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Signing up to get notification of Kirkland golf ball and new equipment reviews. I also am interested in course reviews and strategy. And if anyone can tell me how to hit accurately I will be listening. I play to a 12 Hdcp. I had a Krank 5 driver until yesterday when the head cracked. It was a really cool club that I got with a 10$ raffle ticket. Added 10-15 yards over my previous fitted TM. It will be missed😢

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Welcome from the Pacific Northwest!  Glad you joined us.

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Welcome abroad



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    • By Justinius
      Just a new member checking in from Arizona. As the topic alludes to, I share a name with one of the young up and comers on the tour. It certainly gets me some great reactions, but I honestly wish I could have half of his game.
      As for me, I am playing off of a 25.8 handicap. I have lost over 130 pounds this year which has drastically affected my swing. I am starting to feel like I am making better contact and that my scores will start to come down in the near future. I am always open to suggestions, especially on how to groove the proper inside-out swing.
      I look forward to being a part of Mygolfspy!
    • By TFrye

      I can't get enough golf! Glad to part of the community.
      I didn't get into golf until later in life. (I wish I had started as a toddler ). I have spent approx 80% of the last three summers at the range grinding it out with lessons, deliberate & focused practice etc.and not really seeing the results. 
      This summer I decided to flip the script and have spent ~80% of my time playing, and only hitting the range sporadically. I try and play a local par 3 course weekly, as well play 9 holes x2 weekly at a traditional course. My short game has improved dramatically which is probably the real reason for the lower scores and not so much cutting out the range
      I'm playing some pretty good golf (for me) and am shooting in the mid to high 80s consistently I have never been able to do that in years past.
      Now I just have to get use to and comfortable playing with others, as I pretty much always play solo. But as my scores improve so does my confidence.

      - Cheers!
    • By robot1
      Greetings fellow members. Just joined the forum today. Started playing golf later in life and discovered a passion for the game. My handicap is at 13 and aiming for single digit this year. I hope to gain plenty of insight into the latest trends in golf equipment and techniques in this forum.  
    • By Peaksy68
      Thanks to a very generous offer from downlowkey (and Shankster) I have been able to put the Kirkland Signature into play. They are unavailable in Australia, and downlowkey sent me a sleeve, which as I've already mentioned, was incredibly generous.
      Enough background, now to the ball.
      I've been playing Srixon Z Stars for years, through several generations. I normally start each competition round with a new ball, but forgot to stock up my bag prior to my round. As a result I picked the best of the used Z Stars in my bag.
      Although not directly ball related, I struggled through 13 holes, 12 over and not enjoying myself. I decided the time was right to try out the K-sig, things couldn't get much worse.
      Blocked my first drive with it into a fairway bunker on a 530 yard par 5. Caution to the wind, I played a 3 wood (first time ever from the sand) and flushed it 230 yards. A 70 yard pitch awaited. Solid contact and the ball flew about pin high, and stopped a few feet after landing. After excessive spin frustrating me a couple of times earlier in the round I was pleased to see the ball pretty much drop and stop.
      Off the putter, the K-sig appears to be a little slower off the face than the Z Star, the first 3 holes with it, I thought I had good speed, only to see them not roll out as much as expected. The last 2 holes I hit a little firmer, and both were good, one that broke 10 yards down and across a steep tier, and a 15 foot one putt on the last.
      Well struck irons stopped well, even one from deep rough.
      I played the last 5 holes in even par, 4 greens in regulation, one on the fringe.
      Distance was very similar to the Z Star, and spin with irons was just right. Once I adjusted to the feel off the putter, I was pretty happy with it on the greens.
      First impressions are very positive on the Kirkland Signature.
    • By 747-HEAVY
      I'm just a good ole barnstormer from Dixie. MYGOLFSPY has always been my go to for golf industry info. The forums are great and I look forward to giving my 2 cents worth. 
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