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  Did you receive the replacement ?  If so, how is the view ?



Just got the shipping confirmation on my replacement. The length is no fault on them it took me a while to get it back to them! They received it Friday and already have the replacement on the way! 

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I won mine a few weeks ago and I am really excited to try it on the course on the weekend. I'll post something on here next week with my review



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I just posted my Stage 2 review. It is located on the first page of the thread.

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I just posted my Stage 2 review. It is located on the first page of the thread.


Nice stuff! Enjoyed reading your stage 2. I just recently bought a Bushnell - I wanted to buy the NX7 Pro, but Amazon won't ship rangefinders to Hawaii. Like you, I never had a rangefinder either and also relied on the range for distances, and the sprinkler heads and course markings during rounds. When I first stepped on the range to test it out, wow had I underestimated my personal distances! More so if the range balls actually fly less than the ones I game now! I really think a rangefinder is a necessary tool and I would have loved to get the NX7 pro during their $50 off promotion.

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My Stage 2 review is up!  Let me know if anyone has any questions about the NX7 Pro!



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PrecisionPro NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder – Official MGS Forum Review by MDGolfHacker

Stage 2 Review




If you didn't read my stage 1 review, you can read it here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/19430-official-forum-member-review-precision-pro-nx7-laser-rangefinder/?p=283085


In this stage 2 review, the PrecisionPro NX7 Pro will be going up against my tried and trusted rangefinder, the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500.




Here is the tail of the tape from their prospective website/documentation:


  PrecisionPro NX7 Pro Laser Rangefinder Specifications:

·         Adaptive Slope Technology allows you to toggle between elevation measuring Slope and tournament legal Non-Slope modes. Provides (play as) distances in Slope mode.

·         Pulse Vibration Technology gives a quick Pulse when locked on to the target so you know what you've hit.

·         Accuracy +/- 1 Yard- gives you the confidence to choose the correct club each time.

·         (TAG) Target Acquisition Technology- scans your field of view and locks in on the target to ensure you get the yardage to the target, not what's behind the target.

·         400 Yard Measuring Range- ensures you'll never be out of range of the target.

·         1/10 Yard Measurements- an added layer of accuracy to give you the confidence that your distance is correct.

·         High Speed SD Laser- picks up distance readings in under 1 second.

·         Water Resistant Design- ensures the NX7 can be used in wet and rainy conditions without issue.

·         Shock Proof Design- helps to survive the drops, tosses, any other impact on the golf course.

·         6X Magnification- brings the target 6 times closer to you for improved viewing and target acquisition.

·         Multi Distance Mode- easily switch between yards and meters depending on your unit of measure.

·         Tournament Legal you should always check with the rules committee, but the NX7 Rangefinder is legal for tournaments that allow distance measuring devices.

·         2 Year Warranty- if anything happens to the NX7 Rangefinder during the normal course of use we will quickly replace or repair the product for you.

·         Free Battery Replacements- provides free battery replacement for the life of your product (CR2 3V battery).

·         Approximate weight 4-5ounces

·         Cost: $249, but currently has a $50 rebate until June 30th, 2017 and an additional $10 off for signing up for their email list.



  Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 (Non-slope) Specifications:

·         Bushnell states that the Pinseeker 1500 laser rangefinder has their patented digital technology that allows range readings from 5-1500 yards / 5-1372 meters.

·         The Bushnell 1500 Measures 1.7 x 5.1 x 3.7 inches

·         It weighs 10-ounces

·         It delivers an accuracy of  +/- one yard.

·         The the Pinseeker 1500 features Selective Targeting Modes (Pinseeker mode that picks out the flag against background targets that have a stronger signal strength like trees or bushes and a Standard Scan mode).

·         It has a 100% Waterproof Construction, and Bushnell's RainGuard® coating.

·         The Pinseeker 1500 can be used to measure distances in yards or meters.

·         Magnification: 7x

·         Objective Diameter: 26 mm

·         Display: LCD

·         Power Source: 9-volt alkaline battery (user supplied)

·         Field Of View: 340 ft. @ 1000 yards

·         Extra Long Eye Relief: 19mm

·         Exit Pupil: 3.7 mm

·         Built-In Tripod Mount

·         Includes case and strap

·         Cost: No longer manufactured, but when new, $399


I picked up the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 in 2005, right after my Nikon laser stopped working when it tumbled out of a cart during a round.  At the time, there were smaller units out there, but I liked that the Pinseeker was bigger, affording me the ability to hold the unit more steady with both hands to laser the flag and other objects.  It feels solid when you hold it, giving you an impression that it was engineered to take the physical bumps that accompanies being used during a round.  It has a high grip surface to prevent slippage.  In the 12 years I've had the unit, the only thing that has gone wrong with it is that the adjustable eyepiece came off and was lost (it hasn't affected usability though).  It has survived multiple drops and the occasional toss into the golf cart cubbies.


The NX7 Pro is small, much smaller than the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500.  It is also much lighter WITH the battery.  The materials that the NX7 Pro is made of looks like high quality plastics with a patterned rubber skin.  I like the look of the NX7 Pro as it gives the rangefinder a modern look especially with the green and black color scheme.  I can hold the entire unit in one hand to laser an object. The patterned rubber area doesn't feel as grippy as the one on the Pinkseeker 1500, but it didn't make a difference in day to day use.  Being small and light, I do not get the sense that the NX7 Pro could take a few of the tumbles that the Pinseeker 1500 has taken, but I did not test this out as the 2 year warranty is only for operational defects.


The NX7 Pro got a lot of use the last two months as did the Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 for comparison since I am the type of player to laser different objects multiple times to ensure I have the correct yardages.  This, along with my SkyCaddie SG5, paint a “distance” picture for me so I can intelligently make a club choice, or better yet, avoid hazards J.  Of course implementation of the shot is a whole different animal ;)



There isn't much to setup with the NX7 Pro.  The battery is pre-installed and the only physical thing you may want to do is add the loop strap to the NX7 Pro body.  Using the device is straight forward.  It was set to the non-slope mode out of the box and I referred to the manual to determine how to set it to the slope mode setting.  Once in slope mode, I've pretty much left it in that setting.  There is no external physical way to determine if the slope function is on or off, unlike some of the other range finders out in the market that replace the front portion of the laser range finder to denote what mode the laser range finder is in.  The instructions were easy to understand and there is no additional setup needed to use the NX7 Pro.


Setup Score out of 10: 10


On Course Performance:

I was pretty excited to use the NX7 Pro on the course and compare it to the Pinseeker 1500.  The first thing I noticed before lasering the first pin on the course was while looking through the eyepiece, the NX7 Pro had a smaller viewing area than the Pinseeker 1500.  It was like looking through a hole the size of a dime on the NX7 Pro compared to looking through a hole the size of a quarter on the Pinseeker 1500.  It was noticeable enough that Carolina Golfer 2, who purchased the NX7 Pro outside of this test, had asked me about it since he had used my Pinseeker 1500 on other occasions.  It's not a deal breaker and I eventually got used to it, but it is something to note.  The NX7 Pro is comfortable holding it near the eye.


The viewing area is fairly bright, with no detected anomalies in the viewing area.  The digital overlay is sharp and stood out well against most backgrounds.  On the darker backgrounds, the digital display can get a little lost as the black text overlay doesn't stand out as well.  There is no option to change the color of the overlay.


Magnification on the NX7 Pro is similar to the Pinseeker 1500 so I had no problems honing in on a flag or object get the distance.


Due to the small size and light weight, I had to sometimes steady myself against the golf cart or use two hands to laser flags that were farther away, especially on windier days. Not too much of an issue as the Pinseeker 1500 can require the use of both hands at times, but the larger and heavier Pinseeker 1500 was easier to steady.  The upside to the small size is that it was easy to get in and out of the case.  It took a second or two at the most to unlatch the case, pull out the NX7 Pro and laser the pin or object.


While I didn't have a stop watch to do a real timed test on how fast the NX7 Pro acquires a lock on the flag, I did compare the NX7 Pro against the Pinseeker 1500, PAGolfer2017's Bushnell Tour V3, a friend's Leopold and an NX7 Pro owned by Carolina Golfer 2.  In general, the NX7 Pro's speed to give distance/slope was on par (pun intended) with the Pinseeker 1500, but a step or two behind PAGolfer2017's Bushnell V3 and my buddy's Leopold.  The NX7 Pro used in this test and Carolina Golfer 2's NX7 Pro time to acquire a distance to the flag seemed to be exactly the same.  Not a deal breaker, especially for the price that the NX7 Pro is going for right now.  It did not slow down my pace of play nor was it noticeable to me during the rounds where I switched between the NX7 Pro and the Pinseeker 1500.  It was much more noticeable when comparing it with the Leopold and the Tour V3 though.


The Pulse vibration technology worked well, shaking the unit to let me know that the NX7 Pro has locked on the target.  The Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) worked to a certain degree.  I did end up lasering some of the background trees instead of the flag at times, but that could of been because I was not holding the unit steady enough to get a good reading on the flagstick.


While the NX7 Pro has the ability to get the distance down to the tenth of a yard, I found this to be distracting.  I know my game isn't good enough to hit a shot to a tenth of a yard so displaying the distance to the yard would have sufficed for me, plus the tenth of a yard measurement was inconsistent. I am the type of golfer that will laser a flag two or three times to ensure my first reading is accurate.  The distance given to the tenth of a yard fluctuated greatly, even with a very stationary object like a large boulder or tree trunk.  I expected that if I lasered a stationary object then the distance shown should be constant, even to the tenth of a yard.  With the NX7 Pro, it would return a distance that at times fluctuated as much as one to two yards.


Note the distance difference from the first photo to the second.  







I liked that the NX7 Pro didn't have a faceplate to swap out to enable the slope function, but this presented a quandary for me when I went to play in a 3 round tournament that didn't allow a slope device.  While I knew I could and had turned off the slope function to make it tournament legal, there is not external way to discern if the slope function is turned on or off externally.  I didn't want to take the chance that someone might think I was using a slope device so I ended up just using the Pinseeker 1500 instead.


The NX7 Pro fits comfortably in my hand where I can and have operated it with one hand.  It is light weight enough to not tire out your arms while using it.


If I were to design the next NX7 Pro, I would keep the basic shape and design, do away with the tenths display, change the text overlay seen through the ocular piece to maybe have a white shadow around the black text display to make it stand out against dark backgrounds,  and ensure that the NX7 Pro was consistent in the yardage display.  A larger field of view would also add to the overall Precision Pro NX7 Pro experience.


The case for the NX7 Pro has a couple of features to note.  There are two pass through straps on the back of the case to directly attach the case to the strap that holds your golf bag to a push/powered golf cart.  It also has the standard zipper to keep the NX7 Pro secured or like the newer Bushnell laser rangefinder cases, an elastic strap that connects to a peg on the front of the case that allows you to leave the case zippered yet closed. All you have to do is unhook the strap from the peg and then pull out the NX7 Pro.  This saves you time in that you don't have to unzip the case to pull out the NX7 Pro to use it but still keeps it secured to the cart.  It also has a carabiner to connect to either a loop on your bag or to the cart.  The problem I have with this is that the carabiner is a low quality carabiner!  I initially attached the case via the carabiner and was fortunate enough to discover that the latch had broken which, if it happened while driving the cart on the course, would of easily resulted in the loss or potential damage of the NX7 Pro.  If you decide to purchase a NX7 Pro, I would highly recommend that you replace the carabiner immediately!






Performance Score out of 40: 20

-10 points for inconsistent distance displayed

-10 points for the low quality carabiner that could cause the potential loss of the NX7 Pro


Post Round

The cool thing about having a the NX7 Pro laser is that after your round is finished, you literally put it back into its hardshell case, throw it back into your bag and it's ready to be used for the next round.  There is no editing or uploading of any data.


Post Round Score out of 15: 15


Subjective (Looks):

I really like the look of the NX7 Pro with a modern color scheme of light green, the black patterned rubber body grip and some angled sections .


Looks Score out of 15: 15


Likelyhood of Purchase:

The NX7 Pro has a lot going for it.  Pricing right now is from their website is at $250 with a $50 mail in rebate good through 6/30/2017.  If you signed up to their email list, you can get an additional $10 as well, bringing your total down to $190 for a decently built laser range finder that has slope capabilities.  The 2 year warranty is average for the industry and if you buy it and don't like it, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.  The other nice feature is that they have a free battery replacement program for the NX7 Pro. I believe the unit will be good enough for the most golfers looking to move from using hard yardage markers, non-laser based measuring devices or eyeballing their distances. 


Likelihood of Purchase out of 20 points: 15

-5 points Except for the slope function, it's not much better than the Pinseeker 1500 I am using.


Subjective Notes:

I like the NX7 Pro and it has a lot going for it. It has a fairly modern design, decent warranty, cool battery replacement program and best of all, it is a fairly inexpensive laser with slope capabilities built in. Personally for me, except for the slope function, it's not much better than the Pinseeker 1500 I am using.  Additionally, with the variances with the distances given to the tenth of a yard, I am less apt to switch to the NX7 Pro from the Pinseeker 1500.  The optics are pretty decent and I did not detect any visual anomalies in the field of view.  You can use the laser at different angles without variances in the distance given (except for the aforementioned distance display issue)


Questions & Answers:

I haven't seen any questions posted in the thread, but I would be glad to answer any that haven't been covered by the review above.



Let me just say I like the Precision Pro NX7 Pro.  I think they have a great product on hand.  You just can't beat the pricing at $250 with a $50 mail in rebate and another $10 off for just signing up for their email list.  It's a great looking range finder, and you can use the laser in different positions.







If they can address a few of the issues I noted in my review:

inconsistent distance displayed to the tenth of a yard

- the low quality carabiner


they would definitely have a superior product to anything out on the market.


Setup Score: 10

Performance Score: 20

Post Round Score: 15

Looks Score: 15

Likelihood of Purchase: 15

Total Score: 75


Great review. I appreciate your extensive and clear review and photos. Thank you!!

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Great review. I appreciate your extensive and clear review and photos. Thank you!!

Thanks! If you have any questions about the NX7 Pro, post them here and we will be happy to try and answer them for you!



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I recently bought an nx7 precesion pro and I really like it.  Hi owever, I've had problems finding pins with many trees in the background.

Has anyone else had this issue ?



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I recently bought an nx7 precesion pro and I really like it.  Hi owever, I've had problems finding pins with many trees in the background.
Has anyone else had this issue ?

Mine only picks up the pin but then we do have reflectors on them. Most times its picked up the pin before my hand stops shaking.

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On 8/14/2019 at 6:43 PM, JohnFP said:

I recently bought an nx7 precesion pro and I really like it.  Hi owever, I've had problems finding pins with many trees in the background.

Has anyone else had this issue ?




  I haven't had any problems picking up flags with a bunch of trees in the background.  I'm sure you've tried this, but have you moved the reticle across the flag and check to see if the distance changes ?  The closest distance is the pin distance.  If it is a problem, return the unit where you bought it from (if it's within it's return period) or contact Precision Pro through one of the following methods and they will make it right.  Their customer service is top notch!




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On 8/14/2019 at 4:43 PM, JohnFP said:

I recently bought an nx7 precesion pro and I really like it.  Hi owever, I've had problems finding pins with many trees in the background.

Has anyone else had this issue ?



I haven't had any problems like that.

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