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Aberdeen, Scotland UK.

Handicap 5.0 (Royal Aberdeen)

Current irons: Ping S55 KBS Tour Stiff +3/4" White Dot

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First Name - Bradd

Home State/Province/Country - New Jersey / USA

Current Handicap - 11.6

Current Iron Set - Mizuno MP54


I would really like to test the theory of "rethinking cast clubs"  I love Ping woods and hybrids.   I would love to play the Ping Irons, I would love to test the feel.  

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Ontario, Canada

Handicap 20

Current irons - Cobra Amp cell

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Posting a second time with corrected signature this time.  The Mizuno's 850 forged are gone from the bag, could not hit them high enough.  Back to my long time favorite S56s.  Just need more forgiveness.  Please!





Ping S56s

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Grimsby, N.E. Lincolnshire




Taylor made Rocket ballz 2 inches cut off standard length and 1 degree flat on the lie.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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HDCP. 13.5

Ping Eye2+ 


Yes, have been using Ping Eye 2 (zz-lite) and Eye2+ (re-shafted with KBS Tour 90) going back to 1984.  Yes, that's not a typo.  Maybe am 'old school' but maybe now is a good time for a change, probably with quality graphite shafts (if avail).

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First Name - Dave

Home State/Province/Country - FL/Temple Terrace/Hillsborough

Current Handicap - 1.4

Current Iron Set - Mizuno MP-69

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Thank you MyGolfSpy for this wonderful opportunity.. even if not chosen to participate, I look forward to the testing information provided by the testers.


First Name - Tony

Home State/Province/Country - Wisconsin, USA

Current Handicap -  3 hcp

Current Iron Set - Ping G30


Although I am pleased with my Ping G30 irons, I have been looking hard at the i200 series.  I am looking for a bit more control and workability in a very forgiving package, and the i200 irons are being marketed as just that.  


I would very much like the opportunity to review these, provide feedback, and answer any question from other members.  I am also VERY interested to see how these stack up against the G30 irons in the forgiveness category.  The G30s are very forgiving.  I find it very hard to find good user comparisons between any of the game improvement irons and the i200s, since the fit different markets (GI vs Players irons). Ping states the MOI/forgiveness of the i200 irons matches that of earlier model G series game improvement irons, so I am really hoping a reviewer can provide that type of comparison to see how these truly stack up to the GI market.  I would also love to use some data to put these to the test against other irons using my Ernest Sports ES14.


I play 5x per week and practice in between, and feel I can provide a very well written and comprehensive review.  I also attend several demo days offered in my town through the summer, but rarely is there a PING vendor with any offerings for head to head comparisons, so reviewing these would be a very enjoyable experience, especially during a demo day where I can do some additional comparisons.  


I would enjoy testing these, even if they needed to be returned!


Thank you, 



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Name: Bob


Province: British Columbia


HC: 11


Current irons: Ping i20


Would love to try and find out what improvements have been made over my current i20's!

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    • By mr.hicksta
      Vessel Player 2.0 14-Way Stand Bag
       G410 Plus 9º (45") | ACCRA TZ5 65 M4 (70g, tipped 1/2", D2) 
       G410 3W 14.5º (43") | ACCRA TZ5 75 M4 (78g, tipped 1 1/2", D2)
      G410 2H 18º (40.75") | ACCRA TZ5 95H M4 (95g, tipped 1 1/2", D2)
       G410 4 Crossover 23º (39.25") | ACCRA TZ5 95H M4 (95g, tipped 1 1/2", D3)
      Epon AF-505 5-PW | Nippon Pro Modus3 Tour130 S (124g, Hard Stepped, 5-9 D3, PW D4)
      RTX 4 50••, 54••, 58•• | Nippon Pro Modus3 Tour130 X (129g, Soft Stepped, D4, D5, D6)
      PXG Bat Attack Gen2 (33") | KBS CT Tour Putter
       Pro V1x

      Accessories: Bushnell Pro XE, Golf Pride Tour Velvet/Tour Velvet 360 grips, Ping Tour and Sport Gloves,  Robert Mark Golf and Dormie Workshop headcovers/putter cover, Club Glove pocket towel, Cayce Golf caddy towel and custom Epoch S3 tees.

    • By THEZIPR23
      Almost a total remodel of the bag.

       Epic Flash SZ 10.5 set at -1 N Graphite Design Tour AD TSG Blue X (45")
      M3 15 set at -2 Paderson Fairway KG 860-F30 S
      Epic Flash SZ 18 set at S N Tensei AV Blue 70 X
       Z585 4 & 5 KBS C Taper S
       Z785 6-AW KBS C Taper S
       Glide Forged 56 KBS Hi Rev 2.0
       Glide Forged 60 KBS Hi Rev 2.0
       SS 28 CS 33"
      Driver: Thank you MGS, flat out the best driver I have ever had in the bag.
      3W: A random purchase after being unable to hit the original epic 3w. Put same shaft that I was fit for in the epic and it has been a match made in heaven. Absolute money from the tee and I know exactly what it will do from the fairway. Combined with the driver there are not many par 5's that I can't reach. 
      5W: Solid club but this spot has always been a trouble spot in my bag and that hasn't changed in 20 years. 
      Irons: Love the combo and they feel absolutely amazing. All of them are 1* strong, standard lie and +1/2" Biggest thing I was looking for in making the change was more control. They definitely fly different than P790's but hopefully after an adjustment period they will meet or exceed my expectations. 
      Wedges: A different look from what I am used to but feel is amazing. The shaft on full swings is so easy for me to deliver correctly. 
      Putter: Not a fast revolving door but one that moves some. Have gotten used to the look of the center shaft but still struggling with alignment some. 
      Ball: Titleist PROV1X #23 imprinted with THEZIPR in blue. Have played this ball since its birth and while I have tried many other options nothing has been able to kick it out. 
      Rangefinder: Bushnell PRO X2 
      Glove: Footjoy Weathersof. Love the Ping tour glove but at the rate I go through gloves I just can't justify the price difference.
      Shoes: Ecco Biom G 3 BOA and Biom Hybrid 3 BOA. Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. 

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      When it comes to PING many things come to mind, quality, engineering, performance and irons are among the first things most people will think of.   And with the release earlier this year of the G410 irons, PING has hit on each one of those characteristics. 
      Following the huge success of the G400 irons, PING has hit a home run with the striking black and red colors of this iron, as well as a being a bit more streamlined in all the right places.   PING has achieved the rare feat of providing an iron that has a profile appealing to even the most discerning of golfers, but yet still offering the forgiveness and help that higher handicaps look for. 

      We are looking for three forum members to join staff member Golfspy_Stroker in testing, reviewing and keeping a set of these G410's built to their custom specs.  Testing will require a nearly two month commitment of putting the irons in play on the course, at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum thorough out the process. 
      As an extra bonus to the irons, the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos.  The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to arccos.  After that the tester would be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it.   It will be a great way to add data to your review. 
      PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence.   All you have to do to be eligible for the testing is follow the below instructions.
      In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying!
      First Name/State or Country of residence
      Current irons in Play
      The carry distance of the your 7 iron
      That's it.   Good luck to everybody
      We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!


      Please join me in congratulating these members selected from a very large and diverse applicant pool:

      Official announcement here:
    • By Tom Dundas
      50-12, 54-12, AND 60-14
      Used 3 times.
      $300.00 for the 3.

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Shankster and PING Blueprint Irons---A Match Made in Heaven? 
      Every so often we do a special review of a club on MGS.   Usually it's when the OEM provides us with one set or one driver etc for review, it's not practical to open it up to over 500 to 1,000 applications and pick just one person.
      So when the Blueprint review was generously offered by PING with the stipulation it went to a member who was a true low single digit handicap, we discussed as a group who would be an ideal member to reach out to test these beauties. Honestly at least half a dozen names came to mind, but some of them were already involved in a testing or had just completed one.  
      Then one name really jumped out at us,  Shankster.   Not just because he fit the handicap requirement, but if there is any one person on this site who is a more of a traditionalist and prefers the minimalist design in a club than Alan, we don't know who it is.  
      When we reached out to Shankster, it took him about 1 minute to say yes, and that's only because he was recovering from the shock of being asked and making sure he wasn't being punked!     We had to work through the timing of his move from Michigan to Maryland, but all that got sorted out.
      Not knowing exactly when today he'll get his post up, I'll leave you with a few of these.

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