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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype shaft -6-0441.jpg


KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts



When it comes to custom fitting, driver and irons shafts tend to get all the love, don't they? Fairway wood shafts get the "junior driver shaft" treatment, and hybrid shafts? Hey, stock it is...


Kim Braly - the KB in KBS Shafts - doesn't think that's right.


KBS has just introduced its very first graphite shafts, the KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid, and it's a shaft made specifically for hybrids. KBS says the TOUR Prototype transitions seamlessly from irons to hybrids, giving your hybrids the same control, feel and dispersion you'd expect with your irons.


KBS Hybrid 2.jpg


MyGolfSpy is looking for 4 avid golfers to set a set of two KBS Tour Prototype Hybrid shafts, and let us know if Kim Braly has, in fact, done it again.




In this thread, please tell us the following...


- Your first name & home state/province

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit?

- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game


KBS will be providing you with 2 raw, uncut hybrid shafts. You will be responsible for installation and grip.  


kbs specs.jpeg

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What's in the bag:
Driver:  :titelist-small:TSi3  
FW Wood: PXG Gen4 2-wood
Hybrids:  PXG Gen4 18-degree
Utility Irons: :wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Utilities 18, 21, 24*
Irons:; PXG 0211; :Hogan: Pro Combo; :benhogan-small:FTX Combo;:benhogan-small:'99 Apex Plus; :benhogan-small:'99 Apex blades; :macgregor-small: 2010 VIP irons; :macgregor-small: VIP 1025 V-Foil MB/CB; 

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: RTZ ZipCore: :benhogan-small:Riviera 52-56-60
Putter: :scotty-small: Newport Special Select;  :edel-golf-1:  Willamette,  :bettinardi-small: BB8; :wilson-small: Buckingham; MATI Monto

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X; :srixon-small: Z-STAR XV; :wilson-small: Triad

Stat Tracker/GPS Watch: :ShotScope:

Follow @golfspybarbajo

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Interested in the results :D

unfortunately i'm not able to switch shafts myself ;)


Good luck and happy testing guy's!

Driver:           :PXG:0811 XF GEN4 10,5 Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Blue 60 regular shaft.

Wood:           :taylormade-small:   RocketBallz stage2 Tour 3, rocketfuel70 regular shaft.

Hybrids:        :cobra-small:  FLY-Z 3/4/5 , VLCT ALTUS R-flex 75gr. shaft.

Irons:             :cobra-small:  Speedzone One Length Irons 5-GW - KBS Tour 90 Regular shaft.

Wedges:        ST8TS Tour T Wedges 52-56-60 + 1,5cm KBS regular shaft.

Putter:            MLA Tour XDream 'Black Edition' Superstroke 3.0 slim (standard 34")

Ball's:             :honma: D1 for the moment till i can find a better deal 😉

Rangefinder:  Garmin Fenix 6X Pro, ZIYOUHU Chinese laser, Garmin Approach X40.

privileged to been testing the MLA Tour XDream BLACK EDITION SuperStroke 3.0 slim for MyGolfSpy!


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Alex, Massachusetts (living in PA for the summer)


Titleist 913 Hd with Diamana D+ 92 stiff - stamped loft is 18* but I have in D1 setting playing 17.25*


Was fitted at my college 2 years ago, could probably go to a S+ flex


Distance is great and dispersion is usually consistent but like most I tend to fight a long left miss with this club, especially off the tee

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Ping G20 17Degree  with steel rifel 1iron shaft tiped and inch

x stiff

I went to steel because graphite would fly to far sometimes on aproch shots.

 mainly use hybrid to tee off with on tight fairways.

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Antonio. Cebu, Philippines


X2 Hot 3 GD DI 75

X2 Hot 4 GD DI 85

X2 Hot 5 GD 93i (90 gram iron shaft)


Not fit but hit all pretty good.


Only weakness is tendency to hit thin off the tee.

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- Chad - Kansas City, Kansas

- Cobra King F7, 19.5 degrees, Project X HZRDUS Black Hybrid (85) 6.0

- Not custom fit

- Strength: long and high, Weakness: hook


I play the KBS C-Taper 6.0 in my irons and LOVE those shafts! Would really like to see how KBS's new hybrid shaft performs.

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Awesome opportunity - I only play One Hybrid and have no interest in changing out my Blacktie in my hybrid.


Good luck - these should be good ones!

:taylormade-small:  M3 460 9.5* - ACCRA TZ6 M5

:callaway-small:  X2 Hot Pro - 15* Aldila Tour Green X

TaylorMade Jetspeed 19* w Matrix HM9

Mizuno MP-63 4-P Project X 6.0

Cleveland RTX4 - 50, 54, 60

  :odyssey-small:  Toulon Portland w P2 React Grip

:titelist-small: 2019 Players 4 -  :titelist-small: Pro V1


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Ryan Richmond, IN


Callaway Apex 20, 23  Kuro Kage 80X


Strength-Hit High


Weakness-Miss is bad left

Driver:         Taylormade SIM 8^  Shaft: Evolution III 6X

3 Wood:      Titleist  TSi3 13.5^   Shaft:  Project X Smoke Black RDX 6.5

2 Hybrid:     Callaway Mavrik Pro  Shaft: Project X EvenFlow Black 85X

3/5 Hybrid: Titleist 816 H2            Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 85X

Irons:           Taylormade P790      Shaft: UST Recoil 110 S (6-PW)

50 Degree: Taylormade P770       Shaft: UST Recoil 110 S

55/60:        Cleveland RTX Zipcore    Shaft: DG Spinner Tour Issue

Putter:        Bettinardi MK Armlock

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Billy- Indiana

Ping G 19* with project X hzrdus black hybrid 80g 6.0

This hybrid was custom fit for me

Strengths- tee shots

Weakness- too high of a launch angle and some ballooning shots.


Driver: Ping G30 LS TEC Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.0

3 Wood: Ping G Stretch Project X HZRDUS Yellow 6.0

3 Hybrid: Ping G400 Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0

Irons: PXG 0311T (4-PW) Project X LZ 6.0

Wedges: Bettinardi Custom (52*, 56*, 60*) KBS Black

Putter: Bettinardi Tour Custom BB8

Ball: Bridgestone B330-S

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- Your first name & home state/province

                  Sean, Maryland

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts

                 Cobra F6 3-4H with a Matrix Red Tie HQ4

                        Currently set at 19.5 

                            Settings 19° / 19.5° / 19.5°D / 20.5° / 20.5°D / 21.5° / 21.5°D / 22° 

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit?

                 No bought Hybrid before this season, recently did a driver/wood fitting last week and discovered I                            should have X-flex in at least my graphite shafts.  Swing speed 111-113


- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game

                + Hit high shots with great stopping power.

                + Consistent carry distance

                - Struggle with directional consistency.

                           Sometimes its a draw and other times its a fade.

                - Every once in a while, ill have a round where I'm hitting my hybrid fat and taking big divots.

Driver :     :cobra-small: F7 - Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 75g

3w:           :cobra-small:  F7 Fairway - Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 75g

Hybrid:     :cobra-small: F6 Hybrid - KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype 95g X-Stiff

Irons:       :mizuno-small: JPX 900 Forged (4,5) JPX 900 Tour (6-P) KBS C-Taper 130 (Softstepped)

Wedes:         :titelist-small: SM7 52* F Grind, 56* M Gind (KBS C-Taper 125), 60* S Grind

Putter:   :cameron-small: Futura X7M


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Chad, South Carolina

Callaway 815 Alpha 18* & 22* with Speeder 865 X-Stiff Shafts

I was not custom fit

Strengths- Ability to control distance and trajectory when needed

Weaknesses- I sometimes have issues with drawing my hybrids too much and will top the ball every once in a great while with my hybrids.

Titleist TS3 9.5* w/Accra TZ5 65 X-Stiff
Titleist TS3 15* w/Fujikura Ventus 7X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 20* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Callaway Apex19 Hybrid 23* w/Accra TZ5 95X
Titleist 718 CB 5 iron w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist 718 MB 6-PW w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Titleist SM7 Wedges 50*, 54*, 58* w/KBS $Taper X-Stiff
Bettinardi Queen B 10 34.5"
Titleist Pro V1 or Snell MTB-X

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Richard - Missouri

Nike Vapor Flex w/ Diamana Blueboard (stock) 20* loft

Off the rack

Strength - Ball striking

Weakness - Hybrid Hook (though not as bad as my old Titleist 585h)

Driver: :mizuno-small: ST190 9.5* Fujikura Atmos Blue 5S
Fairway Wood: :mizuno-small: ST190 15* Fujikura Atmos Blue 6S
Hybrid: :mizuno-small: CLK 17* Fujikura Speeder EVO HB
Irons: :bridgestone-small: J40 CB (3-PW) Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100
Wedges: :bridgestone-small: Tour B XW-1 54* & 58* Nippon Modus 3 105
Putter: :cleveland-small: Huntington Beach SOFT Premier 4 34"
Bag: :titleist-small: Players 5 Stand Bag
Ball: Maxfli Tour

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Shaun - Virginia

2016 Taylormade M1 17* ozik white tie hx4 stiff shaft

Briefly fitted at the sporting goods shop and was between stiff and x-stiff. (I'm interested in the stiff+

I get good distance but feel like I have to slow my swing a little due to the shaft and that can cause timing/strike issues

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-Rob, Nashville, TN

-Playing up to 4 different TM Rescue 11 Hybrids (2-5) depending on the golf course set up.  The lofts range from 18* - 25*.

-The shafts in all the hybrids is the Aldila Rip 85 and I was not "fit" for them but they are perfect for me.

-My hybrids are the oldest clubs in my bag and I haven't replaced them for good reason.  It will take a lot to replace the RIP 85 shafts I have in them now because of how straight I hit them.  I hook most hybrids but rarely ever hook these.




My bag is a revolving door!

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Tim Illinois

Wilson M3 19, 21, and 23 Aldila RIP phenom 85G reg flex


Hybrid shafts not custom fit, irons were custom fit to KBS tour R


Hybrids are the most accurate clubs in my bag.


Sent from my SM-G955U using MyGolfSpy mobile app

Driver:   :ping-small: Ping G30 10.5 adjusted to 9.5, Aldila NV 2KXV Green R 65G


FW Wood:  touredge.jpg E8, 15*, Aldila NV Green R 65G

Hybrids:   :wilson_staff_small: M3 19, 21, 23, Aldila RIP Phenom 85 shaft, R;


Irons:   :wilson_staff_small: C200, 5-PW, KBS Tour R

Wedges:    :cleveland-small: RTX, 48-54-60*, DG Wedge flex;

Putter:    :callaway-small: Odyssey M330 Versa  34"  In the stable:Versa Jailbird, Versa #6, Ping Ketsch, Anser 2, Piper C, Shea H, Yes Pippi, Cleveland Classic 5.5, Spalding TPM 7


Ball:    :wilson_staff_small: Duo


Cart: Cliqgear 3.5+

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Shane, Texas

Callaway X2 Hot Pro 18* w/ Aldila Tour Green 75 X

Callaway Apex 20* w/ Kuro Kage 80g S

Never been fit for hybrids. Always liked the feel from Callaway hybrids.

Strengths: Consistent distance control. 

Weakness: Occasional pull due to poor alignment. Ball will balloon on me when I least expect it. 

Cobra Connect 5 Competitor - Team Chad

  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed 10.5* w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 60 6.5 tipped 1/2" - Peacoat/Red
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Big Tour 3 Wood w/ Hzrdus RDX Blue 70 6.5 Tipped 1/2"
  • :cobra-small: King Radspeed Tour 5 Wood w/ Motore X F1 70 X Flex 
  • :cobra-small: King Utility 4 21* w/ Tensei Pro White 100 X Flex
  • :cobra-small: King Tour MIM Copper Irons 5-G w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :cobra-small: King MIM Black Wedges 55* & 60* w/ AMT White X100 Onyx
  • :taylormade-small: Spider SR
  • :titelist-small: Pro V1x Left Dash
  • Lefty
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Good on KBS and MGS for bringing this opportunity to the table!   Looking forward to these reviews as I have three hybrids in my bag.  Shafts are the engine of the club so let's see what's under the hood....  ;) 

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Cleveland Launcher XL 10.5 Driver
Cleveland Launcher Xl Halo Hy-wood 18 Degree
Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 7- wood
Cleveland Launcher XL Irons 5 - PW 
Cleveland CBX ZipCore 48 52 & 56 Degree Wedges
Seemore  SBC20  Platinum Putter









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