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Jake.  Handicap 11


Been playing the Mizuno MP-59 Irons for awhile. Love em !

JPX Forged look like perfect fit.  Time for an upgrade.



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Handicap now 7 but going up.

Have both MP 33s and MP 5s but I'm an older guy and probably should be playing the JPX 900 forged model rather than the Tour model.

I think the 900s would take me back to "the good old days."

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1. Raj Seattle, wa

2. Hdcp 8

3. Jpx 850 forged with Nippon NS pro 1150 shafts


Would like to test the JPX 900 tour set


I had the jpx 800 pro before I my current makeup and have had my eyes on the 900 since they came out. I'm fond of the the 850s and have wondered how much more precise the 900 tours could be. I'd love to bag these and help other MGS'ers make their decisions. Thanks MGS.

- Raj

Driver - Taylormade M5 9 - HZRDUS Smoke S
Irons - Ping i200 AWT 2 stiff shafts
Wedges - Titleist Vokeys 50, 55, 60
Putter - Odyssey Fang 2 Ball

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1-Jesse, British Columbia

2- 7.5 hdcp

3- Nike vapor fly pro irons

4- jpx 900 tour irons although I very interested in hitting all three types as they our all a club that's leans to the better player category of iron which tends to suit my game (or what I've been told suits my game)



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1.  Jonathan - Alabama 

2.  +0.7 (GHIN #0376737)

3.  Mizuno MP-32 with SteelFiber i110s (stiff)

4.  JPX 900 Tour


My friend just turned me on to this so hopefully I'm not too late!  I played MP-14's through high school and college golf (2 sets), MP-32s and MP-33s in my twenties, a brief stretch with MP-69s, but put SteelFibers in my 32s and I have been playing them for about 3 years now.  I would love to try some irons from the JPX line if given the opportunity.  Thanks!

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This is a dream come true opportunity!!


1. Kory; Hawaii

2. 12

3. Nike Vapor Pro Combo

4. Since a combo set isn't an option, I think the best fit for me would be the tours. Something I can grow into as I continue to put in work to bring my handicap to single figures.


edit: I just found out that the European site has a quick iron selector tool that does a quick fitting based on a few questions you answer. might be helpful for anyone that was wondering what might best fit their game. mine came back with mp-25 as my best balanced match, but also matched me with the JPX 900 tour to add more workability to my game


link below for anyone else who wants to try it




Good luck everyone!

Cool link, thanks! The Mizuno club selector actually recommended the JPX 900 Hot Metals for me. Good luck!
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1.)Will, Massachusetts

2.)HDCP: 13
3.)Mizuno JPX-800 Pro




Would absolutely love to compare older mizzys to the new sets, and it will be easy enough to get trackman numbers and do on course comparisons. 


Thanks for the opportunity

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