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Most Underrated Equipment?

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Srixon, Cobra and Bridgestone are the 3 brands I'd put up at the top of the underrated list.


Before a few years ago I'd never heard of Srixon but it was love at first strike!  Had the 45 series in the bag and updated to the 65 series this year.  I've hit everything that's out there and these are by far my favorite irons I've ever had in the bag.


Cobra makes a really good product across the board but they don't get much attention by the masses.  The FlyZ+ irons were outstanding and the new F7 line is flat out awesome.


Bridgestone also makes some fantastic golf clubs.  Sadly they just don't invest in the US retail market to be competitive.  And this new Tour B line of irons going only custom fit was a bad move IMO.  The previous J15 line, especially the CB, were fantastic golf clubs.  Just wish the company did more with the golf side of the business outside of balls.

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Cobra has been underrated for a while now, agree with all the comments on them.   I can't believe nobody has said Wilson Staff yet though.  Their woods are definitely coming around and their irons h

Agree 100%. Another would be Tour Edge, haven't hit one in a while but they had some pretty nice fairway woods.   Sent from my SM-G930V using MyGolfSpy mobile app

I'll say Mizuno--at least for some of their offerings. They get a lot of love on the players end of the lineup but I think not as much for the GI end or wedges. For a company known for the feel of the

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Srixon and Bridgestone. Their equipment from club to ball is top notch.

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Bridgestone clubs are fantastic! The J40 line was incredible, still,playing the hybrids and I wish I still had the DPC irons,

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I can't believe I read through this entire 5 page thread and only one person mentioned the Adams. 


CB3, CMB, etc... their forged irons were/are supposed to be as good as you can get.


shame, shame, shame

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Was always intrigued by Bombtech and their Grenade line up, but heard good things. Also feel Cleveland is underrated with the new HB line. Always have a special place for Cleveland classic/xl.



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Anyone know anything about the old Snake Eyes clubs? Were they clones or Golfsmith's attempt at making their own in house design clubs?



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Anyone know anything about the old Snake Eyes clubs? Were they clones or Golfsmith's attempt at making their own in house design clubs?



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From what I remember they were their own brand mostly known for their wedges. Golfsmith bought them and expanded them to be a component line along with other component lines they sold. Dont think they were officially clones as they didn't attempt to replicate other OEM clubs.

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I remember seeing snake eyes clubs in the pro shop at the course I worked as a kid. Along with Ram, Dunlop, Lynx. I think they made some wedges that were marketed as super high spin, but I can't be for certain.

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Their original wedges were supposed to be pretty nice. Once they sold out to Golfsmith that was kind of the end of them though as they went component only. Although I do remember Scott Verplank playing the Golfsmith blades for a while.

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Thought this would be a cool thread to bring back out since it's been a few years.  Many of the folks were saying Cobra, but with the speedzone driver and the hybrids/fairways over the past couple years, they seem to get more play.  

I had a rental set of Clevelands last year and they were very good actually.  Never had them come to mind in buying decisions, but I will have to make sure I give them a fair shake.

Also, before trying Srixon irons at Club Champion last year - I never gave them much of a shot except for finding a great deal on a tour level ball.

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For me, it’s kind of by category:

1. Cleveland irons are underrated (everyone knows their wedges are great)

2. Tour edge hybrids and woods are underrated

3. Adams hybrids and woods were well respected in their heyday, but underrated now when you can get them for $30 and many are still better than $299 new models

4. Bell putters are unheard of and underrated

5. Cobra overall is seen as a “budget” brand by a lot of golfers but everything they make stands up to or beats anything else out there

6. Wilson staff is underrated for their irons

7. Mizuno woods and drivers are currently underrated (their irons obviously have a well deserved cult following)

8. Bridgestone is underrated for their irons

9. The later Nike equipment is underrated (a lot of the early stuff was junk)

Specific models that stand out to me as “sleepers” / stayed in Tour players bags way way longer than the oem would have cared for:

-Cobra LTD driver
-Cobra LTD 3w (still in brysons bag, was in Rickies forever)
-Ping S56 and Ping S55 irons
-TM Sim Hybrid
-Ping Anser Hybrid
-Cally X hot and X2 hot and 3 deep woods

Fun topic!

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