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Head Covers for Whole Bag?


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Who cares what anyone else thinks. If iron covers make you feel better, then rock em.

I personally don't use them. My irons are tools for digging in the dirt. I don't worry about scratches or nicks.

I do keep head covers on my woods and hybrids mostly to protect the shafts from my irons, also my putter because that's a finely tuned instrument.



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I don't care what anyone thinks. They can kiss my... I was just wondering how many people had that stigma of using them.


Like I said originally I don't use them, but I will.


Everyone is saying they are tools. I'm a mechanic, when I am done with my tools I clean them, inventory, and store properly which includes putting them in a box with foam cut outs. I beat the heck out of those things, but they pay the bills so I take care of them.


Same for my clubs I guess. They make me smile or want to throw them in the lake, but they get the utmost respect from me.


Unnecessary damage do to cart chatter is preventable. Just seems smart to me.


Lots of good stuff here. Keep it coming.



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I use these. They have velcro to stay on the club & are well padded



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Bulldog - thanks for this lead. They look great on line. I bought two sets one for myself and one for my wife. For 19. How can you go wrong.



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I put head covers on irons when traveling, other than that they go around nekked.  Like Brian, I keep the head covers on the driver, FW, hybrids and putter during the round. Except, of course, when I'm using them....

Take them off when using them???


Ooohhhh!!!  ;)

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What's In The Bag

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Datrek DG Lite  

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Only cover the driver, fairway woods, hybrid, and putter and once the round starts I take the driver cover off.Even though I just got the new Epic Sub Zero. I am careful to push all the clubs down so they do not reach the driver. Also we don't drive to crazy on the course.



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Still a no for me. My solution was a different bag. Used to have a Bagboy Revolver and switched last season to the Ogio Silencer.


Fixes all of those issues without having to put head covers on my irons. Even without that bag though I still wouldn't rock them.


Woods, hybrids and putter. Nothing else gets a cover for me.


I switched to Ogio too and couldn't be happier! There is no clanking on the clubs and my irons show no signs of it. The secret is the 14-slot bag, life changer!

Just can't bring myself to use covers for the whole bag



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I have covers on my driver, hybrids, & putter. Poor irons have to fend for them selves.  Actually pending what putter I'm gaming it may not wear one. 

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Funny thing is that I don't cover my putter while playing. Reason is putter well in bag protects it and it gets used on every hole.

Even tho dr gets used alot, cover it to protect the paint


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I'm on the keep .. almost .. everything covered side.


If I seem to be pulling a particular iron or hybrid, or anticipate using it on an upcoming shot, it may stay uncovered for a while.


For the irons found thin, lightweight neoprene covers on eBay which are just enough and were only like $3.50 for the set.


I spend more time cleaning the clubface than slipping the little cover back on. But that's just .. [emoji445] Me and my OCD [emoji445] ....


Question - being curious and not argumentative - to the guys who like the clank-clank-clank:

When you're hitting a shot .. tee, fairway, putt .. do you prefer quiet, or are you able to focus / tune out all background noise?


When I'm trying to hit, if there's​ a clank-clank-clank near me I get distracted too easily ...

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I HATE COVERS!!! Sorry Shankster ;)


I just started putting a head cover on my driver because I got a dent on the top but for the most part, I like to let my boys breathe!


Reasons why I don't use head covers:


1. They make a slow game, slower. Take em off, put em on, it's just more stuff that slows my game down.


2. It doesn't look good. I have a bag full of beautiful forged irons! It would be a crime to hide that glistening steel from my fellow golfers!


3. I play so much golf that there is no hope of reselling my clubs in any case. I wear the faces out and club chatter doesn't really affect my grooves.


4. It's more stuff to carry. I walk (no hand cart) and I like to play fast and light. I often only put 11 or 12 clubs in my bag, use a super light bag (Titleist 4up stadry stand bag ((sub 4lbs)) and only carry 3 or 4 balls.


So that's my style, fast and light. Do I judge golfers with iron covers? No but I do judge slow golfers! If you want to protect your babies, I totally get it, just do so in a timely manner! :)

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Wedges: :benhogan-small:  TK, 52* & 56*

Putter:  :ping-small: Sigma G Kushin 

Bag:  :ping-small: Hoofer 5way

Balls:  :taylormade-small: TP5/X



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Why is everyone in such a rush? You're gonna have to wait regardless. If you are getting pushed from the group behind you... dang. It literally takes .3 seconds to put a cover on. I haven't time it but that sounds like a good number.


And do you wash and wax your car? Boat? ATV? I don't own any RV type stuff. My clubs get that attention. Nothing worse than staring down at your favorite club with a big knick in the top line. Maybe it's just me.


Be one with the course, take your time. I play fast but I always clean my club after each shot. It might be in the cart on the way to the next shot but I don't have a green growing on the face.


And Forged steel is soft. Very soft.


Say it with me now....


"I am one with the course, the course is with me!"



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I remember getting teased a bit by my dads golf partner Kevin about having head covers on my irons as a kid. I was thinking in my head, really ya JA!


Here's my take on why I am making headcovers for all of my irons, wedges, and utility clubs.


Disclaimer: I currently do not have iron covers, and I mostly ride in a cart. This year my goal is to walk 75% of the time.


First: It is an investment. You spend $$$ on these little pieces of steel.


Second: That sound of club faces clacking together down the fairway makes me cringe. There are grooves on those things!!!


Third: Nothing makes me more angry than a chip in the top of my putter, driver, etc.


I got that 712u last year and it is forged. Wow, it took a beating. So this year it will be rocking a lost sock till I get the head covers made.


I am looking to purchase the Cobra King LTD's very soon. That's a $1200 investment for me, pretty good chunk of cash considering my truck was only $3000. If they get beat by cart traffic I would be a little upset.


My current gamers are cast and they still take a beating. Even if my new set is cast I will be putting the head covers on them, as I plan to have them for a while.


Wedges... these things give the second most entertainment in the bag if you ask me. Nothing cooler than executing a wedge shot that stops, spins, and zips a cross the green. Why let those faces get beat up?


Putter is obvious to me. Cover is a must.


My 52° TM wedge has a massive dent in the face from one outing in a cart.


What do you all think?


Would you rock some head covers on your irons and wedges after reading this?




- Al

I'll take the beating on my clubs for the sake of keeping my man card. And as far as the iron clacking, for me it was a confidence booster playing in tournaments and walking with my chest up and my irons making a rhythmic noise. I can see where you are coming from though, all jokes aside.



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Putter- Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2.5 Silver Mist edition 

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