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For some reason I cannot post a comment to the Most wanted driver review. But I wanted to point out that the rankings are purely subjective. There is no significant difference from a statistical standpoint from the top to well into the bottom third of the rankings. Take a look at the Wilson D300 driver versus the top rated Srixon. The Wilson wins in almost every category yet finishes 10th. How can you justify these ratings when all drivers are within a range that is statistically insignificant. I think you need to hire a statistician and have him evaluate the data and see if there are any significant differences in the data. If there are then publish which drivers are essentially the same statistically and which are a notch below. Right now I don't see any scientific methodology to support your rankings. Said statistican can also determine the accuracy and precision of the Foresight launch monitor and tell you what differences in clubhead speed, ball speed etc are significant. Based on my knowledge you are ranking a bunch of drivers that are all equivalent from a true statistical analysis. With maybe the bottom two or three outside of the norm.


When the data for each driver is that close you can draw any conclusions you want. I appreciate your desire to find the best equipment out there and advise golfers from an independent standpoint but you need to review your methodology and be sure it conforms to generally accepted scientific analysis standards.





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I also take the results with a grain of salt because there is no mention of using fitted shafts for the testers. It's all stock shafts.


I'm likely going to get a new driver this season or next. While I will look at the results of this testing, I'd be looking at certain specific categories to help me get an idea of what clubs to look for because I will have my shaft that's fitted for me where some clubs may perform better for me


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... I love MGS reviews and comparisons but also take them with a grain of salt. Equipment is just so personal and as much mental as physical, especially putters. How may putts Joe Smith makes with the new Enroll has nothing to do with how good that putter is. It has to do with how confident that player was hitting putts at that time. Now a machine would give me a better idea of the capabilities of a given club but takes the human element out of the equation. Reviewing clubs isn't a cut and dried endeavor and I applaud MGS's efforts. A consensus like "launches low" or "creates too much spin" is always helpful, but "hit the best drives or made the most putts with this club" is more anecdotal. 


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