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MGS Lottery Review - Tacki-Mac grips


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This is part one of my review for the Tacki-Mac grips. I will be installing on my 6-iron (my go to club for practice) at first as I had recently installed new grips on all 13 of my clubs.


As background I have Golf Pride Tour Velvet Round standard size on all of my clubs - so these are my baseline. I have in the past tried the Golf Pride Multi Compound grips and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips.


From the Tacki-Mac web site it appears that these are the Itomic grips - model 1090. Available colors include; black, blue, red and white




As you can see in the picture these are white grips with black caps. While my preference is for a black grip, these grips look nice. My big concern will be how much dirt will show on the white over time. Will need to update on that. The black cap looks nice to my eye.




I do like a very tacky grip and these certainly fit that bill. I will update more on feel and performance when I have installed and had some range time.


Update after using for 3 weeks:


After giving these grips a good try for 3 weeks on the course and range I would rate the feel as very similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips that I currently use.


The Tacki-Macs have a nice firm feel which I like for feedback. While they are tacky they do have a slightly plastic feel. It is hard for me to describe but the Golf Pride Tour Velvets I'm used to have the rubber feel to them. I think the best way to describe difference is in the texture of the grip. The rubber texture is a little rougher, while the Tacki-Macs are a little smoother.





Coming in Part II.


Update after using for 3 weeks:


Here in Arizona we are in the Monsoon season which means the humidity is up and it is hard to keep your hands dry, especially when practicing on the range. I had to make sure to wipe the Tacki-Macs grips down to make sure that they didn't have excess moisture on them. The good news here is that when I did wipe them off, they had that nice tacky feel again.


These grips performed very well for me during practice and play. Again the firmness and feel is similar to the Golf Pride Tour Velvets that I currently game. Shot feedback through the grip was very good. They were comfortable in my hands. I could use my normal grip pressure through out the swing without worrying that the club would slip.





Overall I would give these grips a solid 8 out of 10 rating. I like the tackiness of the grip and they feel just as tacky after 3 weeks of use. They are on the firm side which I like for shot feedback. I would put the firmness right on par with the Golf Pride Tour Velvets. If pressed I would say they are a hair firmer which is not a bad thing for me.


The big difference from a standard rubber grip for me was the texture. Every so often I would get a slightly smooth plastic feel. This came from moisture in my hands or from a wet towel. I would have to make sure to wipe down the grips with a dry towel to get rid of this slightly slick feel. Being in Arizona I haven't played in rain for a while, so I can't judge wet weather performance.


The white grips did like to pick up dirt and black smudges from my other grips in the bag. They did clean up very well with warm soap water. I posted a picture of the grips at their dirtiest, but didn't bother posting an after picture as they cleaned right up. Over time they may develop a slightly grayer shade of white, but it is hard for me to tell after 3 weeks.


I guess that I'm either a traditionalist or lazy, but if purchasing I would go for the black grip. With the wipe grip I was cleaning my grips more often as they looked dirty. I guess this could viewed as a good thing as I might be doing my self a disservice by not cleaning my black grips as often as I should.








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Good looking grips, I also share your concerns about white, but from what I've read from others they clean up just fine.


I just put one of these on my short hybrid because a buddy gave me one. I wasn't expecting to like it as its very different from my current Winn poly/cords, but I've actually been pleasantly surprised.


Keep us posted on how they wear and perform!

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Good writeup start. I will be very interested in what you find from a performance (spell that feedback) standpoint and an endurance standpoint.


The standard grips I get on most clubs just don't fill the bill on either front.

Ol' Stick

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Can you show a picture of the opening end of the grip? Everyone I looked at in Golfsmith was super out of round when you look at the wall diameter at the tip of the grip. Seemed like very poor quality control

My bag is a revolving door!

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