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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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Daniel, MD



Mizuno JPX 900 16º Std lie. Fujikura Pro Stiff +1"

Titleist 913H 20º 1º Flat. Aldila Rogue Green Stiff +1"


- Hybrid/shaft custom fit? No,

- Strengths: Distance. Weakness: Pull left.

My mixed bag

  • :titelist-small: TS2 Matrix Ozik Black Tie XS
  • :callaway-small:Rogue 3W MCA C6 Blue Stiff, + 1/2"
  • :titelist-small:816 19º Hybrid Aldilia Tour Green S +1/2"
  • :mizuno-small:JPX 919Forged 4&5 919 Tour 6-PW Project X LZ 6.0 +1/2" 1º Upright. 
  • :vokey-small: SM8 50º Project x LZ 6.0 +3/4"
  • :cleveland-small:RTX 4&ZipCore 54º 60º wedge Flex +3/4"
  • Scott Readman Concepts IKBII (Google them - they are amazing) 
  • :titelist-small: left dash -ProV1X or :srixon-small: Z Star XV
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Baudouin / Texas but french ;)

Cobra F7 3/4 set at 19.5 degres with Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95 Hybrid Stiff shaft 

no custom fit but try many different combo tried earlier

Hook with Hybrid but much less with the new shaft

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Donny - Texas

I have 2 Adams Pro DHY hybrids, I had TM but these ADAMS ! OMG)

an 18 dec and a 24 deg with standard Adams Stiff, (ALDILA ATX85 Hybrid shaft)

I am almost 60 but still play to an 8. and I play long. My hybrids are the bridge to my younger game to today and I can hit them high and soft, but also long and low in this Texas winds. I play KBS Tour C-taper stiff in my irons so these would be a great standardization and compliment to my irons.

Mizuno MP25's With KBS C taper stiff shafts

Ping G Series 10.5 Tour Model

Right Handed

Prosper Texas

8.2 hdcp

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Jeremy Richards, Homer Illinois

Titleist 915 3h & 4h 21* and 24*

Aldilla rouge stuff shafts

Stock OTR


My Strength with my hybrids is accuracy, the 3h is my go to club for a tight fairway, 235-250 off the tee.

Weakness, I tend to over draw/ snap hook them at times



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Gabe, Oklahoma


Titleist 913 hybrids, 21* & 24* both diamana white board stiff flex 90 or 92 grams


Both custom fit


Strength is length with 21*, weakness is pulling/hooking long and left.



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Hello my name is Andrew Ellis im from Albuquerque New Mexico USA. I currently have a taylormade m1 3 hybrid with a pro force v2 85 stiff. Its not a custom fit shaft but i love it. Iv played the 3 hybrid all throughout college and a good weekness is i tend to over draw it and not get it up in the air when laying in the rough or trying to get after it a little. I tend to hit a nice high baby draw with the 3 its a perfect placement club for short tight courses i can always knock ot down to a 2 hybrid to have a distance hybrid off the tee. On that note i love my 3 hybrid and i would love to give the KBS a go at it lets see what the hype is all about.



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looking to signup for the dumb contest


put a hybrid in my taylor mb 2 iron, is too lite weight looks great but I hated the dentist minus the loss see you when they extend twilight next fall max.


watch them complain to steal the iron the same as the four iron at the store, now my clubs are all an inch shorter again without changing or showing them why these will never sell, again.


have a bunch of taylor made 16/19 older I picked up instead of vector lift or whatever was a beeno beverage, etc.


the broken Dunlop black max 2002 shaft works better in the aforementioned 2 iron in non matched font sets from Wilson.


looking to buy brand new bullet grind instead of heavier or longer shafts in other either half under one and half over standard non order dynamics from crappy copy hits thanks kids, don't play pastime.


all my hits were ruined by the tv ads voice and the camera angle no matter how you hit the ball, why, I will never no.


the meat of Europe is better left in whatever, they will never actually be legally leased or allowed to behave, in or with.


in reference to taste of meal or drink, sweat rashes, the set I had seen again sold new in the store are a womens set from 1997, no graphite head for cobra long tom discussion



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Ken - Florida

Callaway X-Hot 19 & 22* with stock X-Hot shaft. Stiff.

Fitted for irons but. Not hybrids

Have mild issue with incline play, particularly ball above feet

Sometimes feel club lags and digs

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- Ric, California

- TM Driving 2 iron with HZDRUS 6.5 Black. TM M2 4 23Hybrid with HZDRUS 6.5 custom fit.

- Strengths of my hybrid game is hitting it high and getting it to cut. My weakness in my hybrid game is getting it to turn over and hitting it out of our CC second cut.

Ping Max 9* Tour 65X

TM p790 2i UDI

PXG 0311T Gen 1 4-W

PXG 0311T 50/56/60

Tyson Lamb Flatstick

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- Your first name & home state/province: Cace / Arkansas

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts: Cobra F7 / Fujikura Speeder 85 / 19 degrees

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit? No, stock set up

- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game: Consistent strike and yardage but my miss is an over-draw left

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Robb - Texas


Titleist 910h 19* loft (B1 setting)

Shaft - Diamana 'ilima 70hyb stiff


Strength - great as a rescue/getting out of trouble. Good off tee on short 4's and long 3's


Weakness - some ballooning on tight lies from the fairway.



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- Adam   Dallas, TX

- 2017 TaylorMade M1 17 deg - Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 90i Stiff

- Yes custom fit, GolfTec

- Setup my hybrid 2 as a stinger, fairway finder. My miss with it is definitely over draw, left. I play KBS Tour Stiff in my irons. This Kuro Kage just hasn't felt right so I don't game it. Able to install grips/shafts.

Taylor Made M2 - KuroKage Silver TiNi 60g X

Titleist 917f2 15 deg - Rogue Max 75s

Taylor Made M4 - 19 deg - Tensei Blue 80 X

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi  (2 iron) - Project X 6.5

Mizuno MP-18 SC (3-6 iron) - Project X 6.5

Mizuno MP-18 (7-PW) - Project X 6.5

Vokey WW SM6 Raw 52.08 - Project X 6.5

Vokey WW SM7 Raw 56.10 S grind, 60.08 M grind

Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2

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Frank - South Carolina

Cleveland Black hybrid, 21° loft, with Bassara 55gr. R flex shaft; Ping G25 hybrid, 23° loft, with TFC 189 R flex shaft

Not custom fit

Strength-short game; weakness-shots to green



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Steve; NJ

Adams Super LS 17-degree. Graphite Design Tour AD DI-95x

Not fit, picked it up in a trade and it just seemed to work

Strength it distance off the tee/rough, Weakness is overall consistency with ball flight (can produce some fairly high balls that just get hung up)

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Jeff - Minnesota

2014 Callway XR Oversize Hybrids 19º & 22º 

Project X 5.5 Graphite

Bought them off the rack

Distance is good, trajectory is mid to high. I can swing smooth, or I can go hard and they deliver.

Difficulty hitting from side hill lies, above and below my feet. Also cannot draw them. Ball fight is straight.

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