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Playing with higher handicappers is fine with me as it gives me more time to get yardages, chose clubs, assess my putt etc.


Usually if me or one of my playing partners doesn't see their ball, they'll announce "I lost it" and it's a cue to everyone else to keep a watchful eye on it.



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i always by my self playing cause i don't have that many golf friends. once i know i hit the ball i will look for my ball, yea i know lot of people are told to keep ur eye on the ball but once it's been hit u can look. jus don't start peaking before u make contact

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I'd like to think that the vast majority of golfers are fine with whomever they play with and accept that people golf to different standards. Everyone I've known who plays has started right at the beginning, struggling to break 150 never mind 100.


I think it's one of the worst ironys that the game with the best level playing field (the handicapping system). Is so hard to get into because of new players perceived lack of talent.


I've found most players take teaching others the etiquette as a responsibility to help grow the game, I certainly do, and am thankful to those that took me under their wing when I was hitting it all over the course with no clue!!

If anyone figures out this putting lark, message me immediately!

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