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Men's League Formats

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Hello friends, long time since I've posted but I need some honest opinions. I'm in charge of running the Men's league at my course and I am having second thoughts about how the format has been the previous few years. The Men's league consists of teams of 4-8 players (roughly 15 teams so far) that play 9 holes. Scoring is based off of the 3 best net scores and the lowest gross score. We currently have 20 weeks of league play scheduled.


So here is my problem. We have teams of 4 where the lowest handicap is 23 (Team A), and we have teams of 8 where there are 4 players that have 15 or lower handicaps(Team B). I feel that this is unfair to Team A that their low gross may be 45, where team B can have 4 guys all put rounds of 43 or lower.


One possible resolution I have thought of has been to take the lowest 3 net scores, and then take the lowest gross from the remaining players on the team. My other thought was to run a 10 week season of the 3 net 1 gross, followed by a 10 week season where scoring is based off of 4 net scores (which I have found to be the most common format for league play to keep everything equal between skill levels).


I will note that I will have a full season (20 week) net scoring average table going as well to keep track of individual scores.


I want to hear of other formats that leagues have used that were fair to all players or any other suggestions you may have to keep the 36 handicap in the same ballpark as the 2 handicap.



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We play 3 man teams. Low net gets a point a hole. 3 point for winning the match. My team is myself and two of my friends at +20 each. I have shot 32 and we have lost matches. But it makes it fun when you know all that matters is that hole. It just from May 10 thru Labor Day. And then playoffs. It's not for everyone but we have fun



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We have two person teams and play 9 hole four-ball matches with points accumulated for holes won over the course of the season

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