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TourEdge's New White Putter


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- With the Backdraft GT+ putter white is back and better than ever. The high-contrast head and jumbo size grip are unique technologies never before combined in putter design. These performance enhancing features deliver unprecedented level of accuracy and forgiveness to every golfer's game.


The King of Contrast

The Backdraft GT+ uses Optic Technology to increase the contrast between the golf ball and the green. The difference between our GT+ putter and darker putters is a higher level of contrast that helps you focus on the Backdraft's leading edge and alignment aids, giving you the best possible visual presentation for accurate aim. The more contrast, the easier an object is to see, and the easier it is for you to focus. The inherent feeling of being focused promotes confidence; and believing in your putting stroke just might be more important than any other aspect of putting. In addition, the Backdraft GT's color eliminates distracting reflections off the club head allowing golfers to concentrate on setting up the perfect line.


Jumbo Grips Are Hot

All of this alignment technology is only half the story, the GT's jumbo grip helps prevent the golfers' wrists from breaking down making it easier to create a pure and fluid putting stroke. In addition, Jumbo grips reduce grip pressure and minimize club head rotation for a softer touch and more pure putting stroke.


The new Backdraft GT+ features four designs with a jumbo grip all for $49.99, a third of the price of competing products. It is an outstanding way for golfers to try jumbo grips without re-gripping their favorite putter. The club comes with Tour Edge Golf's 30-day play guarantee and lifetime warranty. It comes in a blade and two mallets styles and is available in right and left hand. For a store near you visit www.touredge.com



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