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Don't Change a Thing (Says the Pro)

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Al, try this when you go out, I do it periodically to test myself.


Par 3s: No matter where flag stick is, only aim for the literal middle of the green. Then take putts from there.

Par 4s: Aim for middle fairway (don't go for any green in one). Then play approach shot to literal middle of green regardless of flag position. Putt from there.

Par 5s: Aim for middle of fairway. Don't go for any green in two (play second shot to exact sand wedge distance). Play third shot to literal middle of the green. Putt from there.


Now what this allows you to do is really focus on the true nature of a round of golf. This is like a workman's approach. I've played some of my best ball striking rounds this way. I can hit every fairway and usually every green.


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Okay I need to do this, how have I never thought of this? 

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I do something similar, or started this year. I am breaking down Par 5's, 3 iron, 5 iron, 9 - SW.. Then par 4's I am using 4 iron and whatever is next. Just not as detailed as you Burk. But a good tip for sure.



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