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    • By GolfSpy Barbajo

      Shot Scope V2 GPS Watch with
      Automated Performance Tracking
      There are two clear leaders in the golf data tracking game. For those who don't mind carrying your phone with you during a round, ARCCOS is the clear market leader. For those who'd rather just play golf, the Scottish company Shot Scope is tracker of choice.
      And if you're a part of the second part, this review opportunity is for you!

      We're looking for four avid golfers to test, review and keep Shot Scope's new V2 GPS Watch with Automated Performance Tracking. Shot Scope's patented ClubSense technology automatically knows when you hit the ball and which club you used, and stores all that info for you. You don't have to tag or mess with your phone. You just play golf. 
      And with Shot Scope's new online Performance Package,  you can view your stats and decide which part of your game you'll brag on and which you'll keep to yourself.
      The good news is if you live and play golf anywhere on the planet Earth, you're eligible to apply!

      How To Apply:
      You forum vets know - and you new members need to know - how much work is involved in being a MyGolfSpy product tester. We'll expect you to dedicate a full two months to using Shot Scope on the course and learning how to use the data is provides, and you'll write a detailed, thorough and - most importantly - honest review for your fellow Forum members. 
      To do that, you'll first have to be a member in good standing of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here if you need to sign up). Next, in this thread - and ONLY IN THIS THREAD - you'll need to tell us the following:
      First name
      Home State/Province/Country
      ​Do you use performance tracking?
      Do you use a GPS watch?
      Which ones?
      ​That's pretty much it. We'll be announcing the four testers next week in this thread, so make sure to check back. 
      Good luck!
    • By ddryan
      Looking for info/ reviews on the Bushness iON GPS watch.  Don't normally wear a watch, and usually use my pacecount (accurate after 30 years in the  Army) but am bidding on one for $100 dollars (used) and want to know if it is worth the $$.
      Thank you
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      Official Forum Member Review
      Precision Pro GPS Golf Band

      Another MyGolfSpy Forum Member Review is ready to roll.  We have a great group of guys ready to test out the Precision Pro GPS Golf Band for you, and let you know if this thing does what it says it'll do, and if it's a good value.  Let's introduce the team:
      RevKev:                                   Stage 1               Stage 2
      Rodeocody                              Stage 1               Stage 2
      Carolina Golfer 2                     Stage 1               Stage 2
      skwieland                                Stage 1                Stage 2
      Go get 'em guys!
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      4 Testers Wanted!

      Precision Pro GPS Golf Band
      Riddle me this, Golfman:
      Who goes on your wrist, gives you yardage, tells time, but isn't a watch?
      It's the GPS Golf Band by Precision Pro.

      Testers Wanted 
      Precision Pro is carving out a nice little niche for itself with laser rangefinders and golf GPS devices heavy on the features but light on the price. The company says its GPS Golf Band is sleeker and lighter (only 1 oz), with a much smaller profile than your typical wrist-mounted GPS device.
      Just don't call it a watch.

      We're looking for four of you to try this baby out to see if if performs as advertised. Is it easy to use? Does it pack a ton of performance into a modestly priced package? Is it, as its name would suggest, professionally precise?
      How To Apply:As you know, we take our product testing pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read these instructions carefully.
      In this thread, tell us:
      Your name and home state/province
      Your handicap
      Do you use anything now to tell distance?

      Pretty easy!  Keep an eye on this thread, as we'll announce our testers next week.
    • By GolfSpy Barbajo
      ​(4) Testers Wanted!!

      ​TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch
      So, just how much does a golf GPS watch really need to do?
      Front, middle and back distance to the green is a given. But what about distance to a hazard? Or distance to clear a hazard?
      Scorekeeping? Calorie counting?
      What about shot tracking and stat keeping?

      Testers Wanted:
      TomTom, a longtime GPS giant, says its new Golfer 2 GPS Watch can do all of these, and that you won't need a degree in quantum physics to figure out how to use it.
      MyGolfSpy's mission is to separate performance fact from marketing hype, and we want four of you to help us test out the new TomTom Golfer 2 GPS watch. Does it serve the most basic of GPS functions, and how well do all of these newfangled features really work?

      How To Apply:
      TomTom is providing MyGolfSpy with four Golfer 2 watches for our readers to test and review (and keep). We take our product testing pretty seriously at MyGolfSpy, so please read the instructions very carefully:
      - If you haven't already, you must join the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to register).
      - In this thread, please tell us your first name, state or province, and current handicap
      Pretty easy, huh?
      We'll be announcing the testers in this space next week.  Good luck!

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