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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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Zack - South Carolina


Titleist 816 H2 w/ adila rogue max 85 stiff


Was fit during a titleist thursday


Occasional hook off the tee is the biggest weakness



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  • Mike, Missouri
  • TaylorMade M1 (2016) 3 hybrid (19*) - Project X HZRDUS Black 85 6.0
  • Fitting was based off the driver fitting (same family of shaft and same stiffness profile)
  • I fight a hook and ballooning on windy days. On typical days I love the ability to hit knockdown shots with my hybrid as my fairway finder. Great club to use in match play.
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Mike D - Ohio


Mizuno JPX-EZ 3, 4 Hybrids with stock Fujikura shafts. Sometimes add the 2 and 5 hybrids depending on course, also with stock Fujikura shafts. These shafts and heads seem to fit me perfectly. Hybrid lofts are 2 = 16, 3 = 19, 4 = 22, 5 = 25.


Hybrid shafts were not custom fit.


Hybrid game strength is production of pure distance.


Hybrid game weakness is aim, especially on sidehill or difficult lies.

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Ryan, CA

Romaro Ray Type R Utility 18 & 21 degree, Veylix Rome 988 Stiff 

Yes, custom fit

Need to eliminate the pull/pull hook

D: Ping G400 Max, MRC Tensei Pro Orange 60 TX

3+w: Callaway Rogue, Aldila Synergy 60 S

3H, 4H: TBD

5i: MP18 Fli-hi, 6i-8i: MP18 SC, 9i-PW: MP18, MRC OTi 100 S

50, 55, 60: Edel 

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Mitchell Waldt, Ontario

Wilson tour v4 utility 18 degree with kuro Kage 90 stiff

Not custom fit

Strengths: height control, shot shaping

Weaknesses: consistency and disperison issues

I was going to buy a steel shaft for it when i have the chance to. I find my graphite shaft to be to inconsistent for a utility iron.



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Erik new Hampshire

M2 19* rogue 85 stiff with half inch tip

My strengths are consistently getting the ball in the air and on line.

Weakness is distance control I have a 40 variation between average farthest and shortest.


Callaway big bertha epic sub zero adilia rogue stiff with 1" tip

cobra f7 3 wood stiff

m2 3 hybrid adilia rogue stiff with half inch tip

Ping ie1 true temper xp 105 s300

mack daddy 2 56 and 60 wedges

stx putter

left handed

Handicap: my swing.

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1. Christopher / Nevada


2. Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 19* with stock Matrix Rocketfuel 65 Stiff


3. No; however, shaft cut down to 40 inches playing length


4. Strengths: Distance off the tee and the ability to shape certain shots.

Weaknesses: Inconsistent launch of the ground from standard shots, feel, accuracy, and big miss left.



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- Harrison - Woodbridge, VA


- Titleist 915H 18 degree Mitsubishi Diamana D+90 (stiff) and Callaway 815 Alpha 23 degree with Fujikura Motore Speeder 665 (Stiff)


- I've been fit for a Driver, but nothing else.


- Strength: Long and decently consistent with hybrids / Weakness: Mishit is a slice and very low. Can't attack the ball as much as I would want to just due to timing.


Would love to be a part of this opportunity as I am putting my Assistant Golf Professional through a couple of club work tests. If not, good luck to the lucky few!  :D

Driver: Titleist 915 D3 9.5 with Diamana S+ Blue 60 shaft (stiff)

FW: 915F 3 Wood with Diamana White S+ Blue 70 (stiff)

Hybrid: 915H 18 with Diamana S+ Blue 90 (stiff)

Driving Iron: Callaway Apex Utility 18 degree with UST Mamiya Recoil (x-stiff)

Irons: Titleist 714 AP2's 4-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400

Wedges: 52.10 Callaway Mack Daddy Forged, 56.10 Callaway MD3 

Putter: Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5

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Alex Marshall- Seattle, WA. 


Aeroburner 3 Hybrid, Matrix Speed RUL-Z 70 shaft, 19 degrees of loft. 


It is not custom fit.


I feel like my hybrid game has always been strong. I can really bomb it when I need to, but with the ability to pound it, I can loose control often. My main miss with my hybrid is to the left. 

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Kenny H  Utah , U.S.

Taylormade SLDR  19 and 21

Stiff stock shafts  I think 77 gms

6.2 handicap , I don't hit my driver very far so I use my hybrids quite a bit 

3 hybrid 220

4 hybrid 205

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Darren from Singapore


Bridgestone JGR 4H 21 deg with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM


Not custom fitted. Currently the shaft is too soft for me as my SS for driver has increased to about 95mph.


Due to the soft shaft, I have a hard time controlling the club. Dispersion is all over the place and if I hit it well, the ball flight seems

too high. Probably due to the high spin rate.

Irons: Miura PP9003 KBS Tour 90 R 5-P

Wedges: Miura New Wedge Series 51 Deg, Cobra Tour Trusty 56 Deg

Driver: Bridgestone JGR 10.5 with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

3 Wood: Bridgestone JGR 3W with Tour AD J16-11W Stiff Reg stock JDM

Hybrid: Bridgestone JGR 4H with Tour AD J16-11W Reg stock JDM

Putter: Ping Sigma G Kinloch C 

Right handed, lives in Singapore

Playing in the mid 90s and trying my best to break 90 consistently.



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David, Virginia


816 H2 set to 20 - Oban Devotion 04 tipped


Srixon U65 23

Stock Miyazaki stiff


For once I really don't see a weakness. Both offer multiple shots. Hit the titleist high and long, and use the srixon as a go to bullet off narrow tee shots. The devolution was for a while ago and may be a tad too soft.



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- Jarrod from Denver, CO

- Titleist 913H 19 degree with Aldila RIP Phenom 80 

- No

- I have taken this club in and out of my bag over the last few years.  I tend to leave it a bit right which when you're intending to draw the ball, right puts you in trouble.  I hit it pretty solid other than that.


- Jarrod


What's In My Bag, as of May 2017:


Driver:  Tour Edge E8 Beta w/ Aldila Rouge Black 60S

Woods:  Titleist 906F 15 degree and 18 degree w/ Aldila NV 65S in both

Irons:  Calloway Apex Pros 3i - PW w/ Veylix Alpina 673S

Wedges:  Titleist Vokey 54 and 60 degree w/ True Temper S300

Putter:  Ping Cadence Ketesh Traditional 35 Inches

Ball:  Titleist Pro V1x

Bag: Ping Hoofer


Follow me @chuckstunnings


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- Your first name & home state/province - Carl-Johan, Stockholm -Sweden.

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts - Taylormade M1 2017 with kuro kage silver 80s and mizuno jpx 900 with fujikura xlr8 both in 19*

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit? - Custom fit years ago but less shafts availble for fitting in Sweden.

- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game - Strength is distance and distance control. Weakness is controling the shape and often hook or slice when trying to play a fade.


Play kbs tour 130x in mizuno irons after the test with swing DNA and Love the feel.

The greatest trick I ever pulled was convincing the world I am a good golfer

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