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Does anyone walk anymore?

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My drive to work cuts across the local club. I wouldn’t say riding carts out here in Denmark aren’t used since I’ve seen them offered, but I never see anyone using them. More push the cart rather than carry. All ages.

I gotta say, when everyone’s out pushing the cart and using their umbrella attachment, for some reason it reminds me of this.


Picture this, only it’s a golf course with golf carts and umbrellas.

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I walk with my MGI trolly 4-5 times a week. My course is very hilly and provides me 7 miles of exercise. 

Played golf for over 50 years until my health and business calendar reduced my time to less then 5 rounds a year. Then 4 years ago I retired, changed my diet and lifestyle, lost 100 pounds and got back on the course. Its been a struggle but things are getting better.

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I always walk. Or about that.
If playing a serious comp and wanting to stay fresh + I don't plan to play any stupid-crazy-one-in-a-million shots, then I use my manual push cart. I also do that when it's raining torrentially or super hot as that allows the use of the big brolly without having it in hands.

Rest of the time (90% of the golf I play): walking and carrying... much better for health, you can easily get to any ball with all your clubs, you don't lose time "parking" or suddenly realizing that you need something from your bag when it's 40 yards away, and so on.

Only time when I wish I was ridding? When there's super long distances between holes, but even then, the walk has great therapeutics properties, in the sense that it helps you really "move to the next hole" even if you eagled or badly bogeyed the previous one.

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Started walking 2 years ago. Bought a 3 wheel cart to take a load off the 60 year old back. Overall goes well. Couple summer days 90def 90humidity and I am whipped. Relatively hilly courses in foothills.


I visited a course and tried to walk, it was 300-500 yards between first 3 of 4 holes. That ended quickly.

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I prefer to walk.  I find it helps keep me loose gives me more time to flush a bad shot.  The only times I take a cart are if it’s required or I’m playing golf with my wife.

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There's a full size 9 hole course about 15 minutes from my house. Every year, I hear they are going to sell that course and turn it into housing lots. But so far so good. It's a great walking course. I have a Clicgear 3.5+ and I really enjoy the chance to take a long lunch now and then and get a nice walk in. I'll play it as many as 20 or more times per season. 

I think courses of that ilk are getting fewer and farther between. I get it though, it's all about the revenue. 

I got a bag full of Cobras.... Well, not the putter... yet.

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That is all I do and will be doing it for as long as I can. I play 75 rounds per year and am 71 years old. Walking helps keep me fit

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Pretty much every round locally is a walk and carry round. Just feels right and the two strap bags with more ergonomic design are really very light and comfortable. Usually ride when playing with my 83 yr old dad or a course that requires carts. 

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I prefer to walk versus a cart.  I need to get my steps in.  I also feel it is more relaxing way to play the game 

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Play two-three times a week usually except in winter. I'm 75 and walk unless 1) course is seriously unwalkable -- either terrain or distance between holes, 2) visiting a new place with friends who drive, 3) when on vacation. Cart path only for carts is usually terrible and time-consuming & usually can't walk those courses. Try to avoid making times when cart path only is only choice.  Happily home course has 3 nines, has hills but reasonable, walkable, interesting, and never have to ride...

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I prefer walking but probably use a driving cart 1/3 - 1/2 of the time. I also play better when I walk. 

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Every time I can -- I wish every course would let you walk or was laid out so that you could.  My only concession to convenience was converting my cliqgear push cart to an electric cart with the Alphard V2.  Didn't realize just how much I would enjoy that.


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Wedges:.   :vokey-small:Titleist Vokey SM7, 60* with Tour Flt stiff shaft

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The only way to play if you can walk.  I walk in our 9 hole league every week and then any other clubs that allow walking.  The club that I belong doesn't encourage walking because of the topography of the course and the distance between green to tee but walking is my preferred way to play the game.


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My Club is a 9hole played all year round, everyone walks bar one Gent who has a ride on buggy, I think cart golf is still reserved to the big ticket clubs in Scotland £££.

I always carried and moved to a 3wheel trolley for comp days.

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I play 150+ rounds per year. Unless it's a club tournament or outing that requires a cart, I prefer to walk. 


My impression is most golfers that are serious about posting a good score prefer to walk. When I think of playing form a cart, I immediately envision some millennial hacker with a bluetooth speaker, a cooler full of beers, and a 25 handicap, playing "Bro Golf". Bro, did you see that shot? Bro, this song rocks. Bro, I crushed that drive...into the woods.


Golf was invented as a walking sport. If you need to take a cart, fine, I'm just not playing with you.


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Love walking! Have always walked 9 holes with a push cart on League evenings, but rode 18 holes on the weekends/special events/etc. My bad right knee has made me apprehensive about walking 18 holes. My Wife surprised me this Christmas with an Alphard Club Booster V2 😍 so I don't have to push my cart, so I will try walking 18 this season.

It's not about how well you're playing, but who you're playing with.

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For me, it depends on what the rest of my day entails. If I'm trying to squeeze a quick 9 during the day with lots of responsibility later on, I will absolutely take a cart and zip around the course in 90min.

If I have the luxury of taking my time--kids are taken care of, no pressing familial or professional responsibility--I will walk with my push cart.

I've also found that when playing in a 4-some, walking is much quicker because everyone goes to their own ball and can think about what they want to do during the walk. It's why the term "cart golf" was invented.

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