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You've got to respect her space and individuality, and she's got to respect yours. That's the basis of a good relationship. If one or neither of you are able to do that, you've got to cut and run!


Ping i15 Driver 9.5° Stiff

Ping i25 Fairway 15° Stiff

Kasco k2k 44 Utility 19° Stiff

Kasco k2k 55 Utility 22° Stiff

Miura CB-501 Irons 5-9 KBS Tour Stiff

Scratch 8620 d/d grind PW 47°

Scratch 8620 d/d grind GW 53°

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 SW 58° 2 dot

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 LW 60° 1 dot

Never Compromise Putter Sub 30 Type-50

Snell MTB

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I'm sorry that many of you have to negotiate with your significant others to play golf.  I guess it's time to resurrect this classic from @jbil8802   A guy and his new wife were sitting at breakfast

I  met my wife on the golf course, married her on the golf course, and we play golf every weekend and some weekdays in the evening.  Simple.

I met my current girlfriend last October, towards the end of the golfing season. For the last 6 months, we've spent most weekend days together, mostly because I like spending time with her, buuuuuuutt

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