to adjust or adapt on the fly. Seems very simple at this point to dial back a little bit softer/shorter shot with any of the three wedges.

•Hit about 20 bunker shots, primarily with the 58°. That is the club I typically use in the greenside sand. Bunker was not in very good shape, but the club did seem to cut through the sand very well and the ball appeared to have quite a bit of spin coming out.


Shank's bunker…





So, for those who aren't aware, I practice at a range called “Shanks's”. You can't make this stuff up. If any of you were fans of “The Big Break” on The Golf Channel, Shank's (there are actually two locations) is owned by a Big Breaker who was quite a fan favorite: Robbie Biershenk, aka: Shank. He's an awesome guy, and he runs the only range I've ever been to where a US Amatuer champ might be found behind the counter. (Chris Patton is a local guy, a good friend of Robbie's, and he's hanging around once in a while.)


In any case, the practice bunker is certainly not up to a USGA event standards. That said, if I can play these balls out of this thing, a decent bunker on a golf course should be a piece of cake, eh?


So after a good hour plus at Shank's, I already have more confidence in these wedges that I have in the last couple sets that I've had in my bag. (Cleveland CG15, Mizuno JPX) my shot dispersion on full swings is much tighter with these clubs, I believe it is a combination of the face, the head with the proper (for me) bounce, and the proper shaft flex for me in these wedges. Let's get these out to the course!


Stage 2:


So, a few weeks have passed. I've got a few more range sessions, five stroke play and one scramble round in the books with these babies. Here's my thoughts: (Apologies, Shankster. I kind of stole your format. Imitation & flattery, you know…)


Let's review: I decided on a 50/12 SS grind, a 54/12 SS grind, and a 58/14 WS grind. I wanted a lot of bounce, as I play in a lot of soft conditions, and I'm a pretty steep swinger of the golf club. All are Green dot, (2.25 deg upright) with KBS Tour 130X shafts. This matches my current Mizuno JPX-825 irons as closely as possible.


SS Grind.jpg

SS Grind

WS Grind.jpg

WS Grind





•Full shots: Extremely accurate. This really reinforces what I felt at the range the very first day. I actually have been playing pretty poorly the last few weeks, but I've very cognizant with alignment and ball position with these clubs. (Maybe I should try that with the rest in the bag.) I play a slight fade to a very straight ball off the wedges. The accuracy and dispersion of these clubs is stellar. I'm really a fan. I haven't made the attempt, and I don't really have the shots (re: talent) to try anyway, but my feeling is that you could hit any type of curvature you wished with these clubs.




•Pitch shots: I can really flight these anyway I please from about 40 yards and in. I have enough swings in at this point that either playing at the range, or in an actual round, I've hit a wide variety of shots to targets at pretty close range. I've used and had to use each and every one for a differing variety of shots. I've kind of settled on the 50/12 SS for pitching a running. I was using my Mizuno JPX 54/10 for these shots previously. I'm able to land the ball with the Glide pretty accurately where I want to, and let it run out to the hole. I've been very pleased. As I said, I've been playing poorly, hence missing a lot of greens. Great for testing wedges; terrible for one's handicap in the long run.

The 54/12 SS is kind of my “general purpose” wedge. Again, I can knock it down, or open it up and hit some really soft shots. We all get short sided, and sometimes the lob just isn't the right choice. The 54 isn't anything super special, but it's a really good club.

The 58/14 is a special club, however. I have a TON of confidence with this club already. Really feel like I can put the ball on a dime around the green surface. I've purposefully been playing a lot of different ball types; B330-RX, Q Star, Duo, Diablo Tour, even Slazenger and (gasp) Top Flight. From close in, the 58 makes them all react pretty decently. Obviously you can do a lot more with a high spin urethane ball, but even if that's not your gamer, these wedges can improve your golf ball's performance around the green.

•Flop Shots: Phil Mickelson I am not. (In fact, as I have noted previously, more like Tim Herron.) However, I can flip the 54 pretty well, and I can really launch the 58! The one thing I have not done with these (yet…) is hit one right in the forehead while attempting the high soft, or high hard shot. These Glides cut through the grass very well.

•Bunker shots: Much like the flops, these (primarily the 58) are great in the bunker. Tons of spin, cuts through all the types of sand (dirt, mud) I've encountered so far. As noted, I've been playing a lot of golf balls on purpose to get some idea if you HAD to play a premium ball to get premium performance out of these clubs. I would at this point say “No.” Will you get superior performance from a superior ball? I think we all know the answer is yes. But, if you play a $15-19/dz surlyn golf ball, you will see much improved performance on full shots and around the greens, including bunkers, with these wedges in my opinion.




I initially struggled on the range with exactly how far I was hitting these wedges. I'm not one who typically believes the flags and markers at the range. I recently added a laser range finder to the arsenal, (Thanks MyGolfSpy testing!!) and I'm still in the process of making certain I'm 100% dialed in with these distances. That said, one thing I have noticed is that the distances are consistent. I was having some issues with my JPX wedges from a dispersion and constant distance standpoint. The Ping Glide 2.0's are spot on!

If it helps with analysis, my driver swing speed, measured a year ago, is 103 mph. I was fitted for my irons three summers ago, and I just don't remember my 6-iron clubhead speed. I carry that club about 170 yds, however. I'm fairly certain that I'm hitting the 50 deg 110 yds, the 54 100 yds, and the 58 approximately 85 yds, based on on course play. I'll have these dialed in by the Stage 3 review.




I hit the ball high. Always. I tested and still work pretty diligently with the DST Compressor, and I still flight the ball high. I'm certain it's cause and effect of my upright (steep) swing. But, it's mine, and I own it and am used to it.


The trajectory on my full shots is about what I expected. I really haven't attempted to flight the ball down, because it's not my forte. That said, as with draws and bigger fades, I believe they're in these clubs if you have that type of ball control.




These are not big, cavity back super game improvement clubs. They do take a little bit of skill to execute a proper shot. I've already hit a fair amount of toe and heel shots with these, and you will see the adverse effect of doing so, more than you might with some other clubs available in the marketplace. If in your heart of hearts, you think you want or need a lot of offset, even in your wedges, these probably aren't going to be right for you. I've looked at them once or twice, when it's going sideways, and secretly wished for a little more. Just for a fleeting moment, because I've been sucking for three consecutive holes. However, a reasonably well struck ball will yield better than average results, lots of spin, (LOTS!!) and a shorter putt.



Turf Eaters


Range Score: (19 / 20)


On Course Performance:


I've played five 18 hole rounds and a scramble.


My first round was on a business trip in Texas. I noted that I play a lot in soft conditions, and so wanted a ton of bounce. This course was rock hard & super firm. (Of course it was, LOL) That said, I missed a few greens, and had a lot of opportunities to get up and down. The wedges performed as they had on the range. I short sided myself in a pretty decent bunker on 18. Took a nice swing with the 58, and had about two and a half feet to save par. I of course missed it. Should have putted with the 58 as well...


I've played in a few different locales in the Southeast, and so have played in different grasses, different sand conditions and types and really in different stages of season and growth. These are my thoughts afterwards:


Where these wedges excel:


•In the sand. These are almost certainly the best wedges I have ever played in a bunker. I don't actually know that I have hit the 50, but I have played some long shots with the 54, and several around greens with the 58. Soft sand, firm sand, dry wet, dirt. If you make a proper swing, you will be dazzled by these clubs from the sand.


•In the rough. Much like the bunkers, these clubs will Glide (see what I did there?) through heavy thick wet grass. I actually mishit a couple early shots with the 50, assuming that the grass would catch the club, the hosel, etc. After smoking not one but two shots over greens, I realized that the design of this club somehow really assists with these types of shots. I'm sure that groove design and the fact that they are brand new grooves has a major effect, but this clubhead design also seems to create minimal resistance in the deep stuff.



Where these wedges are simply better than average:


•From the fairway. Don't get me wrong. They're really really good. But, every proper wedge today is good from the fairway. As I noted earlier, dispersion, control and consistent distance are all fantastic with these clubs. The ball does spin, there is no doubt there. I really believe that Ping did a great thing with the addition of the extra grooves at the bottom of the club. As I noted, I used everything from a tour quality ball to a rock I found under a bush, and they all performed well, as far as I was concerned. However, If I had brand new wedges that didn't perform well from the middle of the fairway, I'd take them back.


Where these wedges are not as good as others:


•The Dyla-wedge grip. I suppose it's nitpicking, but I'm not a fan. I thought initially I was going to LOVE this grip. I like the concept, but I have two issues with the grip. 1) When I grip down using the markings, it seems like I have to stoop over, and it's a very mechanical feel. That's just not the type of player I am or try to be. I've hit the only “bad” shots so far while trying to grip down using the markings.

2) It's just not as tacky as I like my grip. They came out of the box kind of weird feeling to me, and I haven't really been able to shake the fact that I subconsciously want to grip the club harder because I don't feel that the grip is right for me. They're still on all three clubs, but I'm not sure how long they're going to last.





Course Score: (34 / 40)




•Best wedges I have ever played from bunkers and rough

•Not as forgiving as a big cavity back set. (Nor as homely) You will notice poorly executed shots just aren't as successful. (As you should) Well executed shots will be rewarded, big time.

•I personally love the weight distribution of Ping golf clubs. These just feel SO good in your hands. (grips notwithstanding) However, If you prefer a wedge with a lot of head weight, (I think Cleveland wedges tend to feel this way) you may not care for the feel of these clubs.

•In terms of fitting and options, I think the variety of the Glide 2.0's is phenomenal. If you can't arrive at a loft / bounce option that fits your game, you have some exacting specifications, to be sure. I'm not sure how many of you are playing a specialized shaft in your irons or wedges, but the ability to get what you want and feel comfortable with is, in my opinion, a big deal. I actually wish Ping had MORE non-standard shafts as zero cost upgrades. I'm guessing if you visit a reputable fitter in your area, you may be able to get even more shaft options than are shown on the Ping site. I'd personally love to try the KBS Wedge shaft, even as opposed to the Tour.




Beautiful. A work of art. I love the satin finish. They look incredible in the bag. The look at address is clean, and gives you a lot of confidence. (That and the fact that you can be confident you know where this next shot will end up!) No glare, even when you've got the sun at “that angle”. I really feel like the designers outdid themselves on these wedges.


Appearance Score: (10 / 10)


Feel, Sound, Playability


The wedge graveyard at my house is reasonably large. I believe wedges are like putters: It's all a feel and confidence game. An 8-iron from the middle of the fairway isn't that big a deal. Whatever club you've got, within reason, is going to perform nearly the same as another. However, if you look down at a short game / scoring club, and you don't BELIEVE you can pull off the shot you have to pull off RIGHT NOW, you're done. These wedges give me that type of confidence. I'm sure we'll have our issues at some point; every relationship hits it's rocky points. The nice ‘click' these make when you hit the ball clean is a very pleasant thing.



Wedge Penalty Box



FSP Score: (15/15)



“Gotta Have ‘em Now” Factor:


I was interested in this test opportunity because I was in the market for new wedges. However, I'm also a cheapskate. These wedges are retailing for $149. If you read my review, I think they are fantastic. However, when I can buy Callaway MD3, Mizuno S5 or Cleveland RTX-3 for $129, or Cleveland RTX 2.0 for $99 (X 3, remember!) as I stand here today I most likely would go another direction. I'm just being completely honest about how I shop and what I think about golf companies, golf marketing and the prices of NEW clubs. I love new shiny toys as much as anyone else. But, they're not much good if you can't afford to go play golf. Now, in 12 months when THESE are on sale, oh yeah, I'm gonna go get these!


“Gotta Have ‘em Now” Score: (11/15)


Stage 2 Scoring: 89 / 100



Until we meet again:


We're going to continue to game these babies, since I can still afford to play golf (Thanks, MyGolfSpy!!) including this weekend in The Bluegrass State! Hoping to add some good range video, maybe even to this Stage 2 review. (Stage 2.5??) Let's see how they wear over the next few weeks. Since they're not forged, I'm looking for no dropoff in performance, as long as we don't encounter a rock, a cart path ala Mickelson, or some other unforeseen difficulty. Keep it in the fairway, kids! If not, it'll probably be over here by my drive, and I'll look for it!!



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So, I've got a whole Summer under my belt with these three wedges now!  Still really appreciative to My Golf Spy for the chance to test (and KEEP!!!) these babies.

As noted in previous stage reviews, these are the first set I've ever had built to my "specs".  I'm convinced that having the right shaft (for me) has made a difference on full shots.  My dispersion is much smaller than with any other wedges I have ever played.

I was having trouble early in my play of these clubs for a couple different reasons:

1) It takes me a long time to get used to new or different clubs.  I'm always amazed when somebody picks up a new club (or set!) and games them well instantly.  I'm probably glad that's not me, because I'd be in the poor house (and most likely divorced) if I thought I could game a new club the same day.

2) I was playing like crap....

Since I've been playing slightly better, (hdcp same as Feb, but climbed up and back down two strokes over the Summer) I've also dialed these in a lot more, and become accustomed to them.  I was shocked that the Glide 2.0's didn't fare better in the MGS Most Wanted Wedge testing.  Obviously I haven't gamed most of the other wedges tested, but if they're better than these, go get 'em and play 'em!

I've read a few other reviews of these wedges and the one common theme is spin, as in "these spin the ball a LOT".  I can attest that they do, to the point that I have had to be very careful what ball I'm playing when around the greens.  I'm not a "one ball man" (insert pun here) by any means.  I typically play what I can afford, have found, or been given.  To me they're an important, but inevitably disposable part of the game.  So, if it's a B330, a Z-Star or a Pro-V, I need to be cognizant that a lazy chip or pitch is going to spin and not roll out unless I deloft the club and make it so.  These will even spin some of the rocks I find and play from time to time and not get them to the hole.  If you play the same ball consistently, you'll work this out easily.  I need to add degree of difficulty to my game, just to make it interesting.

I noted that my dispersion is quite good with these, and also my distances, now that I'm playing "okay" are very consistent as well.  These aren't super long, or any shorter than my previous wedges, in fact distances are about the same, except I hit my 58* about ten yards longer than my previous 58.  I purposefully had these built with a lot of bounce, partially as an experiment, as I could afford to do it and experiment, right?  They were FREE!  I'm pretty upright (2 degrees, in fact) and have had issues forever with digging too deep (laying the SOD) with wedges.  I also play primarily in the Southeast US, with normally soft conditions.  The additional bounce has definitely helped with this in my game.  If you're having issues with wedge play, try going for a wedge only fitting.  You might be amazed.  Now, I've hot a few directly in the forehead with these, but I attribute that mostly to tired, lazy swings, not the bounce of the clubs.

I noted in my Stage 2 that I probably would not have purchased these "new" because of the price.  I still feel that way, but I very rarely would buy any golf club at it's initial release.  Always less expensive to wait.  Well, now we've waited.  Prices are beginning to come down, and I would encourage you to go and buy ONE.  Get it built to your specs, and try it out.  I truly believe you'll be very happy with the performance.  After all, that's the whole idea of this site and these reviews, right?  PERFORMANCE.  I've been pretty lacking on pictures in these reviews, but I'll still attempt to update these going forward with some photos, both to emphasize my thoughts/points, but also to keep these reviews bumped toward the top of the forums.  Power to the Player!!

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Notes from the range:

I found all measurable results to be very consistent and very much on par with what I am used to. Distances were similar on full, ¾, and ½ swings.  Even miss-hits were surprisingly close to the same yardages.

I haven't played cavity back or GI clubs much (aside from trying a friend's clubs once in a while). That being said, these are honestly the most forgiving clubs that I've ever hit a ball with. 

I was pleasantly surprised that I was still able to curve the ball both ways with ease.  At first I was worried that these would try to 'fix' a curve ball, but they actually gave me plenty of confidence that I could move the ball any way that I wanted to.  They are also ‘player' enough that I didn't have trouble keeping the ball down – trajectory control was comfortable.

Range Score:  10/10


Notes from the course:


My first few outings with these wedges occurred after it had been raining for 4 days straight.  It was very soft and sloppy on the course.  I have several initial reactions after playing in the slop:


They not only look ‘soft', but they feel soft at impact.  On full swings, they are like butter.  The little bit of perimeter weighting sure makes a difference – I'm used to that butter feel in an area the size of a nickel – these guys seem to have a huge butter ball!


The finish really is tacky!  The downside to this is that it's difficult to wipe the things off after a shot - my microfiber towels felt like velcro on the face of these things!  I assumed that the tacky feel would really increase control on the greens, but I could not get these to put the zip on the ball that my Vokeys do.


I really like to put the ball back in my stance and use the 54* to do little ‘dead toe' chips from near the green.  With my Vokeys, I can expect the ball to feel dead off the toe, come out low, check, and roll out toward the pin.  With the Pings, they still feel soft out at the toe, and have no such thing as a ‘dead toe' feel.  In fact, the ball comes hot off the toe much like it would dead center.  Very frustrating for me, as I need to adjust my game to suit these wedges near the green.  I feel like these have so much tech built in to fix mis-hits that it's hard to pull off intentional mis-hits!  Some of the grab may also be due to the micro grooves being milled across the entire face?


My worry for a potential buyer would be how long the micro grooves last, and if you're like me, they tend to inhibit those toe shots enough that it's a definite negative.  I do have several playing buddies that would love these.  Guys that normally play a very short yet normal swing around the greens, and guys who are currently gaming and accustomed to cavity back irons would more than likely love these.


Forgiveness is definitely a thing.  Anything close to center of the face, and there isn't a noticeable difference in result.  And they have yet to rattle me all the way to my shoulders even on a severe miss-hit in cold weather.


In muddy conditions, it was quickly obvious that the higher bounce was great.  With my old wedges, I would have to be very careful to make a clean strike when it was muddy.  With these wedges, I quickly grew very comfortable just letting it rip.


These would also good for someone who struggles in the sand.  Being used to a lower bounce, it was immediately noticeable that these help with sand interaction - a lot.


As I played in drier conditions, the bounce began to plague me a bit.  On a hardpan lie, I had to make some adjustments at setup just to get under the ball.  With my lower bounce wedges, I've never had much issue with this.  Again, this is nothing against these particular wedges – just a comparison between these and what I am accustomed to.


Aside from the micro-grooves on the toe, my only real issue with these is the grip.  The size is right, but these have a ‘reminder' or ‘rib' down the back, and I just don't like it.  I do a lot of open face and hooded face shots, and the rib just makes things… awkward.  These sort of grips have been available for years, so I assume people like them…  Another confession about the grip – I'm a feel player for sure, and although they have all sorts of markings to help choke down to the right spot, I never once looked at the markings during play.  Obviously the grip is a minor thing, and if I had bought these to use daily, I would have re-gripped with a grip that matches my other clubs anyway.


Overall, a lot more positive than negative here.  I'm not ready to put these in the bag, but I can think of a lot of guys who would.  In fact, I am wondering if the iBlades have the same soft feel…  I know I keep repeating the word ‘soft' a lot.  The only way I can compare is that my Vokeys feel like a European supermodel – skinny, sleek, beautiful, and will break your heart in a second.  These Glide 2.0 wedges feel more like a Midwest farmer's daughter – thick, soft and sweet, and will still love you after you do something stupid.


On Course Score:  36/40


Notes on looks:

These inspire confidence at address.  High toe, classic shape… and the heavy-ish topline is not noticeable as you stand over the ball.  Low offset, and I think there is some creative shaping at the base of the hosel to help the offset appear to be even less.

These don't have a lot of weird colors or graphics, which I like.  Very simple.  Modern looking would be a good description.  Having all of the specs stamped on them is nice – loft, bounce, grind are all there.

I think that these wedges look as good as anything on the market.  The matte finish is sleek, and they just have a soft, round sexiness that is hard to describe.

My concern is the long-term durability of the finish.  It seemed to start showing wear after several rounds.  Maybe this is normal – I'm used to chrome, which will show bag chatter, but these are just showing all sorts of scuffs on the finish that I didn't expect to see so soon.

Looks score:  12/15



Notes on Sound and feel:

These wedges have a really good, solid feel.  Yet...  they feel soft to the touch, and soft at impact.  Very soft even on miss-hits.  These wedges really show their stuff in the mud and sand.  The confidence that I had in bad conditions was addictive.

My only complaint would be due to my life-long obsession with blades – the consistent feel across the face might be detrimental to my game – I have learned to rely on that feedback to keep myself in check!

Sound and feel score:  14/15



Likelihood of purchase:

These should be near the top of the shopping list for everyone.  I have been partial to a more ‘old school' club all of my life, and therefore overlooked Ping because they have more tech, perimeter weighting, etc.  These clubs have proven to me that I shouldn't be afraid of those things.  If I ever decided to go with a set of irons like the iBlade, these would be the wedges to match.

That being said, I have not gotten to the point where I'm willing to take that step.  I guess I still like to make things as difficult as possible (or maybe I'm just hard headed).

For anyone looking for a wedge that can do it all, yet allow you to look good on your not-so-good days, these are worth a shot!

Likelihood of purchase score:  18/20




These wedges are solid - a definite must try for anyone in the market.  Soft feel, forgiving, confidence inspiring, consistent.  And they just look so sexy!  What more could you ask for? 


My very few concerns center around durability.  How long will the micro grooves affect spin, and how long does this finish last before looking ‘rough'?  Finish doesn't matter to some folks, but performance needs to last.  If these lose their magic in a few months, that is a bad result in my book.  If you are the guy that has new wedges every season or even twice a season, that may not be a factor anyway.

If you are a full swing/partial swing wedge player who enjoys a little ‘room for error' and doesn't try to ‘get too cute' around the greens, give the Ping Glide 2.0's a look!

Total Score:  90/100

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Exit 182?  Not too far from my Exit on I5...

Cool!  My dad is from Springfield...mom grew up in Burns; dad now lives in Junction City and mom is in eastern OR.

We lived in Harrisburg when I was in grade school, tried Beaverton for a year and realized we're more "small town" so moved back to Creswell.

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Phenominal Stage 1 Stroker.   I feel like we're life long friends now.!!   and that has to be the first time a Madonna or Pamela Anderson reference has been dropped in a review!  Nicely done!!

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Cool!  My dad is from Springfield...mom grew up in Burns; dad now lives in Junction City and mom is in eastern OR.

We lived in Harrisburg when I was in grade school, tried Beaverton for a year and realized we're more "small town" so moved back to Creswell.


Mmm.. The degrees of separation are getting closer and closer. I currently live in Springtucky, Work almost in Junk City, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it out in Burns and the surrounding areas.  

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Phenominal Stage 1 Stroker.   I feel like we're life long friends now.!!   and that has to be the first time a Madonna or Pamela Anderson reference has been dropped in a review!  Nicely done!!


Thanks bud!  EXACTLY what I was going for.  I feel like everyone on here is a "life long friend" and I'd love to play a round with anyone.


Funny... as soon as I thought about what I wanted from the wedges Ms. Ciccone and Anderson were the first 2 things that came to mind!

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Mmm.. The degrees of separation are getting closer and closer. I currently live in Springtucky, Work almost in Junk City, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it out in Burns and the surrounding areas.  


whoa!  you're right this getting close.  :D


You must've played Tokatee - yes?  One of my fav courses in the area.  Played a couple courses in Bend and my dad and I played Bandon when it first opened.  I remember hitting a 9 iron on a hole and it went about 40 yards cause the wind grabbed it!

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      Accessories: Bushnell Pro XE, Golf Pride Tour Velvet/Tour Velvet 360 grips, Ping Tour and Sport Gloves,  Robert Mark Golf and Dormie Workshop headcovers/putter cover, Club Glove pocket towel, Cayce Golf caddy towel and custom Epoch S3 tees.

    • By THEZIPR23
      Almost a total remodel of the bag.

       Epic Flash SZ 10.5 set at -1 N Graphite Design Tour AD TSG Blue X (45")
      M3 15 set at -2 Paderson Fairway KG 860-F30 S
      Epic Flash SZ 18 set at S N Tensei AV Blue 70 X
       Z585 4 & 5 KBS C Taper S
       Z785 6-AW KBS C Taper S
       Glide Forged 56 KBS Hi Rev 2.0
       Glide Forged 60 KBS Hi Rev 2.0
       SS 28 CS 33"
      Driver: Thank you MGS, flat out the best driver I have ever had in the bag.
      3W: A random purchase after being unable to hit the original epic 3w. Put same shaft that I was fit for in the epic and it has been a match made in heaven. Absolute money from the tee and I know exactly what it will do from the fairway. Combined with the driver there are not many par 5's that I can't reach. 
      5W: Solid club but this spot has always been a trouble spot in my bag and that hasn't changed in 20 years. 
      Irons: Love the combo and they feel absolutely amazing. All of them are 1* strong, standard lie and +1/2" Biggest thing I was looking for in making the change was more control. They definitely fly different than P790's but hopefully after an adjustment period they will meet or exceed my expectations. 
      Wedges: A different look from what I am used to but feel is amazing. The shaft on full swings is so easy for me to deliver correctly. 
      Putter: Not a fast revolving door but one that moves some. Have gotten used to the look of the center shaft but still struggling with alignment some. 
      Ball: Titleist PROV1X #23 imprinted with THEZIPR in blue. Have played this ball since its birth and while I have tried many other options nothing has been able to kick it out. 
      Rangefinder: Bushnell PRO X2 
      Glove: Footjoy Weathersof. Love the Ping tour glove but at the rate I go through gloves I just can't justify the price difference.
      Shoes: Ecco Biom G 3 BOA and Biom Hybrid 3 BOA. Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. 

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      When it comes to PING many things come to mind, quality, engineering, performance and irons are among the first things most people will think of.   And with the release earlier this year of the G410 irons, PING has hit on each one of those characteristics. 
      Following the huge success of the G400 irons, PING has hit a home run with the striking black and red colors of this iron, as well as a being a bit more streamlined in all the right places.   PING has achieved the rare feat of providing an iron that has a profile appealing to even the most discerning of golfers, but yet still offering the forgiveness and help that higher handicaps look for. 

      We are looking for three forum members to join staff member Golfspy_Stroker in testing, reviewing and keeping a set of these G410's built to their custom specs.  Testing will require a nearly two month commitment of putting the irons in play on the course, at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum thorough out the process. 
      As an extra bonus to the irons, the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos.  The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to arccos.  After that the tester would be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it.   It will be a great way to add data to your review. 
      PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence.   All you have to do to be eligible for the testing is follow the below instructions.
      In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying!
      First Name/State or Country of residence
      Current irons in Play
      The carry distance of the your 7 iron
      That's it.   Good luck to everybody
      We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!


      Please join me in congratulating these members selected from a very large and diverse applicant pool:

      Official announcement here:
    • By Tom Dundas
      50-12, 54-12, AND 60-14
      Used 3 times.
      $300.00 for the 3.

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Shankster and PING Blueprint Irons---A Match Made in Heaven? 
      Every so often we do a special review of a club on MGS.   Usually it's when the OEM provides us with one set or one driver etc for review, it's not practical to open it up to over 500 to 1,000 applications and pick just one person.
      So when the Blueprint review was generously offered by PING with the stipulation it went to a member who was a true low single digit handicap, we discussed as a group who would be an ideal member to reach out to test these beauties. Honestly at least half a dozen names came to mind, but some of them were already involved in a testing or had just completed one.  
      Then one name really jumped out at us,  Shankster.   Not just because he fit the handicap requirement, but if there is any one person on this site who is a more of a traditionalist and prefers the minimalist design in a club than Alan, we don't know who it is.  
      When we reached out to Shankster, it took him about 1 minute to say yes, and that's only because he was recovering from the shock of being asked and making sure he wasn't being punked!     We had to work through the timing of his move from Michigan to Maryland, but all that got sorted out.
      Not knowing exactly when today he'll get his post up, I'll leave you with a few of these.

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