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Playing as a single


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I've been surprised to read how many of you play alone so much. I can't even recall the last time I played by myself. Not even 9 holes. The only times I do play alone will be for perhaps 4-holes of practice. My course makes a nice little 4-hole loop where I can play a 5,4,3,4 par returning back at the clubhouse. I do that off and on during the golf season perhaps once every week or two.

I suppose I'm fortunate to have a steady group of guys to play with on the weekends and some that will go play a quick 9 at the drop of a hat. In the middle of summer we've even played 18 late in the afternoon around 5:30-6 when the sunlight lasts till about nine.

Playing alone is fine if that's all someone's particular circumstances allow. But I prefer playing with at least one other and the competition.

I concur with you.Solo golf can be very boring at times;However,with my busy schedule it is hard to make plans.I usually play on the whim or spur of the moment.Plus most of my rounds are late morning mid week.Not too many available at that time to join up with.Its tempting to drop a ball after a bad hit.But I learned and adapted to play by the rules and keep an honest score even as a solo.Really miss playing with the regular group mid week.Most if not all men's clubs are weekends only
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Keep it in the short stuff

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I absolutely prefer to play alone. I head out single overtime I play mid week (3 or 4 times usually) and if my buddies want to meet up on the weekends I go out with them. Solo, I am very serious and I play fast, always from the tournament tees. I play whenever I can get out, early morning, mid day or evening, doesn't matter to me. If I'm playing a public course, I meet all types; lots of casual golfers, the occasional NCGA guys who are always fun to play with. When I play the CC (my parents are members at a fancy pants club, I got a jr membership!), the players run the gamut from old, rich and terrible to old, rich and pretty good. Also, it's the home course for the UC Davis golf team so i get to play with them on occasion, they are all much better than me. Much, much better.


As for going out with friends, my friends are... not serious golfers. They always insist on carts (I hate carts), they play from the white tees and more than once I have turned up at the clubhouse to discover they have booked our tee time on the "executive 9" instead of the actual golf course. Beer drinking is not excessive but it's far from serious golf. Also, they are slow and total hacks. Great guys, they're my friends! They're just not fun to golf with. I will say this, I can absolutely slay that executive 9 now! I have shot a 25 (-7) on that thing and I have to say, sometimes it's nice to get a big ego boost playing the easy course!

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I have yet to be turned away at a golf course when showing up as a single.


I find that a starter who is personable and enjoys his job will always go the extra mile to make sure that he/she pairs up singles with a good group and not folks who really don't want someone joining them.

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I play 95% of my golf as a single. It is difficult to schedule rounds with friends. Constant back and forth to match up schedules.  My schedule is flexible and I don't really plan rounds. Just go play when I have time. 

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I play a good majority of my rounds as a single since I usually go out fairly late in the day. I really enjoy it since I have a chance to work on things I'm struggling with. I'll usually play a couple balls, my favorite game right now is a 2 ball scramble but play the worst ball. Really helps me focus on each shot.



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With the odd schedule I have I play as a single a lot. Get paired with some good people sometimes or just go out by myself with my headphones in and enjoy the day. I like playing by myself it gives me a chance to work on real world situations. If I am waiting or nobody is behind me I play several shots around the greens and even practice recovery shots from trouble. If it's a course I plan on playing again I my hit different clubs off the tee to see what I am left with into the green. All that said anytime I get on the course is great



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I play almost every day, so solo golf happens quite often.  I find it's much easier to focus, and less pressure, rushing, etc. I do prefer playing with others, but solo has its merits as well.

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I go on as a single almost all the time. The manager at home course has mentioned that there is a bit of a singles culture there so it is not unusual in the least that there are foursomes c9mprised entirely of singles. We can book same day online as a single too! I enjoy the flexibility and getting to meet new people is always interesting.


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I almost always play alone. It's great when you're on and awful when you're off. If there is a single playing​ in front of me or behind me that I will try to play slow or fast to catch up or let them pass by and read the situation so if they want to be alone or maybe looking for a partner as well. It's always awkward.


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just caught this story of a guy wanting to play through as a single....it did NOT go well....got to wonder what is wrong with people sometimes.  Probably multiple sides to this story (paranoid schizophrenic?!?!) but sheesh...it's just golf.




Man gets beaten with putter after asking to play through foursome at Oklahoma golf course

If you've ever played through a foursome as a single, you know it can be a pressure-packed experience. "Take your time!" they say, "we're in no rush!" they lie. Meanwhile, you're attempt at speed golf quickly leads to an embarrassing triple-bogey as you sprint to the next tee and the group you played through judges your entire existence based on this exchange. Harrowing stuff, but hey, at least they didn't kick your ass or anything.


That was not the case for one man who asked a foursome if he could play through at Kickingbird Golf Course in Edmond, Oklahoma, according to Oklahoma News4. The single, a 55-year-old man, told police that when he approached the group and asked to play through, one of the members of the foursome, 67-year-old Eddie Aday took exception, telling the victim he worked at the course, which the victim didn't care about. They then got into an argument, and the victim claims Aday got 'nose-to-nose' with him. The victim, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, took a step back because he gets very nervous when other are in his personal space. When Aday approached him again, things turned violent.

"It escalated to the point that the victim was being hit in the head with a putter and the top of his head and the front of the head, and then another member of that foursome hit him from behind," said Jenny Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department.

To make matters worse, another member of the foursome, 72-year-old William Hickman, joined in on the donnybrook and began hitting the victim on his buttocks and legs. Kickingbird Golf Course? More like Let's Kick The s*** Out Of Each Other Golf Course, am I right?

"We don't normally have assault with a dangerous weapon calls at the golf course," said Wagnon.

Luckily, one sensible member of the foursome broke things up, but not before the victim suffered injuries that required three staples and 10 stitches in his head. The suspects claim the victim initiated the attack, but the pain they inflicted upon him says otherwise. They were later charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Let this be a lesson to all single golfers out there. There's nothing wrong with hitting a few practice balls, or simulating the glacial pace of the U.S. Open when you're alone on the course. It could keep you out of the hospital

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I got something to say then I'm gonna say it. 

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What the heck!! This is ridiculous. There is no place for this anywhere, but for sure never needed on a golf course.



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Love playing as a single as I hate everyone- people smell and moan and dont play fast enough for me..................lol


Seriously though I played single golf last few days and enjoyed the speed and the 'drop another cause that shot was crap' type of play, few chips around the green (if no-one behind) few putts etc


normally hit one drive then 2 balls towards the green, I find I can practice without seemingly annoying anyone. Like 4 ball golf as well for the banter and competition.

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This is a sad story. Because it's a single, No is a reasonable answer as is go ahead - take your time - the normal response when a faster group or even a single wants to play through.


Of course what happened was criminal and it will be dealt with accordingly



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This is a very sad story. I wonder if alcohol contributed to the attitude of the foursome. I play as a single probably twice a week and virtually every time I come up on a foursome they'll wave me on.



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This is a very sad story. I wonder if alcohol contributed to the attitude of the foursome. I play as a single probably twice a week and virtually every time I come up on a foursome they'll wave me on.



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Same here. I very rarely have to ask to play through when I'm alone, I'm almost always waved through as soon as I catch up with a foursome unless the course is backed up.

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I just stared playing seriously last year. Played once last summer when my father-in-law was in town and helping me with my game. Besides that I played as a single all of last year. I liked it since I'm still figuring stuff out and didn't want to look like a total fool out there.

I can book online at all of the courses nearby so I pick a slot where they accept singles.

However, first round year I booked a single spot but got put with a threesome when I arrived. The guys seemed pretty cool when we met but I was super nervous teeing off at the first hole. Surprisingly pared the first hole and did really well in the beginning but the wheels ended up falling off as the day went on.

Last weekend I planned to play single but ended up playing with two they guys around my age and slightly the same skill level (one was clearly better than me but not in a major way). Had a good time overall. Helped since the pace of play was a bit slow that day with the groups ahead of us.

Having moved here a few years ago I don't have any friends in the area that play golf. I find playing with other players makes it more fun at times and like the chance of meeting others. Just gotta be lucky enough to be in good group.

Who knows, maybe I'll make friends one of these days [emoji848]

Anyone in the Indy area? Asking... for a friend... who needs golfing friends...



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I play as a single a lot - usually book online as a twosome and apologize for no partner when I arrive, though that depends on the course



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I play solo a lot, but I never set a tee time for myself. I just show up and ask when I can get worked in.


Even if I get to go alone, I usually catch someone and will end up playing with them.



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This is me about 75% of the time too.



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