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Does anyone walk anymore?

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There's a whole industry out there offering push carts. Understanding there are some golfers who have physical limitations that precludes walking, that there are some courses that are built on mountainsides, and a few mandate golf cart use ($), I believe the option to walk affords the player to experience the full experience of the game. Go for a remote controlled version? No excuse.

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I played yesterday and walked as part of a threesome. We were the only group walking and we caught the group in front of us. They were a foursome in carts and waited on them the whole day..Walkers on the course has become  a rare sighting.

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Yes I enjoy walking the course and carrying my sun mountain lightweight stand bag. I grew up as a caddy when I was a teenager. My father worked at the golf course so I had the first tee time every Saturday and played with the same group when the sun came up. After the round worked until dark with my father.

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Nothing better for the mind and soul than waking & carrying!! If the bag gets to be took much one day.....will buy a lighter bag and carry less clubs. I'm also thinking that the continued development of a versatile and fully adjustable single club will mean that I can get out there just carrying one club and a sleeve of balls in my pocket! Seen a few on the market over the years, but have not tried one yet....maybe I'll check it out in '23!

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I primarily ride when playing, and will be doing mostly riding this year again I would assume. My soon to be 6 year old will be joining me for many rounds this summer, and it would be hard for us to keep a good pace of play if we walked. As he gets older, we will probably do more walking. Also, the majority of individuals that play at the course I am a member at use carts.


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I walk unless I'm in a foursome with buddies and everyone is adamant about riding. Could be completely mental but I've always felt like I golf better when I walk and I know I'm a lot more focused on each shot when I walk.

Ian Lydon

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I'm a walking 'snob' - For the life of me unless you have physical limitations I can't understand anyone that drives a cart. I'm getting more snobby as time goes on as my mind wanders that the best golfers always walk, and it's the 'hackers' that play less than 10 times a year that cart....

They're always slow, drive the carts where they shouldn't, side-to-side, back and forth, geezus drives me bonkers!!

(PS: Once again, fully understand those that have physical limitations and you are excempt from my rant)


 - Ian

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I walked for about 40 years and started riding about 10byears ago when my knees wouldn't take the stress walking put on them.  We can golf all year in the Pacific Northwest but as winter is the rainy season everything is cart path only.  I found riding only saved me about 2,000 steps over walking in 18 holes (for those counting them!) and the path is ALWAYS on the wrong side of the fairway.  My knees were ok even with that amount of walking, most likely because I got to sit between shots.  I've lost 35 pounds so this year I am back to walking but a pushcart is a necessity and it will probably have a seat to give the knees that periodic break.


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The only time I ride in a cart is during a tournament or during league play.  I play 70+ rounds per year and enjoy the golf, exercise, and money saved from walking.  

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I'm doing my first year walking since I was a junior. Got a sun Mountain Speed Cart and it's really awesome, makes walking much easier

I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

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This winter I walked more in our Sunday group than I have in the past. I just know that when summer comes round in West Texas I won't be walking in 95-105 degree summer heat. 

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Wish I could walk. I have overstretched ligaments around my left ankle that precludes me from walking, especially hilly terrain. With the new push for electric follow carts, I dream of getting one and trying.

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I only ride when there are options to riding in a cart. 15 yrs ago I had 2 stents inserted that improved my blood flow. Dr told me to move more on a daily bases. So I began walking 2 miles a day. Wife gave me a new push cart. Found I felt better after each round of golf, however scorecard didn't improve. HA HA. I began increasing my miles each year, now my daily average is 10 miles a day. Being a retired Army MSG (32 yrs) I follow strict rules by playing left, right, left, right. Average golf course distance is 5-7 miles but that is straight down the fairway. That is no fun, cause you miss poison ivy, snakes, gators, and some brand new golf balls. My Dr is very happy with the result I have achieved. Standing heart rate 50, resting heart rate 46, BP 135/60. After turning 75 last October I walk as much as possible each day. Anyone up for 36 holes with no cart?

Enjoy playing golf NOT trying to be a PRO

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I admit that I ride most rounds but this is due to this being the normal at my club. I feel that walking is the best way to play golf both from a social and physical health aspect. Unfortunately, I feel that courses now pressure people to ride due to primarily financial reasons so they can collect money for the cart fee and get more golfers in the course due to the feeling that walkers slow the course down. If given the option I will choose to walk every round.
The other component of this I feel needs to be addressed is the stigma associated with using a pushcart. I would be interested to hear what others say about this. Some courses and people tend to look down on those that use push carts. I love having a caddy but most courses have done away with caddy programs and can’t afford to start one up. Because of this, I feel that many people who would walk with a push cart don’t because they can’t carry their bag for 18 and don’t want the stigma associated with using a pushcart. 

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Until I was diagnosed with a fourth level lumbar stenosis (3 previous fusions) last year and forced into a cart, I always walked - from 8 years old to 74. I walked 12 weeks post bi-lateral total  knee replacements at age 53. Same with a hip replacement. Carts are an anathema to golf - walking allows one to enjoy the course, plan the next shot by seeing /feeling the topography and judging the wind and ground conditions, and walkers rarely leave clubs behind as their bags are with them. Plus, walkers can cover shorter distances by taking shortcuts where carts cannot go. I’ve often played 18 in 2½ hrs and enjoyed every second! BTW - I have always carried my bag; love the feel of it on my shoulder. Carts - ugh!

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I almost always walk...even when it's hot.  Good exercise and why spend the money to sit in a cart waiting for the group ahead of you when playing Men's (which is always slow).  Plus it gives you time to walk it out after a poor shot 🙂

Live Life...oh and golf a lot!

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Lucky that my local course is laid back.  They let me wife, who doesn't play and the dog walk with me.  When the weather is good we try to get out there at least once a week at the end of the day.

WITB - Currently hitting PXG 0211s, irons, driver and putter.  Cleveland wedges.  Love golf, wish I was better at it than I am.  Try to play at least one time a week and get to the range or some other type of practice, putting, chipping a couple times a week.  

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