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TESTERS ANNOUNCED! SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS Watch/Show Tracking System

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I have and do use a GPS watch. I have the Garmin S6.

I have and do use a shot tracking system. I use GameGolf Live.


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  • Amir - Chapel Hill, NC

  • 6
  • Have not used a GPS Watch - but am very interested and have been looking
  • Have not used a shot tracking system - just use a scope currently and am looking
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Alex from PA, USA


No GPS watch

Yes, I use Game Golf tracker

D Callaway Razr Hawk 10.5°

3W Taylormade Aeroburner 15°

H4,5,6-9I,PW,SW Taylormade M2

GW Cleveland 588 52°

LW Cleveland 588 60°

P Ping Scottsdale TR Shea H


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  • Your first name, home state/province - Clete, Nebraska

  • Your current handicap - 8.2 HC
  • Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? - Yes: Microsoft Band and The Grint
  • Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? - No: Have been interested in Arccos and Game Golf

Mizuno MP58 4-PW (std. specs)

Titleist 910D3 (9* stiff)


Omaha, NE

10 HC

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Mike (Twitter @NorthVanMike) from Vanvouver BC Canada. Im a 10 handcapper and have used a few GPS devices,starting with Skycaddie SG3 from way back (still have it stored away somewhere). Ive been using a Garmin S1 watch since it came out, but its outdated and the battery is getting tired.


Ive used 2 shot tracking systems, Game Golf and Arccos. I still have the Arccos,but have put it aside for now because of issues.

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