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Has anyone tried the SuperSpeed (https://superspeedgolf.com/) training aid? My wife saw them at the PGA show earlier this year. As usual, their website talks of gaining 30 yards on your drives, but my wife who's does golf fitness was intrigued by these clubs. I'd like to hear some feedback, as these clubs can get expensive.



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I've been using them since March.  Try to aim for 2 times a week, but here's an overview of my progress


3/21/2017 - 3 Normal Swing Average Baseline

  • Light (Green) = 120 Right / 108 Left
  • Medium (Blue) = 112 Right / 102 Left
  • Heavy (Red) = 102 Right / 99 Left


6/27/2017 - 5 Normal Swing Average (Protocol 1; Week 11)

  • Light (Green) = 130.6 Right / 128.4 Left (+10.6 Right / +20.4 Left)
  • Medium (Blue) = 123 Right / 117.8 Left (+11 Right / +15.8 Left)
  • Heavy (Red) = 118.8 Right / 115.2 Left (+16.8 Right / +16.2 Left)


My all out peak MPH is 135, but the takeaway is that you're not looking to swing your driver 135 but by bringing up your all out max, you also bring up your cruising (i.e., controlled playing) speed.  The industry accepted norm is that each MPH of swing speed translates to 3 yards, so I've (theoretically) freed up 30 extra yards just by swinging these 2 times a week.


Short version -- I'd highly recommend them, but you need to commit yourself to using them.  Hopefully that means you have some garage or basement space, or have a gym that won't mind you using them.  ALSO, if you're gonna get the sticks, make sure you get a swing radar too!

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Custom Fit by True Spec Golf (NYC):
Callaway Rogue (Standard) (9.5*) with UST Elements Platinum
Callaway Rogue (Standard) 3 Wood (15*) and 5 Wood (19*) with Graphite Design Tour AD Fairway
Srixon Z765 (4-GW) with KBS C-Taper
Titleist Vokey SM6 (56* and 60*) with KBS 610
Evnroll ER1.2 Tour Blade

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