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GolfSpy Dave

In for Review: Alphard eWheels Push Cart Motor

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Posted an on course video :)

That is cool. If I was still living in CT I would definitely look hard and long at this unit.



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Is it able to follow also?

Curently Gaming from out of my  :taylormade-small: cardbag with Click-N-Go cart or :taylormade-small: standbag,

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I have seen this posted on Facebook and other places, seems pretty interesting, I've got a click gear 3.5 in the garage, might have to give it a try.


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Purchased one during the launch of the product.  The production has had a few hiccups for fixing reliability issues but they are apparently getting them out for shipping soon.  Let you know how it goes if I get mine before the snow flies in the great white north...

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Got mine about a month and a half ago. Used on for about 7 rounds. Originally purchased it on Kickstarter for a Bagboy Quad. They sent me the brackets for that specific cart. Only set up was taking the wheels off. Played with it for about 4 rounds with the Quad cart and it didn't turn very well. the turning response was not very good due to the two static front wheels.

Saw the eWheel at the local golf shop on a Rovic cart with a swivelling front wheel. Bought that cart and another set of brackets for the new cart. It's worked great on the course with the new cart and it's been great. 

Took a while to get used to using the remote and paying attention to the cart but it's been great the last couple of rounds. Makes the walk a lot better and not having to push the cart up hills has been great.

Was scared it would not last for a full round as the lights that tell you how much power you have left goes down really quickly. But I've had no problems with it lasting a full round. 

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Bought a QOD electric last month, but nothing but snow here since then.  :mad:


I picked the QOD after talking to guys that hated fiddling with the remotes. This one you use your hands like a push cart to steer it, but it's electric. Don't know yet if I'll regret that or not, but we'll see!

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Great device on my clic gear 3.5. If you don't have a push cart and are hoping to get the ewheels, I suggest the rovic cart with the swivel front wheel. The static front wheel still works great on grass. Don't try it on a hard surface. I like the flexibility of the low speed and walking with it. I play over 100 rounds per year so this device is awesome. I feel so much more refreshed after my round. Truly feels like you have a caddy. Charges quickly and you can easily get 27 holes per charge. Travels easily as well. Assembly was very straightforward as well. Hoping battery last 5 years plus.



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My interest is piqued again. I went back and read the review, videos and comments. I see they are available again this August if you plop down $25 for a reservation. (applied to purchase) The site says they retail for $599.99. Glad they're not $600 or It'd be out of my reach. I don't think I'll buy one at this time since I'd have to buy a new cart too. Seems to me you'd be better off if your cart has a swivel front wheel which my SM cart does not. Guess I'm not interested enough to buy both right now. I'm also curious how much replacement batteries cost. And... they will need replacement. Currently I don't see batteries offered for sale on their site but the warranty is 2 years including the batteries. So, I guess they figure (hope) they'll last 24 months. Hmmm?

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There are a few of these popping up around my course. The older guys (late 60s upwards) are using them and swear by them.


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Alphard eWheels: Hands Off Your Push Cart

@golfspy_dave .. are you still using this?

If yes .. what are the most useful features and how has the durability been, including the battery?

Has it rolled and maneuvered as expected on all different types of courses, turf conditions and terrains?

If no .. what detracted from its utility? Also, does the battery hold less charge after a number of uses/recharges?

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..all in a Datrek Hybrid bag on a Bag Boy Quad XL push cart.

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I actually have not used this in a while, but I did get and email yesterday that a new model may be coming out. No info as of yet, but I'll get it to you when I get it.


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I’ve been tempted to pull the trigger on one of these. I’ll be very interested to see what sort of updates they have on the new model.

Alphard Golf USA is currently offering free shipping on Club Booster purchases.


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