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GolfSpy Dave

Putter Ho Support Thread

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OK folks I am going to probably make some of you feel good First of all I am a BIG club hoe period Here is a PARTIAL list of my putters

Ping Anser circa 1974 had since new

Ping B90I Broomhandle or Ski Pole

3 yes 3 Ram Zebras

M 85 Nicklaus blade MacGregor

IM 5 Macgregor Flange blade

Cleveland Classic "Ben Crenshaw" flange blade

TP Mills #9

TP Mills #2

Toney Penna flange blade simular to the before mentioned MacGregors

Snake eyes Viper Tour

Ray Cook mallet circa 1960

2 Spalding Cash In

Bobby Grace Mark 5 Tour issue

Redneck Golf Bubba belly putter prototype ( supposedly 1 of only 5 made in belly configuration) This is only a partial list of what I haveat the house in the club room I probably have 100 or so more putters in the storage faculity

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Reformed Putter Ho here!


I was in college for the longest time changing from mallet (grace little man my subsequent nickname on college team too after tht purcahse) to the yonex blade (mickleson Style circa 1997) BUT......now I am currently gaming the newport studio stainless 2.5 for the last 8 years and running. Currently it is in Putterlounge hands getting a cosmetic upgrade, reshaft and grip. Have the dual look face remaining stainless and the back ghost with the UST shaft. Should come back sweet!!! Have a couple local tourneys coming up but the putter will not be back in time so i have to bring out the old grace little GOD I hope this doesn't bring me full circle

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I am using a Scotty Kombi (heavy version) at 35" with a jumbo grip to offset some of the weight. I received it to try from my partner in a tournament over 18 months ago. We won the two man tournament with a record score and I putted very well. I think this is the longest I have stayed with a putter in years.

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