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New or used balls?


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I used to play new all the time and just stick to the lessor priced models.  Then a few years ago I took a chance on some used balls and was very pleased.  Since then I buy used balls for all of my casual rounds and keep some new balls for important tournaments and such to make sure I get the performance I want.  It has allowed me to step up the class of ball I use as my game has improved, but not break the bank.  As a general rule I don't lose many balls, but every once in a while I have a round where the wheels fall off and I donate a lot of balls to the course.  It hurts a lot less when I am not losing $2+ at a time. 


Honestly I find the performance to be right on par with the new balls.  More than a couple times I have done a comparison for a round when the course is slow.  Throughout the round I hit just as many quality shots with both and saw no discernible difference in distance, flight, or short game characteristics.  Obviously there are a lot of factors to this and it isn't a perfect test, but it is good enough for me. 


As at least one other user stated, I will not play refurbished balls, my experience with them is that they are junk.

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I wait for sales on ebay for the AAAAA quality used (never refurbished).  Can usually get the bridgestone e6's for $100 Canadian for 100 balls and free shipping.  Just have to wait until they are on sale.

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I almost never play new and usually play balls I have found on the course. I don't keep every ball I find; just those that have similar performance metrics. Balls all seem to perform pretty consistently for me, but maybe I should try something that is new and see if it does make a difference.

Just give golf ball nut a chance. You will not be sorry. I agree with the others ,, stay away from referbs.



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The good people at golfballnut.com are where I purchase golf balls. They have recently made changes to their website, but they are still easy and good to do business with. The sales are when I make my golf ball purchases. I usually can get E6's for my league partner and NXT tours for myself. I have never paid more than $10 per dozen, often less. I always get mint grade balls, they are usually current year models, and at worst last years model. New balls? Naaa, worry or fret if I loose some during a round? ,, naa, am I happy and satisfied with used balls? ,, you bet your putter I am. Take dead aim



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When I first started about 3 years ago I used all recycled balls. As my dispersion got better I went to new balls. Now I only buy new balls, but only when they are one sale. I found a bunch of RBZ Urethane $20CAD a dozen unreal find. I'll never run out of those now. lol




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I have purchased used balls, they work just fine for just playing around but always get new balls for tournament play.

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I find used balls are great to practice at home with, but as I play more I can feel and see the performance of new vs old. I'll buy last year balls beginning of next year.


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I play both, usually used balls for practice or casual rounds and new for tournaments. I tend to shop eBay for good deals because I can usually get free shipping as well.


I too stay away from the refurbished balls.

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I've been buying the "5A" ball from a popular used site for quite a while now. Typically I'll get 48 of a tour quality ball i.e. Pro V, B330, Z Star etc. normally 40 or more look like 1st tee jitters into the woods. If your patient and wait for discounts, you can save big time vs new. That said, I've really liked the new Q Star tour. At $30 it's a great ball.



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