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Do you keep track of your score while playing?


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I do pretty much every time I play unless it is a team event. I like to know where I stand during a round. If I start to get too mad or something I stop keeping track. But most of the time I am way too competitive to not be keeping score.



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I normally keep scores using the Strokes app. I've mentioned this app many times in the Forum. The reason I use this app is because it's main function is for the gambling/betting/games. That's really what Strokes is all about. So, if you and your group like playing games such as skins, Nassau, 4 ball, wolf, 6's, stableford, points, low net, and many others then you should take a look at Strokes. Unfortunately it's for Android only. (No I don't own it or have any financial interest in it.)



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Geezes I haven't carried a scorecard in years, but if someone asks I can recite every shot of my last 20 rounds though. Could really care less what I shoot, all I know is the guys we're playing always give me cash at the end of the round.

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While it is probably not a good idea, but I can't help myself from keeping track of how I am doing. My current goal at the start of any round is to break 90. So I keep track by assigning 5 to each hole. So if I score a 6 on a hole, it means I will need at least 2 fours to break 90 with all the others being 5. That's why I like Par 3's, because if I par it, it gives me some breathing room to score a 6 and perhaps offset some Par 5 holes.


The good news is that if I get several 4s and perhaps par a 3 early in the round, I relax a bit and it seems to help me continue to play better. But its the opposite if I score some 6s early, I start to press and things continue down hill.


I know that golf should be like poker-count em when the playing is done-, but I just can't stop keeping an eye on how I am doing in the effort to break 90.


If you want to break 90, keep your stat manually can be distracting.


I suggested this tips for my friends who recently broke 90.


Play from the white or forward tees, ok if hitting from the red tee makes you feels like you are not getting your money's worth, play from the white.


Hit the fairway: may be not with driver but hit it with whatever clubs may be even a 7i. Take recovery shots and lost balls out of play.


Hit to the back center of every greens: it's impossible for 90s shooters who usually short of end up in the front on most greens. You'd ended up tense on most approach shots and if you are 10-20 yards short of the back you'd still be on the green.


Practice 4-5 footers: if you can make 80% of those you put less pressure on everything else. Learn to putt from off the greens(Texas wedge) as often as possible, remember bad putts are better than bad chips.


You don't need long straight drives, specialty shots, or high spinning shots to break 90. As long as you can advance the ball staight forward from tee to green you'd be surprised how easy it is to break 90. It's not about ego, it's about lower scores.


Harvey Penick said learn to hit simple shots and you don't have to hit many fancy ones.


What I just said are no trade secret, every low handicaps knows that some went through more painful experiences than others, your choice red pill or blue pill:)

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Our men's group here has 90 guys who sign up for 2 days a week. We generally have 30-40 guys each Tuesday and Thursday. We play a modified Stableford game where a par is equal to 2 points, etc. You subtract your course handicap from 36 and that number is the points you need to make. All that to state for our guys here you have to record your score on each hole thus each and everyone is maintaining a recordable score that gets entered into the GHIN system. We have a very active handicap committee that monitors our club members so there is no sandbagging. I will state upfront that our club here and the guys I play with adhere to USGA rules and there is no foot wedge shenanigans going on as there is always money on the line so there is a lot of peer pressure to insure someone is not cheating.

I have played with groups in the past where guys had no clue what a white OB stake was and would pick up a ball from someone's yard and drop it just about anywhere. Then they would guessitmate their score, win the money and never record said score into GHIN. Rinse and repeat the next round. Does not take a genius to figure out this was no fun so I avoided these type players or groups.

I personally think if you are going to play this great game you should be playing by the rules, recording accurate scores and be honest not only with your fellow competitors but with yourself.

OK I am off my high horse.



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I used to not keep track of my score total during a round.  If I was doing well, I didn't want the added pressure.  If I had a couple bad holes, I tended to chase strokes (and that never ends well).


We got new carts at the club (with GPS/scoring screens) and it's significantly harder to just ignore it.  Either being desensitized by having it your face all the time, or just getting serious about a pre-shot routine (my best guess) has pretty much taken all the anxiety regarding real-time totals for me. 

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