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TESTERS ANNOUNCED: Callaway Steelhead XR/XR Pro Irons

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My name is Trent and I live in British Columbia, Canada.

I play a handicap index of 4.5.

Currently using and love my Titleist 712 AP2.

My biggest challenge with irons as I get older (in my 50s) is getting consistent additional distance to my irons, and especially mid irons 5 and 4.

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Apex CF16, s300 xp105, bent 2 degrees flat, switched 2 months ago from Ap2, still unsure I made the right choice though. Being a weekend player now :( , I was looking for some more forgiveness and distance which Apex were giving me easily at indoor trackman.

Now I can say I gained 1 iron (mainly due to stronger Apex lofts). However, I am not yet confident with them in my hands as the difference with Ap2 is enormous. Ap2 were absolutely precise, like lasers.Difference between good and bad shots, few yards. Unfortunately it is not the same with Apex. A perfectly hit shot can go further your best expectations (e.g. 145 yards a pitching wedge, flew the green and OB) which is not exactly what you are looking for in approaching tne green !

Still trying to figure out if the shafts the club fitters suggested are wrong, however I wonder if they can be that much wrong to be the only cause.

Most likely I should have opted for pro version but I fell in love with amazing distances of normal version (and I was wrong!!!) Probably I'll just need to get used to the new irons and they will be fine, because above all they are a different type of product.


Strengh: creativity! Sometimes tendency to exhagerate need of shaping shots only for the joy and love of seeing curves and magic trajectories in the air :-)

Weakness: does the fairway has a right side? Damn quick hooks!





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10-12  Didn't play much last year   That's so going to change this year

Mizzuno  Hand me downs from Father in Law  6-7 yrs old 

Old man graphite shafts require that I swing slow to give head time to come around 

Still hit them true, but need an upgrade   

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24ish(gotta love injuries)

Nike Slingshot tour

Strength my mid irons. Recently because of injuries my biggest weakness is distance and strike which probably go hand and hand.

Thanks MGS for the opportunity!



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5.9 hdcp.

Titliest AP2

Strength - short irons, 7-PW, these are the clubs I normally hit from the fairway

Weekness - long irons 4-6, seldom used, except on par 3's

Depends on how long the par fours, probably need to hit those a little more for consistency.



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11 Hdcp

Irons are TaylorMade SLDR

My strength is that I'm pretty accurate in my distance and direction, but my weakness are my mis-hits.


It would be great to be your tester, the XR Pro's were second choice to my irons.

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Titleist 712 AP 1 irons


Strength: Good accuracy and ball striking. 


Weakness: Starting to loose distance with age,must club up more. 56y/o


I would love to test these irons!!

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