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I've been a Clubglove user for about 15 years, now owning both the regular size and the XL size.  Both are awesome for travel, though the XL is almost too big, as a fully packed XL actually starts to push the airline weight limits and you can easily get dinged with an extra fee on some airlines.


Actually packed everything I needed for a weekend trip to Kiawah last year in my regular size bag. One bag and no carry on - only thing better would be somehow avoiding the checked bag at all!

Titleist 915D2 - Diamina D+ WB 70s

Titleist 915f - Diamina D+ WB 70s

Titleist 913h - Diamina D+ WB 80s

Mizuno MP-62 - S300

Titleist SM5 - 54/8 58/12

SC Laguna 1.5

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The most challenging part for a traveling golfer is to protect their clubs while flying and visiting a distant place as it has to endure a lot ranging from broken taxi driver to shipping the clubs to the ground where they hit them. A merely missing shot to the right or left can not only engender your mood off but also cost you the tournament.


you might check out this page for more related tips and tricks to choose Best Golf Traveling Bags. People always should check certain few thing before purchasing bags...........



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