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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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TM Stage 2 Tour 18.5 Rocket Fuel 80h S

Tour Edge XCG 4 22 Fujikura blur 075S

No Custom Fit - like S or S+

Strength- shot shape

Weakness 18.5 low ball flight, 22 shots balloon

Would like to consistent high launch w/out ballon

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(4) TESTERS WANTED     KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts     When it comes to custom fitting, driver and irons shafts tend to get all the love, don't they? Fairway wood shafts get the "junior d

Hello All!   After much deliberation the other spies and myself have chosen our four testers for the KBS shafts! I want each of your help in congratulating our testers!   MCaseyM   Bacchus   C

WOW! so pumped to give these as go. looks like i'm going to be shopping for an extra hybrid head 

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 Your first name & home state/province

                  Jake, Oklahoma

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts

                 Titleist 913h 19° set at 20.5° with Mitsubishi Diamana 82hy S

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit?


- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game

                + great launch angle and consistent flight pattern

                + a go to club

                - miss is left and i have to much spin. i wish to have a little less spin for more carry

Tulsa, OK; Right Handed; 6.2hc

Driver   Callaway Rouge SZ

3W       Titleist 915 F  

3H        Titleist 913 H  

4-P       Ping i-20  

52        Vokey oil can  

56        Vokey TVD - M  

60        Vokey TVD - M  

Putter  SC Newport   


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- John, California

- Cobra F6 20.5* Diamana 82 S (blue)

- Not custom fit, just knew what I wanted and did my research

- my strength is that I've never really had much trouble flighting hybrids, I've always been able to hit it somewhat low if I need to. Biggest weakness right now is a bad case of the lefts.


Great opportunity, good luck to everyone



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Your first name & home state/province     Peter California

- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts     Callaway Apex Recoil 460 F4

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit?         No

- Strengths/weakness of your hybrid game     High and soft/ Cannot play a fade with this club

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T.J., Long Island NY

Nike Vapor Fly, CK Tensei Stiff shaft, 19°

Not custom fit, looking to get fit and change

Strength is distance control, weakness is miss right and launch at times


Driver: TM M2 10.5 Stiff Aldila Rogue

Fairway: TM M2 Fujikara Stiff

Hybrid: Nike Vapor Fly CK Tensei Stiff

Irons: Nike Vapor Fly TT XP 85 Reg Standard loft and lie

Wedges: Nike Engage 52°, 54°, 58°

Putter: Nike Method Origin B1-01

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Thomas McClafferty

Looking at getting 2 KZG hybrids

Currently no hybrids due to giving back the taylormade 20* to the guy who lent it to me.

Strength is I hit them very high weakness is unable to keep them lower.

I get all my clubs except hybrids or woods fit.


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Bill, Georgia

Snake Eyes, Snake Eyes Shaft   17, 20 & 22

Shaft was part of a Golfsmith kit that I assembled

tighter dispersion


Currently using KBS C 120 Taper shafts on Mizuno irons and they provide a slightly stiff feel with a lower ball flight but lots of backspin. Really fun to hit darts with these shafts.


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- Patrick Bergt, Alaska


- Titleist 915H 19* Tour AD DI Hybrid X

- Yes, fit by Titleist in Carlsbad

- Strength - I can control distance, Weakness - I miss left... and right...

Driver(s):  :ping-small: G400 8.5* Tour AD-IZ 7x;  :titelist-small: 915 D2 9.5* Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MSI 70tx

Woods:  :titelist-small: 915 15* Tour AD-DI 8x
Irons:  :mizuno-small: MP 18 MMC Fli-Hi 3i KBS Tour x;  :mizuno-small: MP 18 SC 4-7 KBS Tour x :mizuno-small: MP 18 MB 8-PW KBS Tour x
Wedges:   :vokey-small: SM7 50*, 54*, and 58* KBS Wedge stiff
Putter(s):  :cameron-small: Futura 5W; Mann Krafted MA 66



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Ed - TX

Hogan VKTR 19 UST VTS 100HX

Fitted by Hogan master fitter

Used for long par 3s and par 5 second shots or tight par 4

I have full access to repair facility and indoor/outdoor Trackman

Ed Tennison 

Srixon ZForged blades.

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- Ed. Cape Town, South Africa. YES I know its not the US but I'll pay for shipping!! Or they could arrange with my fitter here who is the KBS agent in SA


- Callaway Apex Pro 18* - Matrix Ozik HM4 Black 85x

- Shaft yes

- Its my go to club, I can easily hit it out there 260yards if needed off the tee, or a nice little soft cut 230yards,
Play the KBS Tour 130x's in my irons so would love to try this out, hopefully the 95g as I need a bit more weight than the Matrix shaft offers me

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Adams XTD with Kurokage 80HY Flex-X 20Ti

Could use more distance from the 2nd rough of a fairway or tight spot of a bad lie.




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Dennis   Tampa, Florida

- Adams Idea Tech V3 21 deg.  (My 3 H)  Reg Flex   185 yds avg

- Adams Idea Tech V3 24 deg.  (My 4 H)   Reg Flex  good avg 170, but usually short 155

- Adams Idea Tech V3 27 deg.  (My 5 H)   Reg Flex  165 yds avg

- Hybrid/shaft custom fit?  Not custom fit


I get excellent loft with high arch on my 3 and 5 hybrid with soft landing and pretty accurate maybe a 20 yd spray pattern , don't like my 4 as i hit it short.  usually fades

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Rubbin - Georgia

- TaylorMade M2 3H Hybrid 19 degrees

- Kuro Kage grahphite shaft not custom fitted

- Inconsistent with distance, sometimes long and straight but more often it tends to fade to the left as I'm a left-handed golfer.

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