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Stage Two - The Review:

When I started to review the Vice Pro Soft I decided to test it alongside a couple other balls in a Best Ball format. To do that, I selected the four balls(Vice Pro Soft, Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft & Snell MTB) then proceeded to play 9 holes. I hit the balls in a random sort off the Tee, then recorded the distance to the balls. Next, I then placed the balls at the spot of the best drive and hit my approach shots. I then measured the distance from the hole to each ball. I thought this would give me both longest drive and most accurate iron shots. Playing 9 holes in this format actually was like playing 36 holes! The average drive was as follows:


Vice Pro Soft…………...203.7 yards

Callaway Chrome Soft..187.3 yards

Titleist Pro V1……….…186.7 yards

Snell MTB……………...181.6 yards


The Longest Drive was the Vice Pro Soft with 232 yards.


As for Approach Accuracy, I measured the distance from the pin to the ball, totaling the yardage for all 9 holes……here are the results…


Vice Pro Soft…..62 yards, with 2 out of 9 shots off the green

Snell MTB……..68 yards, with 2 out of 9 shots off the green

Titleist Pro V1…119 yards, with 4 out of 9 shots off the green

Callaway Chrome Soft…134 yards, with 5 out of 9 shots off the green

To summarize, it appears the Vice Pro Soft is the real deal for someone with a slow to moderate swing speed. I got considerably more distance off the drive(6 shots with Wilson Triton driver and one with Cobra F6 4 iron). I also seemed to hit the greens better.(2 Par 3's and 7 approach shots) Now for the rest of the review…..





Performance on the Course

Describe the following:

● Distance – As reported above, the VPS was the longest ball off the Tee.

● Consistency – The ball flight off the driver is mid launch.

● Feel –The VPS has a nice soft feel off the driver. The irons from the fairway and chipping around the green had a solid feel, but not “clicky”.

● Carry vs Roll – I got plenty of bounce and roll as we are experiencing drought-like conditions.


Course Score: (48 of 50 points)




Performance Notes





Looks & Durability

Describe the following:

● Unusual golf ball with matte white finish. This is the first matte finished golf ball worldwide. There are tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer which provides a special adhesion to the green….they call it S2TG (Stick To The Green) Technology.

● Played several rounds and the matte finish looks fine with no burrs.

● The sightline is terrific! Very easy to line up your putt. This is called the KIL Putt Linie (Keep In Line).

● I had a difficult time cleaning the ball after marking on the green. The grass stain and dirt seemed to stick to the matte finish.




Looks Score: (12 of 15 points)




Sound and Feel

Describe how the product sounds and feels

● There is no real sound when striking the ball as compared to other comparative balls.

● I am used to playing low compression balls so the dull sound is normal to me.



Sound and Feel Score: (12 of 15 points)



Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?

● These are the real deal, but I have way too many balls in my closet currently, so I will be ordering these as soon as I can get the inventory down.

● I do like the volume buying discount……1/$35, 3/$30 and 5/$25


LOP Score: (18 of 20 points)



Subjective Notes

Summarize your overall impressions.




Conclusion & Final Score

It was fun trying to play 4 balls in a scramble format all by myself. However, I did get pretty tired on the last couple holes as it was like playing 36 holes in 2 hours and 15 minutes. I loved the challenge of trying to see which ball performed the best for me. And that is the new Vice Pro Soft. It was long off the Tee, accurate off the irons and putted very smooth.

Total Score: (90 points)

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vice1.jpegHandicap: 14.5 Strength: Iron distance Weakness: Pushes and Pulls Ball flight: Normal height, straight or slight draw. Typical miss: Pushed right. Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft Tempo: Fast Swing speed: 90 Started playing golf in my 20's with three friends, we played a round together every weekend in the summer at dawn. I played the game for three and a half years before I broke 100, shooting a 93 on a par 73 course. I have been playing the game for about 30 years. I play in every tournament I can get lined up during our short golf season here in Minnesota. Driver: Ping G 9° Reg flex 3 Wood: Ping Rapture 14° Hybrid: Ping G5 19° Irons: Taylormade Rsi2 4-Pw Wedges: Taylormade 52° Taylormade 56° Adams 60° Putter: Taylormade Spider I tinker with the game mostly during simulator golf season.

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VICE Pro Soft review
by Mike Specht


The golf balls arrived on my doorstep a few days after I was notified that I had been chosen to do a review. I promptly opened the box and grabbed a sleeve of balls, I dumped one out into my hand and immediately thought I had received an unfinished product... The finish of the ball was flat matte white and I believed they had missed a step in the finishing process. Heading to the computer I pulled up the Vice website and here is what I found.
"Thanks to tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer, the VICE PRO SOFT is the first matte finished cast urethane golf ball worldwide. The very thin coating and special adhesion to the green offers the player superbly smooth and on-demand feel of the ball and controllable, high degree of backspin thanks to the S2TG technology. UV-resistance has been maximized by the use of BJ13 coating. The matte finished coating provides an anti-glare effect while addressing the ball as well as better visibility in the sky and on the ground."
Ok, so the balls are made this way.




Mike Specht

Handicap 13-15

Swing Speed 85-90


Fiddle Stix.jpg


Step 1 of my testing was to grab a sleeve and head to the golf course. I switched between my game ball Callaway Chrome Soft and the Vice Pro Soft on alternating holes to get a basic feel of the product. Temperature was a little above 50 degrees with winds 10-15.


Step 2 I played two balls per hole to compare distance and playability. Temperature was in the upper 50's with winds 5-10.


Step 3 I spent several hours in the practice area hitting short and long pitches, chipping, sand shots and putting. Temperature was in the Mid 60's, wind 5-10.










 Distance: Distance off of the driver was comparable to the Chrome Soft, I could not say that either ball was longer than the other however the slightly lower trajectory of the Pro Soft translated into more roll out. At the cooler temperature I was testing in I don't believe that either ball was compressing like they would have if it was 80 degrees outside. 


 Consistency: The Pro Soft flight played well off of the driver, irons and putter. I did not have any issues during any of my testing.


 Feel: The soft core and Urethane cover give this ball the feel of using the top of the line ball products. I was especially impressed with the feel off of my irons.


 Carry vs Roll: The dimple pattern of the Pro Soft seemed to give me a slightly flatter trajectory than the Chrome Soft off of the driver which  translated into a few more yards of roll out.


Course Score: 42 of 50


​Performance Notes:


  • Overall performance of the Pro Soft was comparable to any of the high end golf balls that I have used.
  • Spin off of my wedges was very good especially from the sand where it stopped shorter than any of the balls I used in my testing.
  • Compared to my current ball I feel the Pro Soft has exceptional spin off of my wedges.
  • The slightly lower trajectory gave me a longer roll out off of my driver which equated to a longer total drive distance than my current ball. 


 Looks and Durability:


  • ​The appearance of the ball is different than any other ball I have ever used, the matte finish took a little getting used to. The “Keep in Line” (KIL) putting line is bold and long for ball alignment when putting.
  • ​During my testing I had no durability issues and believe this product will last as long as any Urethane covered ball on the market.
  • ​The most unique feature of this ball is the matte finish which has tiny silicate particles in the clear finish. I believe this feature is what gives it the extra spin off of my wedges but also causes the ball to be hard to keep clean as it seems to become soiled on every iron and wedge shot.
  • ​Mind you the look is not bad just very different from current products on the market.

Looks Score: 8 of 15


​Sound and Feel:

  • ​The Pro Soft ball sounds good coming off the driver and Irons.
  • ​I felt confident while using the Pro Soft and nothing about the sound or feel of the ball hindered that feeling.

​Sound and Feel Score: 11 of 15


​​Likelihood of Purchase:

  • ​The VICE Pro Soft performed well throughout my testing, a positive towards purchasing.
  • ​The VICE business concept of bringing quality products to the consumer without costing a fortune is also a positive.
  • ​I struggle with the purchase of this product solely on the basis of the dull matte finish. The performance was there but keeping the ball clean was a never ending project.

LOP Score: 14 of 20


I found the performance of the Pro Soft to be very good off of all the clubs in my bag and have no complaints on any aspect of performance. The soft core seemed to be very compatible with my swing speed and the cast urethane cover responded to every good strike that I made. Distance seemed to be a little better than my current ball and I have no complaints of the sound and feel. Overall I enjoyed using the product and being the only one on the course using a ball that no one else had in their bag. The matte finish was the hot topic when I set it on the tee. Thank you Golf Spy for the opportunity to test this product.




Final Score 75 of 100















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Stage 1 Placeholder

First of all Thanks to MGS and Vice.

The Questions
● Handicap? (Or average score)Currently not keeping a Handicap as I have had so many injuries over the past few years every time I feel like I'm getting somewhere I'm back to the start. Currently I'm probably playing around a 24ish based on recent scoring.
● Strengths of your game? I would say the strength of my game is between 150 yards and into the green. Putting is not going to be included in this. While I think I'm ok on the greens not even going to pretend I'm good with the flat stick.
● Weakness of your game?
the Tee box, recently I'm either hitting it ok or hitting it in the woods. Mostly just in the woods.
● Typical ball flight? High mostly. When I'm hitting it good its a high Fade.
● Typical miss? Slice or more like 150 yards and a sharp right turn.
● Current Ball? Currently I've been playing Titleist ProV1x, Bridgestone B330rxs, and Callaway Hex control depending on the conditions. I prefer the B330rxs, but the ProV1x is very predictable which is nice and the Callaway's are for when I'm not swinging great since price wise they are the cheapest but they also perform the worst around the greens but not terrible.
● Swing tempo? When I'm hitting it good its slow back smooth forward. When I get out of Rhythm its more like fast back fast forward followed by me cursing.
● Driver swing speed? I haven't measured in a few years but I average around 95.
● Video of swing? “Pending weather TBD”
● What makes you love the game?The Peaks and the Valleys. I can play horrible for 17 holes but on 18 if I have a chance for birdie then it has been a good day.
● How long have you been golfing? Almost 10 years now since I really took up the game. If you count TW video games it has been longer.
● What kind of golfer are you? I am not a long ball hitter, so I have to manage the course and have a game plan. When I have a game plan and execute it I'm playing pretty well. When I start trying to hit it 5 yards further and fall away from it the end is near for my score.
● What's your story? My story is fairly boring. I played sports my entire life and was pretty good but never concentrated on one sport. Which in the end I think impacted me playing further than high school. I picked up golf after I got married because my in laws play every father's day an annual family tournament. Just for fun and bragging rights,oh and the loser has to tee off the next year in a skirt. That unfortunately will be me this upcoming year, Worst round I had played in a long time. Anyways I digress that started my itch for playing and if you asked my wife my addiction to the game and buying equipment.
● What is in your bag? my favorite part…..FYI I'm a “collector”
    Driver - Ping Anser 10.5* but set at 11*, 3W - the club I'm always changing, about to do my own little testing with the 4 that I own at the moment. Currently I game the Adams Speedline Super S 15*, I have a smattering of Hybrids thanks to my collector status but if I'm not testing I probably have my Cobra Bio Cell set to 19.5* and my Nike Covert 4 hybrid (24*) and sometimes I throw in my Ping Anser 17* depending on if I have a 3 wood that day, Irons - Nike Slingshot Tour I have 3-PW but I only play 5-PW because of my Hybrid addiction, Wedges - Nike Slingshot OSS gap wedge(50*) Callaway Mac Daddy 2 56* and Titleist Vokey 58* weird setup but it works for me, and Putter. - Odyssey Versa Jailbird This thing has taken probably 5 strokes off my rounds. Nothing like finding a putter you love.
● How did you choose them?Most of them was because of price. Money is king and I usually don't have much to spend thanks to bills and life. So I buy mostly used and try to get things when there are sales and they are a few years old. I may splurge here and there if timing is right but for the most part I'm a budget buyer.
● What region do you play out of? I'm in the Mid-West in the St. Louis area. So this time of year is about finding a chance to play in-between rain.
● Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type? I think it depends on what you consider a tinkerer. Once I find the best setting I mostly don't touch it. But I'll tinker a bit trying to find that right setting. Now for non-adjustable sometimes I go by the buy till you find what works.


So hopefully you guys can enjoy the rest of the reviews to come. First impressions have been good but I won't spoil anything yet.

Now a few pictures of what we are looking at!

Shipping Package.jpg


Box Reverse.jpg

Under the Lid.jpg


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Stage 2 Placeholder


Vice Pro soft– Official MGS Forum Review by Kolby Walker


Player Intro. So in my Stage 1 you got to get a feel for me and my bag, know a little about myself and a bit about the balls I play. So for a more detailed sneak, here is a quick review about the 3 Golf Balls I play the most pre Vice Pro Soft:


Bridgestone B330RXs - my go to ball if I have some, They just seem to fly for me. They play well around the greens with a hop and stop when I strike it well, but usually limited roll out compared to other cheaper balls I have played (Nike Mojo, Wilson Zip, Noodle Long and Soft, Callaway Hex Control). Overall a solid ball that does what it is supposed to and gives me consistent yardages.


Titleist ProV1x - I mostly play these when I find them on the course(amazing how many you can find). The best part of these is I know exactly how they will respond. On the green either putting or chipping they respond how I would expect they don't fly off the face but also are not like some of the soft balls that are a bit bouncy. Overall if money wasn't an issue I would probably go back and forth between these and the B330RXs.


Callaway Hex Control - so I bought these on a whim because I payed $25 for a double dozen. Basically what I got was a great ball that fly well and handles itself well around the greens. It's the only non Urethane cover ball I've played in the last few years and it responds really well. In comparison to the other two I play these when my swing is out of whack or there is a ton of water and I don't want to lose a ball that costs almost as much as the entire package of the Hex Control.


Now onto the ball everyone wants to hear about. first of all I had heard of Vice and looked into Vice, but had not taken the plunge into ordering when this review came up. It is always exciting to test something you are already looking into….Thanks again MGS.




Performance on the Course


Describe the following:


● Distance – Does the ball provide adequate distance? The Vice Pro Soft distance wise competes with my current 3 balls. This is all eye test as I don't have a range finder or anything like that but I was getting more distance than the other “Soft Balls” I've played in the past as well(Supersoft and a variety of Wilson) I'm not talking 4 extra clubs but 5 yards maybe. Some of that is my swing some of that is striking etc., but overall I was pleased. Is it responsive off the tee? I would say it is responsive off the tee, If you hit a Wilson Zip lets say sometimes I feel like I'm hitting one of those mini marshmallows. I want to know if I've hit something not have to look at my club like I may have missed the ball. The Pro Soft gives me that feedback that I want, but gives me a softer than normal feel from say a ProV1. How does it compare to your gamer?

Compared to the B330RXs I love both in the distance department I think the Bridgestone flies a bit further but not much.

● Consistency – Is the ball flight consistent? My ball flight is high in general, so I hit the Pro Soft consistently high. That said it was repeatable, which is what I look for. I didn't have any random fliers that went 10 yards further or 5 yards shorter even though I centered all three. If you strike it you will get similar flight. Is it predictable and consistent while chipping and pitching? This was my favorite part of this ball, it responds so well of your short-mid irons. The wedge consistency was above average from every lie I hit it out of(Deep rough, short stuff, fringe, medium rough, etc.) only thing I didn't get to do was hit it out of the sand…..giving myself a high five on that.

● Feel – How does it feel off the driver and irons? Driver as I said before it isn't a marshmallow so you know you have hit it and it feels great. Not hard and not overly soft. Kind of like my B330RXs but without the click I hear when I hit it. More of a muted sound, which might not be everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoyed it. How does it feel and respond while putting? I didn't like putting this the first go around. The first thing I did after opening the box and taking pictures of everything was put a sleeve on my indoor putting mat. I think this is really where you can tell it is in the soft ball category. My ProV1x and B330RXs don't need as much help getting to the hole. Now every ball is different that is why we review stuff. For me it was a simple matter of hitting it more with the putter.The roll was very consistent and I didn't have any weird wobbles or anything like that. So in comparison I don't always putt the B330RXs great in fact I've noticed my strokes putting are actually up a few strokes compared to the ProV1x And Hex Control….in steps the Vice Pro Soft I rolled this thing great on course with great distance control and consistency all around.

● Carry vs Roll – Does the ball stay in the air forever and stop or do you hit low fliers that roll forever. Which is better for your course? Well thanks to my high ball flight I would say someplace in the middle. Traditionally my ball doesn't roll much unless I hit a lower flight on purpose. Missouri This time of year is wet so even with a low ball flight it doesn't have a ton of roll. Come summer I'll be able to test roll better. Most of my shots just stuck in the ground or kind of hit and slowed down. I prefer some roll but wasn't going to happen. I think this will roll a bit once everything dries out.

Course Score: 43 (Out of 50 points)


Performance Notes


● How did it perform? performed great especially on the greens and around the greens, 50 yards and in this thing is a killer.

● Were you pleased with how the accessory performed? Yep

● Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing? slightly different balls as this is “soft” golf ball vs a ball not necessarily considered in that “soft ball” category even though it is softer than others. So I got better results putting, chipping, and 100 yards and in. Driver was similar with the nod going to the B330RXs barely and irons and hybrids were similar so I'll call it a tie. But inside 100 yards is where I have to succeed to be good since I'm not a bomber. And Vice Pro Soft crushed my other balls.

● What factors were you pleased with? The specialized Urethane cover seemed to grip and stick better Helping me seeming chip and pitch better.

● How did it compare to your current accessory? Very comparable across the board even though slightly different products.

● Did it help you on the range or on the course more? Course

● Could you use it in both settings? yes as long as there is a short game area.

● What factors did you find lacking? I need to test more from the tee, I was hoping to be a bit longer but that could have also been the wet weather playing a part.

● What improvements would you like to see? I think it is a great product.

● What would you do away with? Well this is a personal preference I don't really use line up lines so I could do away with that but that's just me.





Looks & Durability


Describe the following:


● Apprearance/graphics/packaging. So when I say Vice exudes aggressive play you just have to look at the packaging. So the front of the box is a Olive Green color and it looks classy with the Vice logo. Well turn it over and you have an Angry Jaguar staring you down from the jungle. If that doesn't shout be aggressive what does. Then you open up the box where the graphics continue and inside the sleeve is something odd….Matte finished Golf ball. Now there are not a ton of ways to make a golf ball look different. You can make it white Yellow Orange but white is white, or so I thought. A Matte White golf ball is just cool. A little weird at first to get used to because well it's different. but I really like it. The Line up line is different than most it has a special name and everything (KIL). I don't really use line up lines so didn't really catch my fancy but I'm sure some people will like it. I tried to use it a bit but once again lines don't really help me so it became more of a distraction of if I had it lined up right.

● Short term/long term durability. Short term durability is pretty good in terms of the ball doesn't get cuts in it or anything like that….unless you hit a roof, just fair warning….Now I think the least durable part of the ball would be the color. I found that grass stains dirt and other things would impact the brightness of the matte white finish. Now if you clean it real good it isn't terrible but I don't want to spend more time cleaning the ball than figuring out the line on my putt. Long term durability I had 3 balls I played with for an entire round. They all held up real well and like I said other than hitting a roof they held up great.

● Other unique details. just about everything about the aesthetics is unique. Bouncing off the actual balls I reviewed they also have a Red and Lime Green color you can choose from which look really cool online and I wish we could have got a sleeve of each of those as well.

● How does it compare to other balls, beyond being round and white? Like I said even though this ball is round and white it is just different than normal golf balls. And different in a good way I think.

Looks Score: 15 (Out of 15 points)


Sound and Feel


Describe how the product sounds and feels


● Is it soft, crisp, dull, clunky (feel free to use your own imaginative phrases)? Hmmm I would say the sound of this when you hit it is somewhere between all the balls I like. It's soft but not too soft, you can feel it at impact but not like hitting rock balls, its not clicky like some balls get the sound I would go with is a soft thwip.

● Does it impact your performance in a noticeable way? I think it was pleasant so I would consider it a positive.

● How does the sound cause you to react? Sound helps feel so some of the sound is based on your clubs. That said the soft thwip when you center one is great.


Sound and Feel Score: 14 (Out of 15 points)


Likelihood of Purchase


How likely would you be to purchase this accessory? Now this may be my second issue with the ball besides the grass stains I have to rub off. I don't Buy more than a dozen or two at a time. And to really get your money's with you need to order 5 or 6 dozen. Now that said if you and some buddies split the cost or something I could see that being a better option. It is probably just me being someone who doesn't have the extra cash on hand. That said if I could swing the money at a given moment these would probably be my gamer. For the green side play alone it would be worth it.


● Why or why not?

Why-Green side play, consistent Why Not-Price when not buying more than a dozen

LOP Score: 14 (Out of 20 points)


Subjective Notes


Summarize your overall impressions.: This is a high end ball that can compete with the best if not be better. They have taken a unique spin on something that lets face it is round and white how do you do that different? Vice does and they do different better than the rest I have seen.


Conclusion & Final Score



I had a blast being able to review these Vice Pro Soft Balls. I'm hoping to hold on to the last few I have for a while if I can. When I first was chosen I was super pumped to get them and I reviewed what I could online. The pictures online truly do not do the Matte finish justice. It is the most unique golf ball I have ever had the opportunity to play. I think they play well for the mid level swing speed they are for. While the weather has played a role in distance I think once the rain subsides these will get a bit more distance than they have so far. I've already gotten tons of glances and questions about the matte finish. Here's to style and being different on the course!


Total Score: 86/100 (Add up all 5 categories and present a total score)


More Pictures to follow.

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Stage One


Hello, I am Jackie an avid golfer from Minneapolis presently playing to a 5.2 HI. I have been playing golf for a very long time but was not that serious about how I played until the last 10 years or so. I play every weekend and love every minute of it.  Nothing beats getting outside, enjoy mother nature and shooting my lowest score ever.  ;) I am an EWGA member and play with the other women in the group on a regular basis in addition to competing in MWPGA and MGA events.


Good 3.jpg


The strength of my game has been my driving the past couple of years. 200 plus yards with a very high percentage of drives between the trees. I have learned to play “smart” golf as I age which has helped me lower my handicap a bit. My putting has been my biggest weakness but I have been working on it in addition to my short game 40 yards and in. Fixing these two are going to be a key to getting to that coveted 0.0 HI. I have also started working with a golf coach and fitness trainer to work on the mental and physical aspects of my game as I feel both of these are in need of attention and they will help me play solid

golf for years to come.


I tend to hit a medium height soft fade, which puts my usual miss to the right. Occasionally I will double cross myself and hit the big pull to the left- ouch! My swing tempo is probably what you would consider medium or average. Slowing down my back swing is key to hitting the ball consistently. My driver swing speed hovers around 90 MPH and being an AARP member, I don't believe it will be going up much. I am once again working on a stronger grip and drawing the ball more consistently but I have just been unable to master controlling it. I do love the extra 20 – 40 yards off the tee though.


If you haven't figured it out yet, yes I am a golf addict and proud of it. I played my first round here in tropical Minnesota in February and just snuck 18 in between thunderstorms last Sunday. Every round is different and if you put in the time golf is very rewarding. No, I am not talking about how much money you can take off your buddies on the weekend. I may have been talking about skins and day games! : )


The ball I play tournaments with, the Bridgestone B330RX and e6. I usually will use soft balls in the spring before it is 70 and in the fall after my tournaments are over and it has cooled down. This is why I was interested in trying out the Vice Pro Soft. I like the way the ball feels out of the box and it's matte white finish is appealing to the eye. I look forward to giving the Vice Pro Soft a thorough testing to see how it stands up to my favorite!


Sleeve and 3.jpg


What is in my bag you ask:


Driver - Cobra F6+ Stiff/Cobra BioCell Reg/Stiff 2 shafts adj loft

Cobra Fly-Z 4 Metal Stiff/ GX-7 X-Metal

Cobra Fly-Z 5 Metal Regular

Adams 4 Hybrid stiff

Mizuno JPX-850 Irons 5 - PW Graphite regular

Cleveland 588 RTX – 2 Black Steel Regular Flex 52, 56, 60 : two dot

Putter – A 34 “ Stainless Scotty Cameron Newport 2- 34” Wilson Infinite SouthSide



How did I choose my clubs, do you have a minute? I have an old white TaylorMadfe R-1 and I was looking to upgrade. My dad was in town and wanted to get a new putter on the way to the golf course so we stopped at my favorite now defunct GolfSmith and while he was trying out putters I was testing the SLDR. He was done so I started walking out and my dad asked where my new driver was. After explaining we had a tee time in an hour and it would take 30 minutes to get there he said if I picked it out in 15 minutes he was buying. Call me stupid, I looked at the wonderful sales person and asked if he could finish my fitting in 10 minutes and he said sure. I grabbed the SLDR and another salesman came up with the bio cell and said these were 200 Dollars cheaper and giving his customers better results. We tried it and once the stiff shaft was on it was the best. Dad paid for it and I was a very surprised owner of a new Red Cobra Bio Cell.


Vice 1 and driver.jpg


Fast forward a year and a half and the M-1's and F6's are out. The M-1 was struggling to keep up with the Bio Cell so I started with the Cobra F-6 etc and found the f-6+ gave me 10 more yards and this was all on the same simulator. So happy 50th Birthday to me and my sweetie bought me the pretty blue Cobra F6+. I love it so much I won't even use it until it is regularly in the 70's out. Fast forward to March and guess who is asking what I want for my Birthday. I have been to 49 states so I said either the GX-7 Hot Metal(kinda for him, he is battling stage 3 lung cancer) or a golf trip to Nebraska. Well the GX-7 is in my bag and I was surprised at how wonderful it is. Give me 30 or so yards and I can get it over just about any tree and it is giving me 200 yards with a regular shaft. I can hit it out of a fluffy lie in the rough and have had some success off the fairway with it. I wonder how long it will be until it's in Brett's bag.




I had a cobbled up set of fairway metals so I tried the Cobras and I like them, generally easy to hit with some nice pop.


The irons I picked out at 2nd swing after trying Ping G25's, Callaway and some others were my Mizunos and I love them! I use graphite shafts to protect my shoulders but I just bought these new steel shaft wedges because I felt I was losing too much accuracy. We shall see.


The putter is a quandary. I am usually good with a putter at a short distance or a long distance but not both. The two I am playing with now are my attempt to change that.

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Stage Two



As it stands today, my tournament ball is the Bridgestone B330 RX and its backup is the e6.  Why, simply put they are the longest two balls that I have played with where I enjoy the flight and control of the ball.  The e6 is a bit longer but does not have the spin ability of the B330 RX.  I don't get as much backspin as I would like sometimes, that is what probably makes it easier for me to bounce back and forth between the two.  If you purchase ahead of time you usually can get a buy 3 get one free deal…


Performance on the Course:




The performance of the Vice Pro Soft is what you would expect from a soft ball.  It is much easier to get 7/8's of my distance but good luck getting that last eighth.  For me at 70 degrees this was 15 – 20 yards with my driver and about 10 yards with my irons.


Forgetting about distance, I love the way the ball comes off the club and it performed well in up to 30 MPH wind gusts (Welcome to Minnesota, the third windiest state in the Union.)  The Vice Pro Soft was very consistent in the way it reacted when I was chipping and pitching and it rolled very well when putting.




I have a medium to high flight on my ball so I do get more carry than roll.  It is April here in Minnesota, so it is damp and the roll is minimum anyway.  The one thing I did notice with the matte finish on the Vice Pro Soft is they picked up a little more dirt than other shiny golf balls.  The dirt washed off at the next tee and all was fine, but it may make the ball harder to find when the grass is a bit taller if the ball is duller from mud.

For me the Vice Pro Soft will be a good low temp ball.  Being over 29 for a good 20 years or so now, I don't like to swing too hard when it is cold out.  I get stiff and don't want to pull any muscles etc.  I think a shiny finish would be good for when it is damp out otherwise a good ball that I can get some backspin on.




Course score: 40


Looks and Durability:


The packaging for the Vice Pro Soft is different for sure, but that doesn't matter to me, I am buying what is on the inside.  The ball itself came in a matte white finish which I liked, but it did grab some mud on the hole dimming the color but otherwise didn't seem to affect performance unless it was a glob then that is out of the engineer's hands.  I like the matte finish in the sun, the less things glare the better in my book, hence the black wedges.


I found the Vice Pro Soft golf balls to be very durable.  I played 5 rounds with the same sleeve of balls and the two I did not lose (splash) are still in great shape!


Looks score: 15


Sound and Feel:


The Vice Pro Soft Golf balls had a nice soft feel off the club with a solid but muted sound.  I loved the feel and sound of the golf balls.  The Vice Pro Soft balls rolled beautifully off the putter whether I put a good stroke on it or not…






Sound and Feel score: 15


Likelihood of Purchase:


The Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls will not replace my present tournament balls.  I just cannot give up the distance.  If I need balls for the spring or fall, I would not hesitate to buy these.  I knew this coming in and that is why they are getting the LOP score I am giving them.  They are the best soft golf ball I have used to date and the price is very reasonable for high performance golf balls.


Likelihood of Purchase Score:20


Subjective Notes:


The Vice Soft Pro golf Balls are a very high quality high performance golf ball.  They are durable and affordable, the more you buy the more you save, every golfers dream.  I was able to get 5 rounds in with a sleeve, just awesome!




To conclude the Vice Pro Soft golf ball is a very good ball and will serve golfers with lower swing speeds or those of us who brave the elements as much as possible to extend our golf season.  Better yet, they come in some very neat colors though I only tested the matte white.


Colored Vice Pro Soft resized.png


Total Score: 90

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Stage 2 Placeholder


Vice Pro Soft review


Player Intro.

When I started review these Vice Pro Soft balls, I test them alongside my current ball, Pinnacle Lady. For the test, I hit 4 balls of each brand with the Driver, 6 iron, a pitching wedge and with the putter.

I also played 9 holes with 1 ball each. I picked my best shot and placed the balls at that spot. From there I hit the next shot until they lie on the green. On the green, I played every ball as they lie.

The average driving distance with the Pinnacle Lady was between 197-203 yards. The average driving distance with the Vice Pro Soft was much further. I hit them between 208-219 yards. A difference of 10-15 yards! I like these Vice Pro Soft from the tee!!!!!!

The average 6 iron distance with the Pinnacle Lady was between 126-130 yards. The average distance with the Vice Pro Soft was a little further, but not as much as the driving distance with the driver. I hit the Vice Pro Soft balls with the 6 iron between 132-137 yards. 

The wedge shots performance wise were the same conditions, but feels wise they were very different. Reed later on this review more about this.





Performance on the Course

●     Distance – From the tee, the Vice Pro Soft flies about 15 yards further than the Pinnacle Lady, which I compared. Therefore, it is a huge difference. With the 6 iron the difference is about 5 yards, which I also like.

●     Consistency – The ballflight with the irons was a bit higher. This was a better ballflight high. Normally my ballstikes are too low.

●     Feel – I love the way the ball comes off the club. I could really feel the softness of the ball.

Performance wise on and around the green, the Vice Pro Soft feels a lot different. There is more control on and around the greens with less bouncing on the green and more role.

●     Carry vs Roll – The Vice Pro Soft ball carried further than the Pinnacle Lady which one I compared. The roll was the same, but the Vice Pro Soft had more consistent roll and less bounce on the fairways.

Course Score48 out of 50 points





Looks & Durability

●     The eye wants something too. The packaging is very awesome. The balls came in a matte green box. The picture of the leopard, who is the symbol of this Vice Pro Soft ball, is great.

●     I like the matte outer coating instead of the standard glossy balls.

●     Simple design, great effect! I do not like to draw my ball with a moderate stick. I love the “Keep in Line” stripe on the ball. I enjoy the peace of this bright black stripe on the ball, both with my eyeshot and putting.

●     After a round of golf, they look properly nasty dirty, but they clean up brilliantly with a little bit of soap and water!

Looks Score: 15 out of 15 points




Sound and Feel

Describe how the product sounds and feels

·         I did feel the difference in feel of the ball. Through the urethane cover, the ball feels softer. I love this ball. He felt so so soft. Especially in the short game area, I very much feel the softness of the ball. I like the death feel with putting.

·         The ball also has a tiny sound.

·         Overall, the Vice Pro Soft absolute feels great.


Sound and Feel Score: 15 out of 15 points




Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?

●     Definitely, the Vice Pro Soft golf balls will replace my current Pinnacle Lady balls.

●     Pricewise these balls are very interesting and they are available in three colors (matte white, matte lime and matte red).


LOP Score: 20 out of 20 points




Subjective Notes

●     I am pleasantly surprised with the amount of action I got with this ball.

●     Overall, I do love this ball. It has all I want; the looks, the feel and the data. I do love this ball by his feeling, particularly around and on the greens, and giving more distance.

●     The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are a very high performance golf ball, which perform very well!



Conclusion & Final Score

This Vice Pro Soft golf balls plays very long of the tee and softly around the green. These are very high quality golf balls, which perform excellent. The matte outer coating looks very nice.

The quality of the balls is unprecedented for the price. Pricewise they are very interesting when you buy these balls in volume, then you get volume discount.

Overall, I do LOVE these balls!!



Total Score: 98












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  • Handicap? (Or average score)

- Handicap is 14

  • Strengths of your game?

- I would say the biggest strength of my game is inside 150 yards.  Typically, pending on the weather, that is a 7-iron and in.  I really like to try and attack the pin with any of my wedges, but the best-laid plans don't always pan out! :)  I feel like I am a pretty consistent putter.  I do not make a ton of long putts, but I also do not 3 putt many greens. 

  • Weakness of your game?

- My biggest weakness is off of the tee-box.  I struggle with my driver and my woods.  If it is really bad during a round, I will hit my hybrid or 4-iron off of the tee and keep my driver in the bag. 

  • Typical ball flight?

- My typical ball flight is low and piercing.  I learned how to play golf on the windy courses of South Dakota, so I think that is where I learned how to hit that low, piercing shot.  Even with my shorter irons, my ball flight is much lower than most golfers.  I do not mind the low-ball flight though because I tend to get some action on my wedges because of the lower ball flight. 

  • Typical miss?

- I am a right-handed golfer.  My typical miss is a snap-hook.  It can get super ugly on the golf course. J   I think I can get really fast with my hands and it can get snappy really quickly! 

  • Current Ball?

- I am in the market for a new ball.  I have hit the Volvik S4 (too expensive), TaylorMade Tour Preferred (didn't really care for this ball) and several Callaway options.

  • Swing tempo?

- I believe I have a fairly rhythmic, slow and steady swing speed.  I do this because my hands can get too fast and then I get the snap-hook. 

  • Driver swing speed?

- 90 MPH

  • What makes you love the game?

- Man, this is a good question. I love the difficulty of the game.  I love how prepared you have to be for each shot or the worst could happen.  I love that it fuels the super competitive side of me.  I am a high school football coach, so I love how golf makes you prepare for every shot or it will get the best of you.  Kind of like football, we need to prepare each week to be the best we can be.  If not, the season isn't going to be what we want it to be.  I also love that I can take my wife out and she can enjoy the game with me.  I am definitely looking forward to teaching my daughter how to golf when the time comes. 

  • How long have you been golfing?

- I started golfing when I was in college (12 years ago).  I was looking for a summer job and the golf course in town was hiring for the season.  I applied, got the job and worked at the golf course most summers in college.  With that, came free golf.  I had never really played golf before, but I fell in love instantly. 

  • What kind of golfer are you?

- I would say I am a risk-taker on the golf course.  I am always itching for the one shot that brings me back to the course the next day; that 210-yard hybrid, into the wind with a putt for eagle.  Those are the shots I live for – the shots I crave on the course.

  • What's your story?

- I am 31 years old.  I am a Speech Pathologist in the schools in a small town in Iowa.  I coach high school football in the fall and love to get out on the golf course whenever I can.  I am married, my wife and I have a beautiful 10-month old daughter at home.  I grew up in a football-crazed town and now I live in a football-crazed town. Our family motto is, “Faith, Family, Football.”   My wife and I try and get out on the golf course whenever we can.  I am looking forward to the day where we all three can go out and play the game we love together. 



  • What is in your bag?

- I just recently bought a new set of clubs from Golf USA in Ames, Iowa.  Great store, if you are ever in the area tell them I sent you! Golf USA is one of the best golf stores around this area.  My clubs are as follows:

            - Driver: Nike Vapor Speed

            - 3 wood: Nike Vapor Speed Fairway

            - Hybrid: Titleist 915H 3h

            - Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro (4-AW)

            - Wedges: Nike Engage Wedges (52, 56, 60)

            - Putter: SeeMore FGP Mallet

  • How did you choose them?

- I got fit for my clubs at Golf USA in Ames, Iowa.  I hit several different setups and liked the Nike clubs the best.  I hit Callaway, Cobra, and Ping clubs that day.  Spent about 3 hours with the staff at Golf USA getting everything ready to go.  I love the look of my Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons and get excited every time I address the ball.

  • What region do you play out of?

- Iowa

  • Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type?

- I am not much into tinkering around with my driver setup (maybe I should be).  I like to leave it at neutral and figure my swing out around the club. 






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Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls – Official MGS Forum Review by Caleb Wiegmann


*** No pictures yet, the weather the past 8 days here in Iowa has been miserable.  It is snowing right now on April 28, 2017.  Welcome to Iowa!  Pictures to come….


Player Intro

 I just recently bought a new set of clubs from Golf USA in Ames, Iowa.  Great store, if you are ever in the area tell them I sent you! Golf USA is one of the best golf stores around this area.  My clubs are as follows:

            - Driver: Nike Vapor Speed

            - 3 wood: Nike Vapor Speed Fairway

            - Hybrid: Titleist 915H 3h

            - Irons: Nike Vapor Fly Pro (4-AW)

            - Wedges: Nike Engage Wedges (52, 56, 60)

            - Putter: SeeMore FGP Mallet


I am in the market for a new ball.  I have hit the Volvik S4 (too expensive), TaylorMade Tour Preferred (didn't really care for this ball) and several Callaway options.


Performance on the Course

Describe the following:

  • Distance – The Vice Pro Soft knocked it out of the ballpark in this area in my opinion.  Typically off the tee, I am around 250 yards with a low-ball flight.  With the Vice Pro Soft, I was 250+ with all of my drives.  My ball flight was typical (low), but it was consistently straight (unless the ole snaphook came out!).
  • Consistency – I felt like the Vice Pro Soft was incredible around the green (115 yards and in).  Very consistent ball flight with the same pattern on the greens (a few hops and grab).  I felt incredibly confident around the greens with this ball.  The matte look of the ball and the Keep in Line (KIL) marking made me feel like a superhero out on the course.  I felt like I could hole any putt from any distance. 
  • Feel – I thought the feel of the Vice Pro Soft was perfect for me.  I loved the sound off of the irons and I love the look of the ball at address.  The matte look of the ball really sold it for me.  I love, love, loved the look of the ball at presentation.  Again, this made my confidence at every shot higher than it typically is. 
  • Carry vs Roll – I tend to hit low fliers.  I learned to play golf on the Plains of South Dakota (Go Coyotes!) and that is why I hit a shot with a lower ball flight.  The ball does tend to roll out for me, especially when hit with my driver, 3-wood or hybrid. 
  • Performance – I thought the Vice Pro Soft ball performed extremely well.  I was very pleased with it in every aspect of my game.  Off the tee, around the green, on the green and sitting perfectly in the fairway; the matte look of the golf ball makes it look stunning from every aspect.  The Keep in Line (KIL) putting line was also very well produced.  Not too oversized, not too small, just about the perfect size and it truly does help you line up that putt. My swing speed is around 90 MPH, I would venture to say this is one of the best performing balls for swing speeds around 85-95 MPH.  It allows you to be super aggressive if you want because of the soft feel you are going to get on the green. Extraordinary distance of off the tee and that extra-soft feel we all want around the green. 

Course Score: (50 out of 50 points)



Looks & Durability

Describe the following:

  • The packaging off this golf ball is simply awesome.  The picture of the animal crawling through the jungle is great.  All I could think of was, “I am on the prowl for some great golf shots!”  The packaging also makes you feel very confident about your time on the golf course.  Very animalistic.  Very cool.  Very well put together. 
  • The durability of this ball is very good.  I used it for my entire round and did not notice any scuffs or significant marks on the ball.  One thing that does happen with the matte finish is that the ball is definitely harder to clean.  I always like to have a clean golf ball (part of my OCD) and I noticed I had to clean the ball more often than usual.  In the grand scheme of things, this issue is pretty small since I always bring a wet towel with me on the course.  I like to have my clubs clean too!
  • The matte finish on this golf ball is definitely different.  It is the first of its kind for a golf ball.  I loved it.  I think the matte finish is just what my golf ball needed.  It did not reflect at all on those bright, sun-shiney days like other golf balls have done for me in the past.  It is almost exactly opposite of what the Volvik S4 white model ball gives you.  That ball made me feel like the ball was “shining” in the sun and I did not appreciate that during my setup.  The matte finish, the KIL putting line, and the simplistic, beautiful design makes the Vice Pro Soft golf ball look great!

Looks Score: (14 out of 15 points)

Sound and Feel

Describe how the product sounds and feels

  • I thought the sound of impact with the Vice Pro Soft was very appealing.  It makes you want to hit shot after shot (max of 4 pending on the hole J).  Overall, I thought the sound of the ball was very typical for a low-compression golf ball.  I thought the feel of the Vice Pro Soft was perfect for me.  I loved the sound off of the irons and I love the look of the ball at address.  The matte look of the ball really sold it for me.  I love, love, loved the look of the ball at presentation.  Again, this made my confidence at every shot higher than it typically is.  Overall, the sound and the feel of the Vice Pro Soft golf ball was great for me. 


Sound and Feel Score: (15 out of 15 points)

Likelihood of Purchase

How likely would you be to purchase this accessory?

  • Overall, this golf ball was a game-changer for me.  It will definitely be gamed right away.  What am I going to do with my inventory of other golf balls?!? The overall feel, look, sound and appearance of the golf ball all matched exactly what I am looking for.  I really liked the volume discount as well – 1/$35, 3/$30 and 5/$25. Also, they have some pretty sweet colors of golf balls too if that fits your fancy (Lime and red colors).  I am thinking about gaming some of those too!! Overall, I am very pleased with the Vice Pro Soft golf ball. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

LOP Score: (20 out of 20 points)

Subjective Notes

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality and durability of these golf balls.  They will be in my bag for a long time to come! The consistent ball flight, soft-feel and overall ability of the ball around the green made this ball a very viable option for me! I am very appreciative of the opportunity MGS gave me to review and play with these golf balls.  I will be adding more to my collection in the near future!


Conclusion & Final Score

In conclusion, I say, “buy, buy, buy, buy!!!!!”  If your swing speed is less than 100 MPH, I think these are great golf balls for you! Thank you to MGS for the chance to test these Vice golf balls, they are truly a game-changer in my opinion. 


Total Score: 99 out of 100


Thanks all, I hope this review helps you in whatever way is best for you!

Caleb Wiegmann

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My current ball I us is the Srixon Z star.  It has everything I was looking for in a ball, distance; feel around the green and durability.


My average score is 84


7 iron distance: 150 yds.


Ball flight – Is usually a high fade, the “butter fade” as my friends call it. Lol.  With my miss being a slice. 


Putter – Taylormade Raylor with pure roll insert


Strength of my game would be my chipping and short irons.  I use my 51* gap wedge for most of my chipping and pitching.  Depending on the lie, close to the green and with tight grass, I will use my 56* Vega wedge with very good results. J


Weakness would be hitting my fairway woods, just can't seem to hit them consistently, it goes straight, slice, pull.  Just never know but I'm working on it.  The grind!


Swing tempo is fast but I'm not out of balance when I swing.  (depend on how many beers)

  • Driver swing speed – 95 mph

Why do I love this game?  Every day, every game is different, even on the same course.  I also love the people you meet on the course.  The challenge of beating my last score always drives me to play better and have fun! 

I've been golfing since I was 15 yrs old.  Me and my hockey pals would go out and hit the ball around, not really keeping score.  Then I actually hit some good shots and I was hooked!


What kind of golfer are you? –I feel I'm a good golfer who wants to get better every time he is out on the course.  Just can't find enough $ to play all I would like too.  I didn't start getting serious about my game till years later, I would read articles in “Golf Magazine” and try out the different drills they had.  I would pick and choose the 1's I knew would help my game and used that to get better.  And it worked, every season I would work on a different part of my game, the one that was giving my problems the year before, and try to correct them from the articles I read.  I never had a lesson and am self-taught.  I am proud to go golfing with my daughter and show her the values that this game has.  We have a great time on the course together. 


What's in my bag? 

  • Taylormade Tour Preferred CB irons 4-GW. I picked up the matching SW to complete the set.
  •  Driver: Callaway Hyper X 9* reg shaft.  Wilson FG 3+4 woods.
  •  Putter: Taylormade Raylor. 
  • Ball: Srixon Z star. 

How did I choose them?  - I had been using the same set of Macgregor RPM's for about 15 years, 1 day my wife was asking about my clubs, this was a 1st, she thought I have them just recently. Ahh no.  That Christmas I was surprised with a $500 gift card from Golf Town! WOW.  Off I went and started looking at clubs under that price.  I was looking at club a couple of years old to keep the price down, while I was trying out clubs, the fitter at Golf Town brought me over the Taylormade Tour Preferred CB.  I tried them, fell in love with them, and the best part, they were on sale for half price!!  SOLD! 


What region do I play in?


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


What's my story?


I'm 50 yrs old, married 22 years to my wonderful wife and we have 2 children, my son is 20 and my daughter is 16.  I am currently working as a Production Supervisor for Magellan Aerospace.  I have been there almost 1 year in May.  Before that I worked in the Optical industry for 25 years making eye glasses for Luxottica.  They closed our facility down putting both me and my wife both out of work.  That was a tough time with both of us out of work.  But we have both found new jobs and new careers and are very happy.  My daughter is my golf buddy and we try and go out at least once every 2 weeks together.  These are my favorite days!!  My son surprised my 1 birthday and took me golfing.  Up until then, he has shown no interest in going out with me, even though I ask him often.  I am still shocked when of think of that day.  I will get him hooked yet!! LOL.  

Kens G5 phone 622.jpg

Kens G5 phone 623.jpg

Kens G5 phone 624.jpg

Kens G5 phone 628.jpg

Kens G5 phone 652.jpg

Kens G5 phone 653.jpg

Kens G5 phone 660.jpg

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    • By ncwoz
      All this talk of the MGS Hard Rock Challenge and the ball test recently has me thinking about the hardware...
      I know I *should* be gaming one model, and probably one I'm fit for at that. But the cheapskate in me just can't pass up on a free wayward ball, looking for a home. Nor can I bring myself to just toss the 24 pack of two piecers I walked away from Christmas with.
      So my question is this - what do you do with the random balls you might come across one way or another? Do you keep em all? Hit them into the woods? Do you have a threshold of quality that determines if it's a keeper or a leaver?
    • By cynogriffin
      This is a thread for those who are interested in reading or sharing golf ball comparisons! 
      Personally, I am in the stage of personal ball testing to try to find my next gamer for the next season or two. As such, I have been and am in the process of testing a variety of premium golf balls to see which fits my game and personal preferences. My posts in this site will be coming from off my new website (linked here for those who might want to check it out: https://griffinc6.wixsite.com/golfreviews) and will be in the form of a head to head matchup between two of the balls I am considering. During my tests, I will be taking two different models to the course and playing 9 holes with each in the same round, same day, and same conditions. In my posts, there won't be much in the way of technical data other than distance (measured via Shot Scope) but will rather be how I experienced the balls in terms of distance, spin, flight characteristics, performance and fell around the green, putting, quality, durability, and consistency. Once again, for my posts here, these are by no means a scientific test, but rather what I prefer, what I see, and how the balls perform for me. Therefore whatever performs for me might not translate to your game or your experiences with these products. I also invite everyone to post your own comparisons, head-to-heads, and reviews here as well!
      Now that that is out of the way, let the discussion begin!
    • By ChasingScratch
      Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4 – Review
      A little background
      Let’s just start with this:  I am not a stellar putter.  I’m not even an average putter.  I’ve been known to be the ‘take a 6 footer for birdie and turn it into a 7 footer for par’ kind of putter.  I’d like to think part of it is due to the wide variation in greens I get to play on (anything from Plinko on the Price is Right to lightning fast U.S. Open greens), but the reality is I just haven’t been that good.  I’m a dad with limited income to spend on golf and little practice time.
      I started this journey to become a Scratch golfer about two years ago.  Since then, I won a free full bag fitting through Club Champion and had a blast doing it.  My favorite part of the whole experience was the SAM PuttLab fitting.  According to the PuttLab, I’m a consistent slight puller of the putter.  My wonderful human of a fitter recommended mallet style with some toe hang.  He laid out a bunch of putters that fit this mold and I immediately started arching the putter rather than pulling it.  I had never really seen that arch path before and I thought I was going to push every putt 3 feet right of the hole.  Needless to say, I made 25 straight 8 foot putts before we re-tested with my favorite putter of the bunch (the Ping Sigma 2 Tyne 4, which also happened to be the cheapest, go figure).
      The thing that was instantly attractive about this putter was the fact that it could be adjusted for length.  I’m 5’8”, take an athletic posture with my putter, and have long arms.  Long story short, I need a short putter, but everything you can buy off the rack comes between 33-35” (or so it seems).  We cranked it down to 32.5” and bent the loft to 1 degree.  Oh……….my…………GAWD!!!  I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!!!
      Eye Candy (aka Looks)
      First off the looks.  This think is a beauty! 

      I love the tynes off the back, makes me think of a fighter jet’s wings.  Who doesn’t love fighter jets?!?  As an added bonus, they are very useful when picking the ball up after you just lagged that 40 footer to inside of 1 foot! 

      The stock pistol grip is phenomenal as well.  It really helps me to get my thumbs on top of the grip and parallel to each other. 

      People seem to either love or hate insert putters.  I get it, there is soft and then there is too soft.  Not many people want to feel like they are hitting the golf ball with a marshmallow attached to a shaft.  The dual insert on the Ping Sigma 2 putter line is perfect for me.  Soft enough to feel good at impact, but not soft enough to make you question if you hit it hard enough.

      I absolutely enjoy putting practice now!  Get this, you ready for it?  I’ve taken nothing but my putter to the golf course and spent over 1hr putting with my kids!?!  Crazy right? Who does that???  Not a single driver, iron, or wedge hit.  Pure putting. That’s how much I love this putter and how much confidence it gives me.
      I’ve only had two rounds with it, but I’ve had 30 and 31 putts with it so far.  Both of those rounds had at least 3 putts that either lipped out or stopped within 1” of the hole.  Only one 3-putt (and that was on a 60 foot putt, all of my playing partners 3-putted that horrible green lol).  From 5-8 feet, I feel like it is going in all the time.
      Had I the foresight to know that I would be joining MGS, I would have taken stats with my previous putters (yeah, I’m the guy who had like 7 putters all on the bench ready to get in the game whenever the starter started 3-putting) and run an ANOVA on putting metrics to see if this new putter is significantly better or if it is all in my head.  I have since sold those putters and am on the road to a single putter relationship.  You have to give this putter a try if you like the looks of a mallet style fang putter.  It also scored well this year and the previous model as well last year in the MSG putter tests.
      Give this thing a look!!!!  I think I’m going to go roll some putts on my carpet!!!
    • By Green Sheep Productions
      Hey all, 
      Anyone bought one of Vice's stand bags? The barrel of my bag is about to die, have been eyeing these off... But I hate buying something I haven't seen in the flesh (?) before. My favourite bag was from a gone bust company called Lind Golf, but can't find a bag with as many features. 
      Unfortunately not heaps of pictures of the Vice bag that aren't dolled up and taken from a romantic angle. 
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